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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122106 Claus I., Gaspard P. Microscopic Chaos and Reaction-Diffusion Processes in the Periodic Lorentz Gas 2000ХХ
122107 Ray T.S. Evidence for Spinodal Singularities in High-Dimensional Nearest-Neighbor Ising Models 1991ХХ
122108 Given J.A., Stell G. The Kirkwood-Salsburg Equations for Random Continuum Percolation 1990ХХ
122109 Grosfils P., Boon J.P., Cohen E.G.D. Propagation and Organization in Lattice Random Media 1999ХХ
122110 Fannes M., Vanheuverzwijn P., Verbeure A. Inhomogeneous Mean Field Models 1982ХХ
122111 Croxton C.A. Book Reviews. Statistical Mechanics of the Liquid State 1982ХХ
122112 Xu J., Stell G. Bulk and Shear Viscosities of a Polydisperse Hard-Sphere Fluid 1989ХХ
122113 Narkounskaia G., Huang J., Tureotte D.L. Chaotic and Self-Organized Critical Behavior of a Generalized Slider-Block Model 1992ХХ
122114 Zia R.K.P. Exact Equilibrium Shapes of Ising Crystals on Triangular/Honeycomb Lattices 1986ХХ
122115 Lyberg I. The Fourth Virial Coefficient of a Fluid of Hard Spheres in Odd Dimensions 2005ХХ
122116 Felderhof B.U., Ford G.W., Cohen E.G.D. Cluster Expansion for the Dielectric Constant of a Polarizable Suspension 1982ХХ
122117 Bobylev A.V., Carrillo J.A., Gamba I.M. Erratum on ССOn Some Properties of Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations for Ineleastic InteractionsТТ 2001ХХ
122118 Hattori T., Tsuda T. Renormalization Group Analysis of the Self-Avoiding Paths on the d-Dimensional Sierpin´ski Gaskets 2002ХХ
122119 Watanabe H. Block Spin Approach to ‘^4_3 Field Theory 1989ХХ
122120 Chatterji A., Pandit R. The Statistical Mechanics of Semiflexible Equilibrium Polymers 2003ХХ
122121 Hsu W.-C., Pines D. Effective Interactions in Dilute Mixtures of 3^He in 4^He 1985ХХ
122122 Carlson J.M., Chayes J.T., Sethna J.P. Bethe Lattice Spin Glass: The Effects of a Ferromagnetic Bias and External Fields. II. Magnetized Spin-Glass Phase and the de Almeida-Thouless Line 1990ХХ
122123 Kivelson D. Depolarized Light Scattering from Liquids: Rotations, Collisions, and Hydrodynamics 1988ХХ
122124 Erratum 1985ХХ
122125 Caracciolo S. Nonloeal Monte Carlo Algorithm for Self-Avoiding Walks with Fixed Endpoints 1990ХХ
122126 Benettin G., Gallavotti G. Stability of Motions near Resonances in Quasi-Integrable Hamiltonian Systems 1986ХХ
122127 Leutheusser E., Yip S., Alder B.J. Dynamical Correlations in a Hard-Disk Fluid: Generalized Enskog Theory 1983ХХ
122128 Tejero C.F. One-Dimensional lnhomogeneous Ising Model: A New Approach 1987ХХ
122129 Karasova I., Surda A. Incommensurate Structure in the Lattice-Gas ANNNI Model 1993ХХ
122130 Lei L., Changqing S., Gang X. Generation and Detection of Propagating Solitons in Shearing Liquid Crystals 1985ХХ
122131 Heermann D.W. Classical Nucleation Theory with a Tolman Correction 1982ХХ
122132 Lindenberg K., West B.J. The First, The Biggest, and Other Such Considerations 1986ХХ
122133 Maier R., Laidlaw W.G. Invariants for the Critical Points in Network Models of Flow in Porous Media 1991ХХ
122134 Baumgartner B. Griffiths Inequalities for Noninteracting N-Vector (Classical Heisenberg) Models and Applications to Interacting Systems 1983ХХ
122135 Ebert U., Schafer L., Baumgartner A. Segment Motion in the Reptation Model of Polymer Dynamics. I. Analytical Investigation 1998ХХ
122136 Breen S. Large-Order Estimates for Ground-State Energy Perturbation Series 1987ХХ
122137 Kondo K.-i. More Correlation Inequalities for a Class of Even Ferromagnets 1987ХХ
122138 Noskowicz S.H., Goidhirsch I. Distribution Functions for Random Walk Processes on Networks: An Analytic Method 1987ХХ
122139 Pfeifer P. ERRATUM: Scaling Behavior of Surface Irregularity in the Molecular Domain: From Adsorption Studies to Fractal Catalysts 1985ХХ
122140 Dunning-Davies J., Landsberg P.T. Problems of Nonextensivity in Hadron Thermodynamics 1987ХХ
122141 Zeng C., Farnell D.J.J., Bishop R.F. An Efficient Implementation of High-Order Coupled-Cluster Techniques Applied to Quantum Magnets 1998ХХ
122142 Cushman J.H., Hu X., Ginn T.R. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Preasymptotic Dispersion 1994ХХ
122143 Bobylev A.V., Maao F.A., Hansen A. There Is More to Be Learned from the Lorentz Model 1997ХХ
122144 Loulakis M. On the Symmetry of the Diffusion Coefficient in Asymmetric Simple Exclusion 2005ХХ
122145 Masters A.J., Keyes T. An Enskog Repeated-Ring Kinetic Equation; Long-Time Tails and the Brownian Limit 1983ХХ
122146 Glasser M.L., Privman V., Schulman L.S. Complex Temperature Plane Zeros in the Mean-Field Approximation 1986ХХ
122147 David Wick W. Hydrodynamic Limit of a Nongradient Interacting Particle Process 1989ХХ
122148 Toom A. Simple One-Dimensional Interaction Systems with Superexponential Relaxation Times 1995ХХ
122149 Barata J.C.A., Goldbaum P.S. On the Distribution and Gap Structure of LeeЦYang Zeros for the Ising Model: Periodic and Aperiodic Couplings 2001ХХ
122150 De Gregorio S. Narrow Bounds for Numerical Integration of Differential Equations 1985ХХ
122151 Bauer M., Bernard D. A Simple Asymmetric Evolving Random Network 2003ХХ
122152 Schimmele L., Fahnle M. Note on Eigenvectors of a Renormalization Transformation 1988ХХ
122153 Jancovici B. Pressure and Maxwell Tensor in a Coulomb Fluid 2000ХХ
122154 Klik I. Metastable Systems Driven by Colored Noise: The Stationary State 1991ХХ
122155 Movaghar B., Griinewald M., Pohlmann B. Theory of Hopping and Multiple-Trapping Transport in Disordered Systems 1983ХХ

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