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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122406 Borgs C. A Rigorous Theory of Finite-Size Scaling at First-Order Phase Transitions 1990ХХ
122407 Ershov S. Even the First Iterate of a Markov Operator Is Contracting in an L_2 Norm 1994ХХ
122408 Greven A., den Hollander F. Population Growth in Random Media. I. Variational Formula and Phase Diagram 1991ХХ
122409 Personnaz L. A Biologically Constrained Learning Mechanism in Networks of Formal Neurons 1986ХХ
122410 Khoruzhenko B.A., Pastur L.A. Large-n Limit of the Heisenberg Model: The Decorated Lattice and the Disordered Chain 1989ХХ
122411 Chen N.-N., Grynberg M.D., Stinchcombe R.B. Deposition-Evaporation Stochastic Systems in Two and Higher Dimensions 1995ХХ
122412 Chen T. Hilbert-Enskog-Chapman Expansion in the Turbulent Kinetic Theory of Gases. II 1981ХХ
122413 Book Review: Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Lattice Models 2000ХХ
122414 Price H. Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point 1997ХХ
122415 Bobylev A.V., Cercignani C., Toscani G. Proof of an Asymptotic Property of Self-Similar Solutions of the Boltzmann Equation for Granular Materials 2003ХХ
122416 Ben-Avraham D. Discrete Fluctuations and Their Influence on Kinetics of Reactions 1987ХХ
122417 Gzyl H. On the Equivalence of Some Exact Master Equations 1981ХХ
122418 Kawakatsu T. Statistical Physics of Polymers 2006ХХ
122419 Bizon C., Shattuck M.D., de Bruyn J.R. Convection and Diffusion in Patterns in Oscillated Granular Media 1998ХХ
122420 Wei I. In Search of the Griffiths Shield Region 1988ХХ
122421 Rucklidge A., Zaleski S. A Microcanonical Model for Interface Formation 1988ХХ
122422 Conlon J. PDE with Random Coefficients and Euclidean Field Theory 2004ХХ
122423 Dong H. Subcritical Asymptotic Behavior in the Thermodynamic Limit of Reversible Random Polymerization Processes 1995ХХ
122424 Sahimi M., Rassamdana H. On Position-Space Renormalization Group Approach to Percolation 1995ХХ
122425 Just W. Projection Operator Approach to the Thermodynamic Formalism of Dynamical Systems 1992ХХ
122426 Procacci A., Scoppola B. Analyticity and Mixing Properties for Random Cluster Model with q > 0 on Z^d 2006ХХ
122427 Bandt C. The Geometry of a Parameter Space of Interacting Particle Systems 1999ХХ
122428 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
122429 Albeverio S., Zhou X.Y. A Renormalization Result for the Intersection Local Time of Lattice Random Walks in d >= 3 Dimensions 1995ХХ
122430 Jancovici B. Pressure and Stress Tensor in a Yukawa Fluid 2001ХХ
122431 Book Review: Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
122432 Swendsen R. Monte Carlo Renormalization Group 1984ХХ
122433 Suidan T. Adhesion Dynamics on the Line: The Mass Aggregation Process 2000ХХ
122434 Bitensky M.W., George J.S., Whalen M. Molecular Mechanisms of Visual Excitation: A Concatenation of Nonlinear Cellular Processes 1985ХХ
122435 Bonomi E. Molecular Dynamical Simulation of the Canonical Ensemble 1985ХХ
122436 Hugenholtz N.M. Derivation of the Boltzmann Equation for a Fermi Gas 1983ХХ
122437 Combescure M. Spectral Properties of a Periodically Kicked Quantum Hamiltonian 1990ХХ
122438 Goldstein S., Kipnis C. Stationary States for a Mechanical System with Stochastic Boundary Conditions 1985ХХ
122439 Batchelor M.T., de Gier J., Maslen M. Exactly Solvable su(N ) Mixed Spin Ladders 2001ХХ
122440 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 1994ХХ
122441 Shiino M. Stochastic Analyses of the Dynamics of Generalized Little-Hopfield-Hemmen Type Neural Networks 1990ХХ
122442 Faris W.G., Minlos R.A. A Quantum Crystal with Multidimensional Anharmonic Oscillators 1999ХХ
122443 Bunimovich L. One-Dimensional Lorentz Gas with Rotating Scatterers: Exact Solutions 2003ХХ
122444 Cichocki B., Felderhof B.U. Dielectric Constant of Polarizable, Nonpolar Fluids and Suspensions 1988ХХ
122445 Rodenhausen H. Einstein's Relation between Diffusion Constant and Mobility for a Diffusion Model 1989ХХ
122446 Schulz M. Analytical and Numerical Studies of the One-Dimensional Spin Facilitated Kinetic Ising Model 1999ХХ
122447 Gray L. The Ergodic Theory of Traffic Jams 2001ХХ
122448 Molchan G.M. Anomalies in Multifractal Formalism for Local Time of Brownian Motion 1998ХХ
122449 Chialvo A.A., Kusalik P.G. Applications of Integral Equation Calculations to High-Temperature Solvation Phenomena 2000ХХ
122450 Ershov S. Macrodynamics: Large-Scale Structures in Turbulent Media 1992ХХ
122451 Keyes T., Lyklema J.W. A Theory of Exciton Dynamics with a Percolation Threshold 1982ХХ
122452 Eyink G. Hydrodynamics and Fluctuations Outside of Local Equilibrium: Driven Diffusive Systems 1996ХХ
122453 Collet P., Eckmann J.-P. Liapunov Multipliers and Decay of Correlations in Dynamical Systems 2004ХХ
122454 Samols T.M. A Stochastic Model of a Quantum Field Theory 1995ХХ
122455 van Kampen N.G. Ito Versus Stratonovich 1981ХХ

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