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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121625 Conlon J., Soiovej J. Random Walk Representations of the Heisenberg Model 1991ХХ
121626 Constantin P., Doering C. Infinite Prandtl Number Convection 1999ХХ
121627 Roij R., Ernst M.H. Collective Diffusion in a Lattice Gas Automaton 1993ХХ
121628 Mountford T.S. Existence of a Constant for Finite System Extinction 1999ХХ
121629 Thomae S., Grossmann S. Correlations and Spectra of Periodic Chaos Generated by the Logistic Parabola 1981ХХ
121630 Oppenheim I. The Kinetic Theory of Gases 2004ХХ
121631 Rider B. Order Statistics and GinibreТs Ensembles 2004ХХ
121632 Krug J., Lebowitz J.L., Spohn H. The Fast Rate Limit of Driven Diffusive Systems 1986ХХ
121633 Garrod C. Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics 1996ХХ
121634 Ramshaw J.D., Lindenberg K. Augmented Langevin Description of Multiplicative Noise and Nonlinear Dissipation in Hamiltonian Systems 1986ХХ
121635 Dawson D. Critical Dynamics and Fluctuations for a Mean-Field Model of Cooperative Behavior 1983ХХ
121636 Dellago Ch., Posch H.A. Lyapunov Instability of the Boundary-Driven Chernov-Lebowitz Model for Stationary Shear Flow 1997ХХ
121637 Zagrebnov V.A. Spectral Properties of Kirkwood-Saisburg and Kirkwood-Ruelle Operators 1982ХХ
121638 Pini D., Parola A., Reatto L. Hierarchical Reference Theory of Fluids: Application to Three-Dimensional Ising Model 1993ХХ
121639 Brummelhuis M.J.A.M., Hilhorst H.J. Single-Vacancy Induced Motion of a Tracer Particle in a Two-Dimensional Lattice Gas 1988ХХ
121640 Brandenberger R., Wayne C.E. Decay of Correlations in Surface Models 1982ХХ
121641 Frohlich J., Pedrini B., Schweigert C. Universality in Quantum Hall Systems: Coset Construction of Incompressible States 2001ХХ
121642 Statistical Mechanics at the 45th Parallel: Universite d'Ottawa, October 4-5, 1991 1992ХХ
121643 Wagner W. Approximation of the Boltzmann Equation by Discrete Velocity Models 1995ХХ
121644 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2002ХХ
121645 Baxter R.J. Solvable Models in Statistical Mechanics, from Onsager Onward 1995ХХ
121646 Valles J.L., Marro J. Nonequilibrium Second-Order Phase Transitions in Stochastic Lattice Systems: A Finite-Size Scaling Analysis in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
121647 Mattis D. Luttinger's Model and the Matter of Dispersion 2001ХХ
121648 Cressman J.R., Goldburg W.I. Compressible Flow: Turbulence at the Surface 2003ХХ
121649 Tamayo P., Brower R.C., Klein W. Single-Cluster Monte Carlo Dynamics for the Ising Model 1990ХХ
121650 Guerberoff G.R., Raggio G.A. On the Free Energy of the Hopfield Model 1997ХХ
121651 Yeung C., Mozos J.L. Surface-Driven Instability and Enhanced Relaxation in the Dynamics of a Nonequilibrium Interface 1993ХХ
121652 Durrett R., Schonmann R.H., Tanaka N.I. Correlation Lengths for Oriented Percolation 1989ХХ
121653 Kurkova I. Temperature Dependence of the Gibbs State in the Random Energy Model 2003ХХ
121654 Picco P. Upper Bound on the Decay of Correlations in the Plane Rotator Model with Long-Range Random Interaction 1984ХХ
121655 Enting I.G., Wu F.Y. Triangular Lattice Potts Models 1982ХХ
121656 van Kampen N.G. Short First-Passage Times 1993ХХ
121657 Hunt B.R., Khanin K.M., Sinai Y.G. Fractal Properties of Critical Invariant Curves 1996ХХ
121658 Collet P., De Coninek J. Contact Angle Hysteresis in a Solid-on-Solid Model 1994ХХ
121659 deVegvar P.G.N. Nonlinear Propagation of Ultrasound in Superfluid 3^He 1985ХХ
121660 Bourgain J., Jitomirskaya S. Continuity of the Lyapunov Exponent for Quasiperiodic Operators with Analytic Potential 2002ХХ
121661 Benfatto G., Marchioro C., Presutti E. Superstability Estimates for Anharmonic Systems 1980ХХ
121662 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 81st Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1999ХХ
121663 Nadiga B.T. Scaling Properties of an Inviscid Mean-Motion Fluid Model 2000ХХ
121664 Frezzotti A., Sgarra C. Numerical Analysis of a Shock-Wave Solution of the Enskog Equation Obtained via a Monte Carlo Method 1993ХХ
121665 Kaufmann Z. Transient Chaos and Critical States in Generalized Baker Maps 2000ХХ
121666 Bahraminasab A., Tabei S.M.A., Masoudi A.A. Zero Tension Kardar-Parisi-Zhang Equation in (d+1)ЦDimensions 2004ХХ
121667 Blum T., Shapir Y. The Nearest-Neighbor Resonating-Valence Bond State in a Grassmannian Form 1990ХХ
121668 Miller D. The Origins of Onsager's Key Role in the Development of Linear Irreversible Thermodynamics 1995ХХ
121669 Gonze D., Goldbeter A. Entrainment Versus Chaos in a Model for a Circadian Oscillator Driven by Light-Dark Cycles 2000ХХ
121670 Coninck J.D. Gaussian Fluctuations for the Magnetization of Lee-Yang Ferromagnets at Zero External Field 1987ХХ
121671 Farmer D., Yerrington M. Crystallization of Random Trigonometric Polynomials 2006ХХ
121672 Widom M., Bensimon D. Strange Objects in the Complex Plane 1983ХХ
121673 Schulman L. Techniques and Applications of Path Integration 1982ХХ
121674 Jaggi N.K. Structure and Dynamics of a Dense Dipolar System in an Electric Field and Their Relevance to Electrorheological Fluids 1991ХХ

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