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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Dietterich T.G., Becker S., Ghahramani Z. — Advances in neural information processing systems 14 (Vol. 1 and vol. 2)1033
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2126.F 163.G 394.C
Fette B.A. (Ed) — Cognitive Radio Technology517—518, 529, 544, 565
Brin M., Stuck G. — Introdution to dynamical system20
Gupta M.M., Jin L., Homma N. — Static and dynamic neural networks310, 358, 519
Honerkamp J. — Statistical Physics305
Gonzalez-Miranda J.M. — Synchronization and Control of Chaos: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers84, 101
Lynch S. — Dynamical Systems with Applications Using Mathematica®117, 119, 153, 196, 229, 415, 422
Machel A.N., Wang K. — Qualitative Theory of Dynamical Systems: The Role of Stability Preserving Mappings24, 220
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists549
Kohonen T. — Self-organizing maps356
Cappe O., Ryden T., Moulines E. — Inference in Hidden Markov Models417
Jahn J. — Introduction to the Theory of Nonlinear Optimization194
Friedlander S.J. (Ed), Serre D. (Ed) — Handbook of Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Vol. 3205, 208, 230, 232, 233, 265
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics126.F, 163.G, 394.C
Mattheij R.M.M., Molenaar J. — Ordinary Differential Equations in Theory and Practice (Classics in Applied Mathematics) (No. 43)121
Bartsch T. — Topological Methods for Variational Problems with Symmetries87
Babin A.V., Vishik M.I. — Attractors of Evolution Equations159
Pfeiler W. — Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference462
Bogaevski V.T., Povzner A. — Algebraic Methods In Nonlinear Perturbation Theory110
Neubrander F. (Ed), Ferreyra G.S. (Ed) — Evolution Equations, Vol. 168100
Blanchard P., Devaney R.L. — Differential Equations507
Socha L. — Linearization Methods for Stochastic Dynamic Systems42
Mishchenko E.F., Rozov N.Kh. — Differential Equations with Small Parameters and Relaxation Oscillations205
Tannenbaum A. — Invariance and System Theory: Algebraic and Geometric Aspects121
Gantmacher F. — Lectures in Analytical Mechanics182, 254
Antsaklis P.S., Michel A.N. — Linear Systems468, 491
Cloud M.J., Drachman B.C. — Inequalities: with applications to engineering104
Intriligator M.D. — Mathematical optimization and economic theory469
Streater R.F. — Statistical Dynamics: A Stochastic Approach to Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics9, 52
Arnold V.I. — Ordinary Differential Equations146
Vidyasagar M. — Nonlinear systems analysis160
Wang D. (ed.), Zheng Z. (ed.) — Differential Equations with Symbolic Computations4
Ascher U., Petzold L. — Computer Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential-Algebraic Equations35
Petzold L. — Computer Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations and Differential-Algebraic Equations32
BertsekasD., Tsitsiklis J. — Neuro-Dynamic Programming (Optimization and Neural Computation Series, 3)139
Honerkamp J. — Statistical physics: an advanced approach with applications305
Pastur L., Figotin A. — Spectra of Random and Almost-Periodic Operators420
Cholewa J., Dlotko T. — Global Attractors in Abstract Parabolic Problems (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series)11
Gripenberg G., Londen S.O., Staffans O. — Volterra integral and functional equations426, 428
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