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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121956 Luciano Amadasi, Mario Casartelli Basins of Periodic Orbits for Elliptic Maps of the Torus 1991ХХ
121957 O. F. de Aleantara Bonfim Monte Carlo Study of Tricritical Dynamics in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
121958 Christian Maes, Maarten H. van Wieren A Markov Model for Kinesin 2003ХХ
121959 Federico Bonetto, Joel L. Lebowitz FourierТs Law for a Harmonic Crystal with Self-Consistent Stochastic Reservoirs 2004ХХ
121960 Book Reviews: Books on Complexity 1999ХХ
121961 D. Loss Linear Quantum Enskog Equation. II. Inhomogeneous Quantum Fluids 1989ХХ
121962 David A. Meyer, Heather Blumer Parrondo Games as Lattice Gas Automata 2001ХХ
121963 A. Sadiq, K. Binder Dynamics of the Formation of Two-Dimensional Ordered Structures 1983ХХ
121964 Barnsley M. F., Geronimo J. S., Harrington A. N. Geometry and Combinatorics of Julia Sets of Real Quadratic Maps 1984ХХ
121965 Claude Bardus, Laurent Dumas, Francois Golse Diffusion Approximation for Billiards with Totally Accommodating Scatterers 1996ХХ
121967 Ronald Dickman, William C. Schieve A Scaling Theory of Clusters in the Lattice Gas 1983ХХ
121968 Shiyi Chen, Hudong Chen, Gary D. Doolen A Lattice Gas Model for Thermohydrodynamics 1990ХХ
121969 den Hollander F., Wüthrich M.V. Diffusion of a Heteropolymer in a Multi-Interface Medium 2004ХХ
121970 J. Javier Brey, James W. Dufty, Andre s Santos Kinetic Models for Granular Flow 1999ХХ
121971 Pellegrinotti A. Errata. Evidence for the Poisson Distribution for Quasi-Energies in the Quantum Kicked-Rotator Model 1989ХХ
121972 M. Ghosh, A. K. Sen, B. K. Chakrabarti Slowing Down of Retrieval in the Hopfieid Model 1990ХХ
121973 Yamaguehi Y., Tanikawa K. A Theorem on the First Heteroelinic Tangeney in Two-Dimensional Maps. Orientation-Preserving Cases 1990ХХ
121974 Peter Pfeifer, David Avnir, Dina Farin Scaling Behavior of Surface Irregularity in the Molecular Domain: From Adsorption Studies to Fractal Catalysts 1984ХХ
121975 Maria Serra Scattering of Radiation by a Quasiperiodic Two-Dimensional Medium 1985ХХ
121976 Peter Neu, Roland Speicher Rigorous Mean-Field Model for Coherent-Potential Approximation: Anderson Model with Free Random Variables 1995ХХ
121977 da Silva J.M.N., Lage E.J.S. Anomalous Dynamics in the Ising Chain 1990ХХ
121978 Michael K.-H. Kiessling Electromagnetic Field Theory without Divergence Problems 1. The Born Legacy 2004ХХ
121979 Smith E.R. Zeros of the Finite-Size Scaling Region Partition Function for a Model with a Wetting Transition 1990ХХ
121980 Michael N. Barber, lngo Peschel, Paul A. Pearce Magnetization at Corners in Two-Dimensional Ising Models 1984ХХ
121981 Hubmer G. F., Titulaer U. M. Onsager-Casimir Symmetry Properties of the Burnett Equations 1987ХХ
121982 Rinaldo B. Schinazi On the Spread of Drug-Resistant Diseases 1999ХХ
121983 Cristina Toninelli, Giulio Biroli Dynamical Arrest, Tracer Diffusion and Kinetically Constrained Lattice Gases 2004ХХ
121984 Bobylev A.V., Carrillo J.A., Gamba I.M. On Some Properties of Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations for Inelastic Interactions 2000ХХ
121985 R. Koteeky, S. Miracle-Sole Roughening Transition for the Ising Model on a BCC Lattice. A Case in the Theory of Ground States 1997ХХ
121986 Jian Ping Lu, Joseph L. Birman Percolation and Scaling on a Quasilattice 1986ХХ
121987 Haggstrom O. Random-Cluster Analysis of a Class of Binary Lattice Gases 1998ХХ
121988 A . Baumgartner, U . Ebert Segmen t Motio n i n th e Reptatio n Mode l o f Polyme r Dynamics . II . Simulations 1997ХХ
121989 Program of the 61st Semiannual Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1989ХХ
121990 Narnhofer H., Thirring W., Wiklicky H. Transitivity and Ergodicity of Quantum Systems 1988ХХ
121991 Fedchenia I. I. A Two-Dimensional Fokker-Pianek Equation Degenerating on a Straight Line 1987ХХ
121992 Talkner P., Hanggi P. Book Review: New Trends in Reaction Rate Theory 1996ХХ
121993 Y. Meurice, G. Ordaz, Rodgers V. G. J. A Numerical Study of the Hierarchical Ising Model: High-Temperature Versus Epsilon Expansion 1994ХХ
121994 Michael J. Stephen Some Results on Sinai Diffusion 1999ХХ
121995 Iochum B., Testard D. Power Law Growth for the Resistance in the Fibonacci Model 1991ХХ
121996 Richard Jordan, Bruce Turkington Ideal Magnetofluid Turbulence in Two Dimensions 1996ХХ
121997 Dominique Simpelaere Dimension Spectrum of Axiom A Diffeomorphisms. I. The Bowen-Margulis Measure 1993ХХ
121998 Ching E.S.C., Kraichnan R.H. Exact Results for Conditional Means of a Passive Scalar in Certain Statistically Homogeneous Flows 1998ХХ
121999 Frank den Hollander, Jan Naudts, Frank Redig Dynamic Structure Factor in a Random Diffusion Model 1994ХХ
122000 Phillips J.C. Kohlrausch Explained: The Solution to a Problem That Is 150 Years Old 1994ХХ
122001 G. Oshanin, O. Bénichou, A. Blumen Exactly Solvable Model of Reactions on a Random Catalytic Chain 2003ХХ
122002 Dale A. Huckaby, Franz S. Rys Existence of Several Surface-Reconstructed Phases in a Two-Dimensional Lattice Model 1991ХХ
122003 Spohn H., Yau H.-T. Bulk Diffusivity of Lattice Gases Close to Criticality 1995ХХ
122004 Wolfram Just, Katrin Gelfert, Nilüfer Baba Elimination of Fast Chaotic Degrees of Freedom: On the Accuracy of the Born Approximation 2003ХХ
122005 Guan P., He Y. Exact Results for Deterministic Cellular Automata with Additive Rules 1986ХХ

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