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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122184 Soshnikov A.B. Gaussian Fluctuation for the Number of Particles in Airy, Bessel, Sine, and Other Determinantal Random Point Fields 2000ХХ
122185 Capoeaeeia D., Cassandro M., Picco P. On the Existence of Thermodynamics for the Generalized Random Energy Model 1986ХХ
122186 Book Review: Thermodynam&s of Chaotic Systems 1994ХХ
122187 Kiessling M.K.-H. A Complementary Thermodynamic Limit for Classical Coulomb Matter 1990ХХ
122188 Nardi F. R., Olivieri E., Zahradnik M. On the Ising Model with Strongly Anisotropic External Field 1999ХХ
122189 Mattis D.C. Design of a Nanomagnet 2004ХХ
122190 Barnsley M. F., Morley T.D., Vrscay E. R. Iterated Networks and the Spectra of Renormalizable Electromechanical Systems 1985ХХ
122191 Bazhanov V. V., Baxter R. J. Star-Triangle Relation for a Three-Dimensional Model 1992ХХ
122192 Edoardo Milotti Survival Probabilities for Random Walks on Lattices with Randomly Distributed Traps 1992ХХ
122193 Per Lyngs Hansen, Jesper Lemmich, John Hjort Ipsen Two Coupled Ising Planes: Phase Diagram and Interplanar Force 1993ХХ
122194 da Silva L. R. Fractal Dimension at the Phase Transition of Inhomogeneous Cellular Automata 1988ХХ
122195 Wolfram Just Bifurcations in Globally Coupled Map Lattices 1994ХХ
122196 G. W. Ford, M. Kac On the Quantum Langevin Equation 1986ХХ
122197 Aizenman M. On the Slow Decay of 0(2) Correlations in the Absence of Topological Excitations: Remark on the Patrascioiu-Seiler Model 1994ХХ
122198 Jonathan C. Mattingly The Dissipative Scale of the Stochastics NavierЦStokes Equation: Regularization and Analyticity 2002ХХ
122199 Lu X. On Spatially Homogeneous Solutions of a Modified Boltzmann Equation for FermiЦDirac Particles 2001ХХ
122200 Georgii H.-O. The Equivalence of Ensembles for Classical Systems of Particles 1995ХХ
122201 Schlijper A.G. Exact Variational Methods and Cluster-Variation Approximations 1984ХХ
122202 Carroll M.S., Janke W., Kappler S. Dynamical Behavior of the Multibondic and Multicanonic Algorithm in the 3D q-State Potts Model 1998ХХ
122203 Gitterman M. Book Review: Introduction to Nonlinear Science 1996ХХ
122204 Bernard D., Gawedzki K., Kupiainen A. Slow Modes in Passive Advection 1998ХХ
122205 Weiss G.H. Book Review: Elements of the Random Walk: An Introduction for Advanced Students and Researchers 2005ХХ
122206 Buffet E., Pule J.V. On Lushnikov's Model of Gelation 1990ХХ
122207 Family F. Book Review: Renormalization Group Theory of Macromolecules 1988ХХ
122208 Eliazar I., Klafter J. Stochastic OrnsteinЦUhlenbeck Capacitors 2005ХХ
122209 Taylor J.E. A Variational Approach to Crystalline Triple-Junction Motion 1999ХХ
122210 Hood L.M., Evans D.J., Hanley H.J.M. Properties of a Soft-Sphere Liquid from Non-Newtonian Molecular Dynamics 1989ХХ
122211 Reiss H., Audrey Dell Hammerich A.D., Montroll E.W. Thermodynamic Treatment of Nonphysical Systems: Formalism and an Example (Single-Lane Traffic) 1986ХХ
122212 Kiss L.B., Gingl Z., Marton Z. 1/f Noise in Systems Showing Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
122213 Weiss G.H. First Passage Times for Correlated Random Walks and Some Generalizations 1984ХХ
122214 Wilde R.E., Singh S. Book Review: Statistical Mechanics: Fundamentals and Modem Applications 1998ХХ
122215 Soto-Campos G., Mazo R.M. Asymptotic Results for a Persistent Diffusion Model of Taylor Dispersion of Particles 1996ХХ
122216 Sornette D. Book Review: Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems 2004ХХ
122217 Gawedzki K., Kupiainen A. Non-Gaussian Scaling Limits. Hierarchical Model Approximation 1984ХХ
122218 Lu W.T., Wu F.Y. Density of the Fisher Zeroes for the Ising Model 2001ХХ
122219 Stapleton M., Dingler M., Christensen K. Sensitivity to Initial Conditions in Self-Organized Critical Systems 2004ХХ
122220 Macris N., Ruiz J. A Remark on the Decay of Superconducting Correlations in One- and Two-Dimensional Hubbard Models 1994ХХ
122221 Sokal A.D. Rigorous Proof of the High-Temperature Josephson Inequality for Critical Exponents 1981ХХ
122222 Dorlas T.C., van Enter A.C.D. Non-Gibbsian Limit for Large-Block Majority-Spin Transformations 1989ХХ
122223 Martinelli F., Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Small Random Perturbations of Finite- and Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems: Unpredictability of Exit Times 1989ХХ
122224 Kum O., Hoover W.G. Time-Reversible Continuum Mechanics 1994ХХ
122225 Santen L., Appert C. The Asymmetric Exclusion Process Revisited: Fluctuations and Dynamics in the Domain Wall Picture 2002ХХ
122226 Burschka M.A., Titulaer U.M. The Kinetic Boundary Layer for the Fokker-Planck Equation: Selectively Absorbing Boundaries 1981ХХ
122227 Barkema G.T., Flesia S. Two-Dimensional Oriented Self-Avoiding Walks with Parallel Contacts 1996ХХ
122228 Miekisz J. A Microscopic Model with Quasicrystalline Properties 1990ХХ
122229 Jancovici B. Classical Coulomb Systems Near a Plane Wall. I 1982ХХ
122230 Friedman H.L., Raineri F.O., Hirata F. Surrogate Hamiltonian Description of Solvation Dynamics. Site Number Density and Polarization Charge Density Formulations 1995ХХ
122231 Glendinning P., Sparrow C. Local and Global Behavior near Homoclinic Orbits 1984ХХ
122232 Brazovsky S., Dzyaloshinsky I. Exactly Solvable XY Model of the Spin Peierls Transition 1985ХХ
122233 Schlesinger M. (ed.), West B. (ed.) Book Review: Random Walks and Their Applications in the Physical and Biological Sciences 1985ХХ

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