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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121784 Erratum 1985ХХ
121785 Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi, Yi-Cheng Zhang Novel Scaling Behavior of Directed Polymers: Disorder Distribution with Long Tails 19990ХХ
121786 Molchan G. M. Multifractal Analysis of Brownian Zero Set 1994ХХ
121787 Baxter R. J., George E. Andrews Lattice Gas Generalization of the Hard Hexagon Model. I. Star-Triangle Relation and Local Densities 1986ХХ
121788 Mozos J.L., Hernandez-Machado A. Interfacial Growth in Driven Ginzburg-Landau Models: Short and Long-Time Dynamics 1994ХХ
121789 Saleur H., Derrida B. Transfer Matrix Calculation of the Exponent y for Two-Dimensional Self-Avoiding Walks 1985ХХ
121790 Fidaleo F., Liverani C. Ergodic Properties for a Quantum Nonlinear Dynamics 1999ХХ
121791 Nieuwoudt J. C., Kirkpatrick T. R. Long-Range Boundary Effects in Simple Fluids 1983ХХ
121792 Jancovici B., Macris N., Martin Ph.A. Time-Dependent Correlations for a One-Component Plasma in a Uniform Magnetic Field 1987ХХ
121793 J. Jackle, K. Frobose Size Dependence of Self-Diffusion in the Hard-square Lattice Gas 1990ХХ
121794 Takashi Hara, Gordon Slade The Number and Size of Branched Polymers in High Dimensions 1991ХХ
121795 Kopelman R., Hoshen J., Newhouse J.S. Single and Multiple Random Walks on Random Lattices: Excitation Trapping and Annihilation Simulations 1983ХХ
121796 Roberto Benzi, Luca Biferale Intermittency in Turbulence: Multiplicative Random Process in Space and Time 2003ХХ
121797 Tough J.T. The Effects of Colored Quadratic Noise on a Turbulent Transition in Liquid 4He 1989ХХ
121798 Carla C. Neaderhouser Convergence of Block Spins Defined by a Random Field 1979ХХ
121799 de Aguiar F. S., Bosco F. A. Phase Diagram of the One-State Potts Model on the Cayley Tree 1990ХХ
121800 Ball R.C., Wltten T.A. Particle Aggregation versus Cluster Aggregation in High Dimensions 1984ХХ
121801 G. Baskaran, Yaotian Fu On the Statistical Mechanics of the Traveling Salesman Problem 1986ХХ
121802 Etienne Bertin, Jean-Michel Billiot Phase Transition in the Nearest-Neighbor Continuum Potts Model 2003ХХ
121803 Butera P., Comi M. An On-Line Library of Extended High-Temperature Expansions of Basic Observables for the Spin-S Ising Models on Two- and Three-Dimensional Lattices 2002ХХ
121804 Angelescu N., Bundaru M. A Remark on the Condensation in the Hard-Core Lattice Bose Gas 1991ХХ
121805 Dachian S., Nahapetian B.S. Description of Specifications by Means of Probability Distributions in Small Volumes under Condition of Very Weak Positivity 2004ХХ
121806 Roberto H. Schonmann Critical Points of Two-Dimensional Bootstrap Percolation-Like Cellular Automata 1989ХХ
121807 Book Review: Les Houches 1984, Session 43, Critical Phenomena, Random Systems, Gauge Theory 1988ХХ
121808 Janssen J.A.M. The Elimination of Fast Variables in Complex Chemical Reactions. III. Mesoscopic Level (Irreducible Case) 1989ХХ
121809 Anthony W. Yu, Govind P. Agrawal Power Spectra and Spatial Pattern Dynamics of a Ring Laser 1988ХХ
121810 J . Wehr, J . Xin Front Speed in the Burgers Equation with a Random Flux 1996ХХ
121811 Lieb E.H., Yngvason J. The Ground State Energy of a Dilute Two-Dimensional Bose Gas 2001ХХ
121812 Book Review: Renormalization Group 1996ХХ
121813 Program of the 60th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1989ХХ
121814 Faria da Veiga P.A., O'CarroIl M., Schor R. On the Large-Distance Behavior of Correlations for a Hierarchical N-Component Classical Vector Model in Three Dimensions 1998ХХ
121815 B. Sriram Shastry Decorated Star-Triangle Relations and Exact Integrability of the One-Dimensional Hubbard Model 1987ХХ
121816 R. Beals, V. Protopopescu Half-Range Completeness for the Fokker-Planck Equation 1983ХХ
121817 Evangelou S. N. A Numerical Study of Sparse Random Matrices 1991ХХ
121818 Gaspard P., Kaprai R., Nicolis G. Bifurcation Phenomena near Homoclinic Systems: A Two-Parameter Analysis 1983ХХ
121819 Perez J. F., Wreszinski W. F. The Mean Spherical Model in a Random External Field and the Replica Method 1983ХХ
121820 Tohru Kai Lyapunov Number for a Noisy 2^n Cycle 1982ХХ
121821 Gerald Wilemski Nonequilibrium Brownian Dynamics Simulations of Shear Thinning in Concentrated Colloidal Suspensions 1990ХХ
121822 Collet P., Eckmann J.-P. A Rigorous Upper Bound on the Propagation Speed for the SwiftЦHohenberg and Related Equations 2001ХХ
121823 J. Schulte Thermal Helium Clusters at 3.2 Kelvin in Classical and Semiclassical Simulations 1993ХХ
121824 Book Review: Random Walks and Random Environments, Volume 1: Random Walks 1996ХХ
121825 David Chandler Roles of Classical Dynamics and Quantum Dynamics on Activated Processes Occurring in Liquids 1986ХХ
121826 Iarotski D. A. ССFreeТТ Evolution of Multi-particle Excitations in the Glauber Dynamics at High Temperature 2001ХХ
121827 Krug J., Garcia J. Asymmetric Particle Systems on R 1999ХХ
121828 Joseph G. Conlon An Upper Bound on the Critical Temperature for a Continuous System with Short-Range Interaction 1989ХХ
121829 Karl W. Kratky, William G. Hoover Hard-Sphere Heat Conductivity via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics 1986ХХ
121830 Nouri A., Omrane A. Erratum on ССBoundary Conditions for Scalar Conservation Laws, from a Kinetic Point of ViewТТ 2004ХХ
121831 Strick T . R ., Allemand J.-F . Physical Approaches to the Study of DNA 1998ХХ
121832 P. Braun Monte Carlo Study of the Critical Behavior of Pure and Site-Diluted Ising Ferro- and Ferrimagnets 1988ХХ
121833 Naeem Jan, Tane S. Ray "Damage" in the Low-Temperature Phase of the __. J Spin Glass in Two to Six Dimensions 1998ХХ

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