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Fette B.A. (Ed) Ч Cognitive Radio Technology
Fette B.A. (Ed) Ч Cognitive Radio Technology

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Ќазвание: Cognitive Radio Technology

јвтор: Fette B.A. (Ed)


Cognitive radio technology is a smarter, faster, and more efficient way to transmit information to and from fixed, mobile, other wireless communication devices. Cognitive radio builds upon software-defined radio technology. A cognitive radio system is 'aware' of its operating environment and automatically adjusts itself to maintain desired communications-it's like having a trained operator 'inside' the radio making constant adjustments for maximum performance. Operating frequency, power output, antenna orientation/beamwidth, modulation, and transmitter bandwidth are just a few of the operating parameters that can automatically be adjusted "on the fly" in a cognitive radio system.

Fette has constructed a cutting-edge volume that hits all of the important issues including research, management, and support. Cognitive techniques will be discussed such as position and network awareness, infrastructure and physical and link layer concerns. Though still a nascent technology, cognitive radio is being pushed by the US military and for mission-critical civilian communications (such as emergency and public safety services).

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√од издани€: 2006

 оличество страниц: 656

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
$\varepsilon$-NE      553
$\varepsilon$-self-interested update      552
802.11      18 19 20 37 132 220 305 355
802.11a      37 86 132
802.11g      39
802.11h      39 42 503
802.22      354
AACR      126Ч133 435 436 474 498
AACR, design rules, industrial-strength      495Ч497
AACR, functional component architecture, CRA I      436Ч441
AACR, functional component architecture, CRA I, node      438Ч440 451
AACR, functional component architecture, CRA I, ontological      440Ч441
AACR, functional component architecture, CRA I, SDR components      437Ч438
AACR, implementations      448Ч450
Absorbing Markov chain      527Ч529
Active noise suppression      327Ч328
Ad hoc mesh networks local REM      355Ч357
Adaptive Cognition Enhanced Radio Teams (ACERT)      144 357 584
Adaptive dynamic process      561Ч562
Adaptive interference avoidance      569Ч572
Adaptive interference avoidance, analysis      571Ч572
Adaptive interference avoidance, specific network      570
Adaptive interference avoidance, stage game model      571
Adaptive spectrum technique      175
Adaptive spectrum technique, implications for cognitive radio hardware      180Ч182
AggregateDevice      101
AI technique      140Ч142 360
Air Force Rome Labs (AFRL)      4 582
Amplitude shift keying (ASK)      244
Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)      30 78Ч79
Analysis problem, of CR network, formal model      506Ч509
Analysis problem, of CR network, game theory      529
Analysis problem, of CR network, mathematical preliminaries      505Ч506
Analysis problem, of CR network, objectives      509Ч512
Analysis problem, of CR network, objectives, convergence conditions      511Ч512
Analysis problem, of CR network, objectives, expected behavior, desirability      511
Analysis problem, of CR network, objectives, expected behavior, establishment      510Ч511
Analysis problem, of CR network, objectives, network stability      512
Angle of arrival (AOA) approach      296
Angle of arrival (AOA) approach, geometry      286
Angle of arrival (AOA) approach, VHF VOR      287
Antenna, electronically steered      76Ч77
Antenna, MIMO      77
Antenna, modern      76
Application class, SCA, Application control      103
Application class, SCA, ApplicationFactory      103Ч104
Application programming interfaces (APIs)      7 107 438 441 481 487 583
Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)      13 486
Architecture maps      see CRA IV
Architectures for Cognitive Information Processing (ACIP)      144
ARQ protocol      304 305 407
artificial intelligence      see AI technique
aspect-oriented programming (AOP)      93
Atomic clock      137Ч138
Atomic stimuli      465 468Ч469
auctions      35Ч36
Authentication applications      155Ч156
Authority-based system      47Ч48
authorization policies      192 202
Automated machine learning (AML)      xxii 435 453
Automatic policy management      185
Automatic repeat request      see ARQ
Aware, adaptive, and cognitive radio      see AACR
awareness      see also Individual entries
Awareness, classification      347Ч349
Awareness, with REM      345
Background noise      366
Background noise, suppression      327Ч328
Baseband processing deployment      87Ч89
Basic sequences, CRA inference hierarchy      469Ч470
Bayesian logic      383Ч385
Bayesian logic, false positive      384
Behavioral epochs      479
Behavioral knowledge and reasoning      371 374Ч375
behaviors      132 201 258 302 320 365 395 479 480 510 511
Behaviors, user authentication      318Ч319
Better response equivalence      550Ч551
Binary phase shift keying (BPSK)      124 229 408 409Ч410
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)      111
Biometrics      136 317 317n 319Ч320
Biometrics, deployments      321
Biometrics, processing, with security architecture      321Ч322
Biometrics, sensors      136 137 321
Bit error rate (BER) formula, in AWGN channel      229
BlackwellТs condition, contraction mapping      520
Bluetooth waveform      19 220 588
Board support package (BSP)      14
Border database representation analysis      289Ч291
Border database representation analysis, anomalies      291Ч292
Border database representation analysis, endpoints of successive line segment      290Ч291
Border database representation analysis, K nearest neighbor      291
Border database representation analysis, successive tiling using latitude and longitude boundaries      289Ч290
Boundary decisions, policy servers and regions      292Ч293
Boundary decisions, regulatory region selection      288Ч292
Boundary decisions, uses      293
Broadband wireless service      588
Bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter      78
Capability awareness      348
Case-based decision theory (CBDT)      243 254
Case-based learning      262
Case-based reasoning (CBR) steps      375Ч376
Cellular infrastructure support, to cognition      589Ч590
Cellular phone      24 157 293
Cellular phone, 911 geolocation categories      294
Cellular phone, economic model      589Ч590
Cellular phone, subscriber unit      77Ч78 587Ч588 589
Cellular phone, telephony, economic model      589
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)      67Ч68
Cepstral coefficients      323n
Chromosome fitness      234 237 248Ч249 256
City map versus REM      340
Classifiers      374 382Ч383
Co-site interference      365Ч366
Code division multiple access (CMDA)      131
Cognition architecture, research topics      494Ч495
Cognition cycle      see CRA II
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, action      241Ч242
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, CBDT      243
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, feedback      242
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, knowledge representation      242Ч243
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, learning      243Ч244
Cognition loop, and tiered algorithm structure, modeling      239Ч241
Cognitive geolocation applications      146Ч148
Cognitive radio architecture      see CRA
Cognitive radio system      255 394
Cognitive radio system, architectural components      366
Cognitive radio system, essential aspects      396
Cognitive radio technology enablers      30Ч33
Cognitive server support businesses (CSSBs)      591
Cognitive services for users      313
Cognitive services, concierge services      330Ч332
Cognitive services, speech and language processing      315
Cognitive services, through infrastructure      591Ч593
Cognitive system      308 402
Cognitive system module (CSM)      240 243 245
Cognitive waveform development      114Ч116
Command and control      34Ч35
Commercial opportunities for spectrum management      212Ч213
Common object request broker architecture (CORBA)      14Ч15 95Ч96 204 489
Common Open Policy Service (COPS)      198
Communication policy      29
Communication policy, after CR      49
Communication policy, before CR      48
Communication policy, CR technology enablers      30Ч33
Communication policy, US telecommunications policy      49Ч52
Complementary error function (erfc)      228Ч229
Complete lattice      556
Complex Instruction Set Computer (CISC)      83
Complex trade-space, coping with      304Ч306
Component failure      365
Component-based programming (CBP)      92Ч93
Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB)      23Ч24
Concierge services      330Ч332
Contraction mapping      518Ч520
Contraction mapping, BlackwellТs condition      520
CRA components, cross-domain grounding, flexible information services      453Ч455
CRA components, flexible functions      458Ч460
CRA components, radio knowledge      450Ч452
CRA components, user knowledge      452Ч453
CRA I, AACR functional component      436Ч441
CRA I, cognition components      450Ч455
CRA I, component architecture, flexible functions      458Ч460
CRA I, design rules, functional component interfaces      441Ч448
CRA I, implementation      448Ч450
CRA I, self-referential components      455Ч458
CRA II, action      464
CRA II, cognition cycle      460Ч461
CRA II, decide phase      464
CRA II, iCR      461Ч462
CRA II, learning      464Ч465
CRA II, orient phase      462Ч463
CRA II, plan phase      463Ч464
CRA II, self-monitoring      465Ч466
CRA III, inference hierarchy      466Ч476
CRA III, inference hierarchy, atomic stimuli      468Ч469
CRA III, inference hierarchy, basic sequences      469Ч470
CRA III, inference hierarchy, NL      470Ч472
CRA III, inference hierarchy, observeЧorient links      472Ч474
CRA III, inference hierarchy, primitive sequences      469
CRA III, inference hierarchy, world knowledge      474Ч476
CRA IV, architecture maps      476Ч482
CRA IV, architecture maps, behavior modes      479Ч481
CRA IV, architecture maps, identifies self, owner and home network      478
CRA IV, architecture maps, industrial-strength      481Ч482
CRA IV, architecture maps, maps to APIs      481
CRA IV, architecture maps, reinforced hierarchical sequences      478Ч479
CRA IV, architecture maps, topological maps      477Ч478
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, architecture migration      491
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, cognitive electronics      491Ч492
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, functions-transforms model      490Ч491
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, radio architecture      486Ч487
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, radio evolution      494
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, radio transition      492Ч494
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, SCA      487Ч490
CRA V, building CRA, on SDR architecture, SWR and SDR principles review      483Ч486
create()      103 104
CreateResource()      100
Cross-domain grounding, flexible information services      453Ч455
Cross-domain grounding, methods      455
Cryptography      5 10
Cycle, unilateral deviations sequence      550
Cypress      5
DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML)      140
DARPA SAPIENT Program      308Ч310
Data coder      11
Data link      see DL layer ontology
Data radios      590Ч591
Data warehousing      428
Decide phase      464
Decision trees      385Ч386
Decision-making and optimization      262
Declarative knowledge and reasoning      370Ч371
Defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA)      22Ч23 190 191 212
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), ACERT program      357 358
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), funding and research      144Ч145
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), XG program      140 144 190 582Ч583
Defense radio, advanced version      588Ч589
Defense Science Board (DSB)      64Ч65
Delays and errors, in wireless transmission      421Ч423
Design rules, functional component interfaces      441Ч448
Device configuration descriptor (DCD)      107
Device controllers      101
DeviceManager      102Ч103
Digital European Cordless Telephone (DECT)      2 132
Digital modular radio (DMR)      5 30 130
Digital signal processing (DSP) technology      2 84Ч86 142
Digital signal processing (DSP) technology, internal architecture      12
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)      178Ч179 423
Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN)      144
Disruptive technology      29
Distance-measuring equipment (DME)      279 280
Distributed learning      263 355
Distributed power control      563
Distributed power control, analysis      564Ч565
Distributed power control, stage game model      564
Distributed power control, validation      565Ч567
Distributed sensing and operation      173Ч174
Distributed speech recognition (DSR)      326
DL layer ontology, capability      421
DL layer ontology, consistency and selection      425Ч427
DL layer ontology, HDLC protocol      417 417Ч418 418
DL layer ontology, OWL implementation      419
DL layer ontology, SWRL implementation      420
DL layer ontology, WiFi protocol      417
Domain Profile      105Ч106
DomainManager      104Ч105
Dream epochs      460
Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)      42
Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), analysis      568Ч569
Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), specific network      568 570
Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), stage game model      568 571
Dynamic frequency selection (DFS), validation      569
Dynamic spectrum access      43Ч46. See also Spectrum access
Dynamic spectrum access, defining rules      44Ч45
Dynamic spectrum access, safeguards and incentives for incumbent users      45Ч46
Dynamic spectrum access, US reviews      62Ч69
Dynamical systems approach      513Ч518
Dynamical systems approach, convergence and stability      516Ч518
Dynamical systems approach, fixed points and solutions      514Ч515
Dynamical systems approach, optimality establishment      515Ч516
Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP)      593
Encryption protocol      306
Engineering analysis techniques, contraction mapping      518Ч520
Engineering analysis techniques, dynamical systems approach      513Ч518
Engineering analysis techniques, general convergence theorem      521
Engineering analysis techniques, Markov models      524Ч529
Engineering analysis techniques, standard interference function model      521Ч524
Equal-error rate (EER)      316Ч317
Ergodicity theorem      526
Ethernet      77
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)      62
Exact potential game      545 548Ч550
ExecutableDevice      101
Extensible Markup Language      see XML
External network      338Ч339
Externally oriented action      464
False positive      384
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)      23 50 66Ч67 157
Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)      86Ч87
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)      245
Fingerprint scanner      155Ч156
Finite impulse response (FIR) filters      78 85 97
First-order predicate calculus (FOPC)      465
Fixed transmitter, fixed receiver system      54Ч55
Fixed transmitter, mobile receiver system      53Ч54
Flexible spectrum      483
Flirting radios      157
Flirting radios, and wireless communication      220
Forward error correction (FEC)      79Ч80
frames      323n
Frequency hole      153 154
Frequency hopping radio      131
frequency shift keying (FSK)      244
funding      144Ч146
GA technique      233Ч234 392Ч393
GA technique for MOMD      233
GA technique for MOMD, cognition loop      239Ч244
GA technique for MOMD, multi-dimensional analysis, chromosomes      245Ч246
GA technique for MOMD, normalizing objectives      247Ч248
GA technique for MOMD, objective function results, linear combination      246Ч247
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