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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121370 Sumedha Rooted Spiral Trees on Hyper-Cubic Lattices 2005ХХ
121371 Dettmann C.P. Trace Formulas for Stochastic Evolution Operators: Weak Noise Perturbation Theory 1998ХХ
121372 Fulinski A., Gora P.F. Universal Character of Stochastic Resonance and a Constructive Role of White Noise 2000ХХ
121373 Xiaoy i He, Li-Sh i Luo Lattice Boltzmann Model for the Incompressible Navier-Stoke's Equation 1997ХХ
121374 Tang T.-H., Griffiths R. Localized Defects in Classical One-Dimensional Models 1988ХХ
121375 Fourteenth West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1988ХХ
121376 Renming Song, Xian Yin Zhou A Remark on Diffusion of Directed Polymers in Random Environments 1996ХХ
121377 Okun B.L. Euler Characteristic in Percolation Theory 1990ХХ
121378 Golovko M.F., Protsykevich I.A. Analytic Solution of the Mean Spherical Approximation for Ion-Dipole Model in a Neutralizing Background 1989ХХ
121379 Liitken C. A. Anisotropic Transport of Charge and Complexified Duality 1995ХХ
121380 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
121381 Vladimir Privman Model of Cluster Growth and Phase Separation: Exact Results in One Dimension 1992ХХ
121382 Schoolderman A.J., Suttorp L.G. On the Validity of Magnetohydrodynamics for Ionic Mixtures 1990ХХ
121383 Mermin N.D. My Life with Fisher 2003ХХ
121384 Percus J. K. Some Aspects of the Wetting Transition 1987ХХ
121385 Rudniek J., Gaspari G. Bond Percolation on a Finite Lattice: The One-State Potts Model Reconsidered 1986ХХ
121386 Claes I., Van den Broeck C. Dispersion of Particles in Periodic Media 1992ХХ
121387 Angelescu N., Bundaru M., Costache G. Exact Results for a Generalized Classical O(n) Matrix Spin Model 1986ХХ
121388 Felderhof B.U. Rotational Brownian Motion of a Pair of Dipoles Coupled via a Classical Heisenberg Interaction 2003ХХ
121389 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
121390 D. C. Brydges, J. D. Wright Mayer Expansions and the Hamilton- Jacobi Equation. II. Fermions, Dimensional Reduction Formulas 1988ХХ
121391 Caillo J.-M. Sine-Gordon Theory for the Equation of State of Classical Hard-Core Coulomb Systems. III. Loopwise Expansion 2004ХХ
121392 Anderle M. Pattern-Specific Neural Network Design 1995ХХ
121393 F. Castella From the Von-Neumann Equation to the Quantum Boltzmann Equation in a Deterministic Framework 2000ХХ
121394 Kosevieh A.M., Kruglikov I.L. Self-Consistent Diffusive Kinetics and Dissipative Structures in a Distributed Cell System 1985ХХ
121395 Corngold N. Transport and Diffusion in a Random Medium 2005ХХ
121396 A. C. D. van Enter, Jacek Miekisz How Should One Define a (Weak) Crystal? 1992ХХ
121397 Y. Almirantis, A. Provata Long- and Short-Range Correlations in Genome Organization 1999ХХ
121398 J. Bene, S. Brocheler, H. Lustfeld Simulating 2D Flows with Viscous Vortex Dynamics 2000ХХ
121399 Glasser M. L. A Solvable Six-Vertex Model with Defects 1983ХХ
121400 Joaquim Fort, Vicenç Méndez On Approximate Solutions to the Wavefront Speed Problem 2001ХХ
121401 Provatas N. Scaling, Propagation, and Kinetic Roughening of Flame Fronts in Random Media 1995ХХ
121402 Dickman R. Approach to Equilibrium in a One-Dimensional, Two-Component Gas of Maxwellian Molecules 1985ХХ
121403 Cornille H. A Class of Planar Discrete Velocity Models for Gas Mixtures 2000ХХ
121404 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1983ХХ
121405 Ding E.J., Huang Z.Q. On the Initial Layer Solution of the Boltzmann Equation with Small Knudsen Number 1986ХХ
121406 Bergman D., Duering E. Discrete Network Models for the Low-Field Hall Effect near a Percolation Threshold: Theory and Simulations 1990ХХ
121407 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1986ХХ
121408 Krebs K. Finite-Size Scaling Studies of One-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Systems. Part II. Numerical Methods 1995ХХ
121409 Chayes L., Schonmann R.H., Swindle G. Lifshitz' Law for the Volume of a Two-Dimensional Droplet at Zero Temperature 1995ХХ
121410 Privman V. Asymptotic Degeneracy of the Transfer Matrix Spectrum for Systems with Interfaces: Relation to Surface Stiffness and Step Free Energy 1989ХХ
121411 Meunier C., Hansel D., Verga A. Information Processing in Three-State Neural Networks 1989ХХ
121412 Alankus T. The Generating Functional for the Probability Density Functions of Navier-Stokes Turbulence 1988ХХ
121413 MacGowan D. The Self-Consistent Mean Spherical Approximation for the One-Component Plasma 1983ХХ
121414 Van den Broeck C., Malek Mansour M., Baras F. Asymptotic Properties of Coupled Nonlinear Langevin Equations in the Limit of Weak Noise. I: Cusp Bifurcation 1982ХХ
121415 Gaspard P. Time-Reversed Dynamical Entropy and Irreversibility in Markovian Random Processes 2004ХХ
121416 Brydges D.C., Kennedy T. Mayer Expansions and the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation 1987ХХ
121417 Grynberg M.D. Growth Diversity in One Dimensional Fluctuating Interfaces 2001ХХ
121418 Chen T. Localization Lengths and Boltzmann Limit for the Anderson Model at Small Disorders in Dimension 3 2005ХХ
121419 Caracciolo S., Guttmann A. Correction-to-Scaling Exponents for Two-Dimensional Self-Avoiding Walks 2005ХХ

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