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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122034 S. Vaienti Ergodic Properties of the Discontinuous Sawtooth Map 1991ХХ
122035 Jiang M. The Entropy Formula for SRB-Measures of Lattice Dynamical Systems 1999ХХ
122036 Douglas J. Klein Asymptotic Distributions for Self-Avoiding Walks Constrained to Strips, Cylinders, and Tubes 1980ХХ
122037 Fendley P., Lesage F., Saleur H. A Unified Framework for the Kondo Problem and for an Impurity in a Luttinger Liquid 1996ХХ
122038 Katsura S., Ide T., Morita T. The Ground States of the Classical Heisenberg and Planar Models on the Triangular and Plane Hexagonal Lattices 1986ХХ
122039 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
122040 Announcement 1989ХХ
122041 Bocquet L., Piasecki J., Hansen J.-P. On the Brownian Motion of a Massive Sphere Suspended in a Hard-Sphere Fluid. I. Multiple-Time-Scale Analysis and Microscopic Expression for the Friction Coefficient 1994ХХ
122042 Majda A.J., Souganidis P.E. Bounds on Enhanced Turbulent Flame Speeds for Combustion with Fractal Velocity Fields 1996ХХ
122043 Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University Program of the 51st Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1985ХХ
122044 Brandt A., Galun M. Optimal Multigrid Algorithms for Variable-Coupling Isotropic Gaussian Models 1997ХХ
122045 Kuramoto Y. Book Review: Chemical Oscillations, Waves and Turbulence 1986ХХ
122046 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
122047 van Rensburg E.J.J., Orlandini E., Sumners D.W. Entanglement Complexity of Lattice Ribbons 1996ХХ
122048 Chechetkin V.R., Lutovinov V.S., Turygin A.Yu. Multifractal Structure of Fully Developed Hydrodynamic Turbulence. I. Kolmogorov's Third Hypothesis Revisited 1990ХХ
122049 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
122050 Jonsson T., Wheater J.F. Area Distribution for Directed Random Walks 1998ХХ
122051 Hooft G. Equivalence Relations Between Deterministic and Quantum Mechanical Systems 1988ХХ
122052 Rubi J.M., Bedeaux D. Brownian Motion in a Fluid in Eiongational Flow 1988ХХ
122053 Hoover W.G. Nonlinear Conductivity and Entropy in the Two-Body Boltzmann Gas 1986ХХ
122054 Qu X., Aldana M., Kadanoff L.P. Numerical and Theoretical Studies of Noise Effects in the Kauffman Model 2002ХХ
122055 Rujan P. Order and Disorder Lines in Systems with Competing Interactions: I. Quantum Spins at T = 0 1982ХХ
122056 Chopard B., Luthi P., Droz M. Microscopic Approach to the Formation of Liesegang Patterns 1994ХХ
122057 Mulder B.M., Krikos C., Papatriantafillou C. Thermodynamics of a Model wih Interacting Annealed Bond Impurities on the Bethe Lattice 1991ХХ
122058 Szulga J., Woyezynski W.A., Ycart B. The Phase Transition in a One-Dimensional Lattice of Axisymmetric Bodies 1987ХХ
122059 Chang K.C., Odagaki T. Site-Bond Percolation Problems 1984ХХ
122060 Domb C. Book Review: The Critical Point. A Historical Introduction to the Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena 1998ХХ
122061 Miller W., Succi S. A Lattice Boltzmann Model for Anisotropic Crystal Growth from Melt 2002ХХ
122062 Chen H.-H., Ma S. Low-Temperature Behavior of a One-Dimensional Random Ising Model 1982ХХ
122063 Chayes L., Machta J. On the Behavior of the Surface Tension for Spin Systems in a Correlated Porous Medium 1995ХХ
122064 March P. Remarks on Scaling a Model of Witten-Sander Type 1992ХХ
122065 Goldstein S., Lebowitz J.L., Ravishankar K. Approach to Equilibrium in Models of a in Contact with a Heat Bath* 1986ХХ
122066 Cinlar E., Torquato S. Exact Determination of the Two-Point Cluster Function for One-Dimensional Continuum Percolation 1995ХХ
122067 Thompson C.J., MeGuire J.B. Asymptotic and Essentially Singular Solutions of the Feigenbaum Equation 1988ХХ
122068 Chen Y.-C. A New Method for Quantum Processes in Fermionic Heat Baths 1987ХХ
122069 Watson G.I. Symmetry Relations for the Six-Vertex Model 1999ХХ
122070 Ebeling W., Engel A., Esser B. Diffusion and Reaction in Random Media and Models of Evolution Processes 1984ХХ
122071 Kawazu K., Kesten H. On Birth and Death Processes in Symmetric Random Environment 1984ХХ
122072 Kholopov E.V. Melting of Microinclusions Close Packed in an Elastic Matrix 1987ХХ
122073 Losson J., Mackey M.C. A Hopf-Like Equation and Perturbation Theory for Differential Delay Equations 1992ХХ
122074 Department of Mathematics, Rutgers University Program of the 71st Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1994ХХ
122075 Ernst M.H., Hellesoe K., Hauge E.H. Nonunique Solutions of Kinetic Equations 1982ХХ
122076 Kirsch W., Pastur L.A., Stork H. Asymptotics of the Interband Light Absorption Coefficient near the Band Edge for an Alloy-Type Model 1998ХХ
122077 Dimock J. A Cluster Expansion for Stochastic Lattice Fields 1990ХХ
122078 Soto-Campos G., Richard Bowles R., Itkin A. Statistical Geometry and Lattices 1999ХХ
122079 Rouet J.L., Feix M.R. A Generalization of the Collatz Problem. Building Cycles and a Stochastic Approach 2002ХХ
122080 Fritz J., Maes C. Derivation of a Hydrodynamic Equation for Ginzburg-Landau Models in an External Field 1988ХХ
122081 Duering E., Roman H.E. Corrections to Scaling for Diffusion Exponents on Three-Dimensional Percolation Systems at Criticality 1991ХХ
122082 Prakash S., Nicolis G. Dynamics of the Schlogl Models on Lattices of Low Spatial Dimension 1997ХХ
122083 Eckmann J.-P., Gat O. Hydrodynamic Lyapunov Modes in Translation-Invariant Systems 2000ХХ

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