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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122256 Lev V. Mikheev Reentrant Dimensional Crossover in Planar Ising Superlattices 1993ХХ
122257 Gamba A. Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponents for Products of Random Transformations 2003ХХ
122258 Risso D., Cordero P. Two-Dimensional Gas of Disks: Thermal Conductivity 1996ХХ
122259 Kadanoff L.P. Imports and Exports 2003ХХ
122260 Batrouni G.G., Hansen A. Fourier Acceleration of Iterative Processes in Disordered Systems 1988ХХ
122261 Caroli B., Caroli C., Roulet B. A WKB Treatment of Diffusion in a Multidimensional Bistable Potential 1980ХХ
122262 Szabo A., Lamm G., Weiss G.H. Localized Partial Traps in Diffusion Processes and Random Walks 1984ХХ
122263 Hagan P.S., Doering C.R., Levermore C.D. The Distribution of Exit Times for Weakly Colored Noise 1989ХХ
122264 Toroczkai Z., Zia R.K.P. Periodic One-Dimensional Hopping Model with One Mobile Directional Impurity 1997ХХ
122265 de Sousa Vieira M.C., Gunaratne G.H. The Trajectory Scaling Function for Period Doubling Bifurcations in Flows 1990ХХ
122266 Higuchi Y., Yoshida N. lsing Models on the Lattice Sierpinski Gasket 1996ХХ
122267 Guerin C.-A., Holschneider M. On Equivalent Definitions of the Correlation Dimension for a Probability Measure 1997ХХ
122268 Scheucher M., Spohn H. A Soluble Kinetic Model for Spinodal Decomposition 1988ХХ
122269 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1983ХХ
122270 Conlon J.G., Olsen P.A. A Brownian Motion Version of the Directed Polymer Problem 1996ХХ
122271 Richard C., Guttmann A.J. PolandЦScheraga Models and the DNA Denaturation Transition 2004ХХ
122272 Erpenbeck J.J., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Fractal Dimension of Hard Sphere Trajectories 1986ХХ
122273 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2004ХХ
122274 Important announcement 1980ХХ
122275 McLennan J.A. Kinetic Equations for a Quantum Gas with Bound States 1982ХХ
122276 van Coevorden D.V., Ernst M.H., Brito R. Relaxation and Transport in FCHC Lattice Gases 1994ХХ
122277 Morriss G.P., Smith E.R. Correlation Functions for Diatomic Symmetric Molecules from the RISM Equation 1981ХХ
122278 Wu T.-Y. Book Review: Lectures on the Kinetic Theory of Gases, Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics and Statistical Theories 2005ХХ
122279 Strogatz S.H., Mirollo R.E. Stability of Incoherence in a Population of Coupled Oscillators 1991ХХ
122280 West B.J., Kopelman R., Lindenberg K. Pattern Formation in Diffusion-Limited Reactions 1989ХХ
122281 Lanford O.E. (coord.) Abstracts of the Workshop on Statistical Mechanics, Dynamical Systems, and Turbulence 1983ХХ
122282 Martins M.J., Fye R.M. Bethe Ansatz Results for Hubbard Chains with Toroidal Boundary Conditions 1991ХХ
122283 Meeting Announcements 1983ХХ
122284 Choquard Ph., Piller B., Rentsch R. On the Dielectric Susceptibility of Classical Coulomb Systems. II 1987ХХ
122285 Fritter D., Knobler C.M., Roux D. Computer Simulations of the Growth of Breath Figures 1988ХХ
122286 Preface 2000ХХ
122287 Mathematics Department, University of Melbourne Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1985ХХ
122288 Peitgen H.O., Jurgens H., Saupe D. Book Review: Chaos and Fractals 1993ХХ
122289 Gielerak R., Olkiewicz R. Gentle Perturbations of the Free Bose Gas. I 1995ХХ
122290 lto H.M., Ogura Y., Tomisaki M. Stretched-Exponential Decay Laws of General Defect Diffusion Models 1992ХХ
122291 Rajagopal A.K., Ngai K.L., Rendell R.W. Nonexponential Decay in Relaxation Phenomena 1983ХХ
122292 Holovko M.F., Trokhymehuk A.D., Protsykevich I.A. The Laplace Transform of the MSA Pair Distribution Functions between Macroions in an Ion-Dipole Fluid 1993ХХ
122293 Presutti E., Wick W.D. Macroscopic Stochastic Fluctuations in a One-Dimensional Mechanical System 1988ХХ
122294 Walsh C., Ray T.S., Jan N. Anomalous Biennial Oscillations in a Fisher Equation with a Discretized Verhulst Term 1995ХХ
122295 Ge H., Jiang D.-Q., Qian M. A Simple Discrete Model of Brownian Motors: Time-periodic Markov Chains 2006ХХ
122296 France M.M. The Ising Chain with Nonconstant External Field 1986ХХ
122297 Dowell F. Overview of Partial Orientational and Positional Ordering in Concentrated Systems 1991ХХ
122298 Konno N., Katori M. Extension of the Arrowsmith-Essam Formula to the Domany-Kinzel Model 2000ХХ
122299 Grassberger P., Scheunert M. Some More Universal Scaling Laws for Critical Mappings 1981ХХ
122300 Adler J., Meir Y., Aharony A. Low-Concentration Series in General Dimension 1990ХХ
122301 Kiessling M.K.-H. Electromagnetic Field Theory without Divergence Problems 2. A Least Invasively Quantized Theory 2004ХХ
122302 Tóth B., Valkó B. Onsager Relations and Eulerian Hydrodynamic Limit for Systems with Several Conservation Laws 2003ХХ
122303 Dale A.F., Vails O.T. The Role of Dimensionality in the Kinetic Ising Model of Spinodal Decomposition: Evidence from Zero-Temperature Quenches 1987ХХ
122304 Zou Q., Hou S., Doolen G.D. Analytical Solutions of the Lattice Boltzmann BGK Model 1995ХХ
122305 Mukhopadhyay S., Sahimi M. Scaling Behavior of Permeability and Conductivity Anisotropy near the Percolation Threshold 1994ХХ

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