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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121075 Lebowitz J.L., Reynolds P.J. What is Quantum Chaos? Preface 1992ХХ
121076 Sasaki K., Griffiths R.B. Equivalence of Certain Convex and Nonconvex Models of Spatially Modulated Structures 1988ХХ
121077 Forrester P.J. Positive and Negative Charged Rods Alternating Along a Line: Exact Results 1986ХХ
121078 Toom A. Non-Ergodicity in a 1-D Particle Process with Variable Length 2004ХХ
121079 Ghil M., Mullhaupt A. Boolean Delay Equations. II. Periodic and Aperiodic Solutions 1985ХХ
121080 Widom H. On Asymptotics for the Airy Process 2004ХХ
121081 Ito H.M. Ergodicity of Randomly Perturbed Lorenz Model 1984ХХ
121082 Gaspard P. Trace Formula for Noisy Flows 2002ХХ
121083 Mora P. The Lattice Boltzmann Phononic Lattice Solid 1992ХХ
121084 Podgornik R. Book Review: The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation 1998ХХ
121085 Perram J.W., Smith E.R. Microscopic Derivation of Fluctuation Formulas for Calculating Dielectric Constants by Simulation 1987ХХ
121086 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
121087 Fonseca P., Zamolodchikov A. Ising Field Theory in a Magnetic Field: Analytic Properties of the Free Energy 2003ХХ
121088 Coullet P., Risler E., Vandenberghe N. Spatial Unfolding of Elementary Bifurcations 2000ХХ
121089 Romanelli L., Figliola M.A., Hirsch F.A. Deterministic Chaos and Natural Phenomena 1988ХХ
121090 Koch H., Piasko J. Some Rigorous Results on the Hopfield Neural Network Model 1989ХХ
121091 Porra J.M. Book Review: An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
121092 Heinrichs S., Dieterich W., Maass P. Static and Time Dependent Density Functional Theory with Internal Degrees of Freedom: Merits and Limitations Demonstrated for the Potts Model 2004ХХ
121093 Yaldram K., Binder K. Monte Carlo Simulation of Phase Separation and Clustering in the ABV Model 1991ХХ
121094 Nienhuis G. Photon Emission As a Random Event 1988ХХ
121095 Barber M.N., Duxbury P.M. Hamiltonian Studies of the Two-Dimensional Axial Next-Nearest-Neighbor Ising (ANNNI) Model. I. Perturbation Expansions 1982ХХ
121096 Barreira L., Iommi G. Suspension Flows Over Countable Markov Shifts 2006ХХ
121097 Biskup M., Konig W. Screening Effect Due to Heavy Lower Tails in One-Dimensional Parabolic Anderson Model 2001ХХ
121098 Garrod C. A Stochastic Model of Three-Dimensional Crystal Growth 1991ХХ
121099 Wilson W.G., Laidlaw W.G. Microscopic-Based Fluid Flow Invasion Simulations 1992ХХ
121100 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 67th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1992ХХ
121101 Gates D.J. Exact Stationary States of a Two-Dimensional Transport Model 2000ХХ
121102 Hollander F., Menshikov M.V., Popov S.Yu. A Note on Transience Versus Recurrence for a Branching Random Walk in Random Environment 1999ХХ
121103 Maier R.S., Stein D.L. A Scaling Theory of Bifurcations in the Symmetric Weak-Noise Escape Problem 1996ХХ
121104 Boniila L.L. StabLe Nonequilibrium Probability Densities and Phase Transitions for Mean-Field Models in the Thermodynamic Limit 1987ХХ
121105 Taucher T., Frankel N.E. Probability Distributions for the Overlaps and Self-Correlations of the Pure States of an n-Vector Model 1993ХХ
121106 Stavans J. Axial Segregation of Powders in a Horizontal Rotating Tube 1998ХХ
121107 Sahimi M. Book Review: Statistical Physics of Fracture and Breakdown in Disordered Systems 1999ХХ
121108 Truong T.T. Structural Properties of a Z(N^2)-Spin Model and Its Equivalent Z(N)-Vertex Model 1986ХХ
121109 Izus G.G., Rueda J.R., Borz C.H. Boundary Effects on the Structural Stability of Stationary Patterns in a Bistable Reaction-Diffusion System 1998ХХ
121110 Balescu R., Nicolis G. Foreword 1981ХХ
121111 Munoz G., Burgett W.S. Auxiliary Ghost Fields in Statistical Dynamics 1989ХХ
121112 Caglioti E., Marchioro C. Bounds on the Growth of the Velocity Support for the Solutions of the Vlasov 2000ХХ
121113 Cercignani C. Solution of a Linearized Kinetic Model for an Ultrarelativistic Gas 1986ХХ
121114 Varley R.L. A NonequiUbrium Analog of the Percus-Yevick Equation 1981ХХ
121115 Großkinsky S., Schütz G.M., Spohn H. Condensation in the Zero Range Process: Stationary and Dynamical Properties 2003ХХ
121116 Johnson E.A. Two-Temperature Hydrodynamics and Multiple Sound Modes in Disparate-Mass Gas Mixtures 1989ХХ
121117 Dunlop F., Topolski K. Cassie's Law and Concavity of Wall Tension with Respect to Disorder 2000ХХ
121118 Grynberg M.D. Continuously Infinite Commensurate-Incommensurate Phase Transition of a Two-Dimensional Competing Ising Model 1992ХХ
121119 Vollmer J., Tel T., Matyas L. Modeling Thermostating, Entropy Currents, and Cross Effects by Dynamical Systems 2000ХХ
121120 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Kinetics of Reversible Polymerization 1984ХХ
121121 Ortiz J.S.E., de Aguiar M.A.M., de Almeida A.M.O. Scars of Periodic Orbits in the Stadium Action Billiard 1996ХХ
121122 Szabo K.G., Tel T. On the Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcation of Chaotic Attractors 1989ХХ
121123 van Dongen P.G.J. Spatial Fluctuations in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: A Model for Exponential Growth 1990ХХ
121124 Robledo A. The Renormalization Group and Optimization of Entropy 2000ХХ

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