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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122684 OТCarroll M. Absence of Negative Energy Spectrum for N-Particle Hamiltonians 2001ХХ
122685 Suzuki M. Thermo Field Dynamics of Quantum Spin Systems 1986ХХ
122686 Chen S. Growth Kinetics in Multicomponent Fluids 1995ХХ
122687 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
122688 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2002ХХ
122689 Gross E.P. Multiple Scattering in Random Media. III. Coherent Potential Propagators and Fluctuations 1981ХХ
122690 Fatkullin I. Statistical Description of Contact-Interacting Brownian Walkers on the Line 2003ХХ
122691 Cook J., Derrida B. Polymers on Disordered Hierarchical Lattices: A Nonlinear Combination of Random Variables 1989ХХ
122692 Halpern V. Random Walks on Random Lattices with Traps 1983ХХ
122693 Graham R. Bifurcations under Weak Noise 1989ХХ
122694 Grill K., Tutschka C. One-Dimensional Falling Bodies 2004ХХ
122695 Penrose J. Lars Onsager Remembered 1995ХХ
122696 Forrester P.J. Surface Tension for the Two-Component Plasma at √ = 2 near an Interface 1992ХХ
122697 Finken R., Hansen J.-P. Phase Separation of Penetrable Core Mixtures 2003ХХ
122698 Brostow W. Macromolecular Conformations in Solutions. II. Thermodynamics of Interactions 1982ХХ
122699 Kadanoff L.P. Intelligent Design and Complexity Research 2003ХХ
122700 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
122701 Zwanzig R. Non-Markoffian Diffusion in a One-Dimensional Disordered Lattice 1982ХХ
122702 Bocquet L., Piasecki J. Microscopic Derivation of Non-Markovian Thermalization of a Brownian Particle 1997ХХ
122703 Dowker F., Kent A. On the Consistent Histories Approach to Quantum Mechanics 1996ХХ
122704 Ledrappier F., Porzio A. On the Multifractal Analysis of Bernoulli Convolutions. II. Dimensions 1996ХХ
122705 Ito H.M. Optimal Gaussian Solutions of Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations 1984ХХ
122706 Zylka Ch. An Inequality for Partition Functions with Disturbed Hamiltonians 1990ХХ
122707 Brydges D.C. Absence of Screening in Certain Lattice Gauge and Plasma Models 1986ХХ
122708 Grabenstein M. Kinematics of Multigrid Monte Carlo 1993ХХ
122709 17th IUPAP International Conference on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 1988ХХ
122710 Bobylev A.V., Gamba I.M. Moment Inequalities and High-Energy Tails for Boltzmann Equations with Inelastic Interactions 2004ХХ
122711 Neves E. A Discrete Variational Problem Related to Ising Droplets at Low Temperatures 1995ХХ
122712 Frisch U., Matsumoto T. Singularities of Euler Flow? Not Out of the Blue! 2003ХХ
122713 Graham R. On the Weak-Noise Limit of Fokker-Planck Models 1984ХХ
122714 Alexandre R. Some Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation Without Angular Cutoff 2001ХХ
122715 Schinazi R. A Contact Process with a Single Inhomogeneous Site 1996ХХ
122716 Mazel A., Procacci A. Gas Phase of Asymmetric Nearest Neighbor Ising Model 2002ХХ
122717 Bhanot G., Sastry S. Solving the Ising Model Exactly on a 5 x 5 x 4 Lattice Using the Connection Machine 1990ХХ
122718 Zvyagin A.A., Tsukernik V.M. The Quantum Ground State of a Heisenberg Ferromagnet with an "Easy-Plane" Type Anisotropy 1985ХХ
122719 Chu G. The Semiclassical Limit of a Quantum Fermi Accelerator 1992ХХ
122720 Omnes R. Logical Reformulation of Quantum Mechanics. II. Interferences and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment 1988ХХ
122721 Coveney P. Canonical Nonequilibrium Ensembles and Subdynamics 1994ХХ
122722 Kalinay P., Percus J.K. Exact Dimensional Reduction of Linear Dynamics: Application to Confined Diffusion 2006ХХ
122723 Pastor-Satorras R. Evolution and Structure of the Internet: A Statistical Physics Approach 2006ХХ
122724 McGuire J.B., Thompson C. Asymptotic Properties of Sequences of Iterates of Nonlinear Transformations 1982ХХ
122725 Garcia A., Sonnino G., Mansour M. Long-Ranged Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluids 1998ХХ
122726 Felderhof B.U. Sedimentation of Brownian Particles in a Gravitational Potential 2002ХХ
122727 Peitgen H.O. Fractals for the Classroom 1993ХХ
122728 Bricmont J., Lebowitz J.L. On the Continuity of the Magnetization and Energy in Ising Ferromagnets 1986ХХ
122729 McKean H.P. A Limit Law for the Ground State of Hill's Equation 1994ХХ
122730 Seke J. Spontaneous Emission of a Two-Level System and the Influence of the Rotating-Wave Approximation on the Final State. I. 1983ХХ
122731 Baryshnikov Y., Yukich J.E. Gaussian Fields and Random Packing 2003ХХ
122732 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1984ХХ
122733 Cornu F., Janeovici B. The Two-Dimensional One-Component Plasma in a Doubly Periodic Background: Exact Results 1988ХХ

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