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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122356 Pablo A. Ferrari Invariance Principle for a Solid-on-Solid Interface Model 1987ХХ
122357 Wolfram Just Equilibrium Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices: A Pedestrian Approach 2001ХХ
122358 Enrique Daniel Andjel, Maria Eulfilia Vares Hydrodynamic Equations for Attractive Particle Systems on Z 1986ХХ
122359 Carol Bezuidenhout, Geoffrey Grimmett Percolation and Minimal Spanning Trees 1997ХХ
122360 Newman C. M., Stein D. L. Equilibrium Pure States and Nonequilibrium Chaos 1998ХХ
122361 Marder M . Energies of a Kinked Crack Line 1998ХХ
122362 Olarrea J., Parrondo J. M. R. Escape Statistics for Systems Driven by Dichotomous Noise. I. General Theory 1994ХХ
122363 T. Szered Hard Chaos and Adiabatic Quantization: The Wedge Billiard 1995ХХ
122364 Joel L. Lebowitz, Harvey A. Rose Statistical Mechanics of the Nonlinear Schr6dinger Equation. II. Mean Field Approximation 1988ХХ
122365 Scott R. Anderson, Gene F. Mazenko Construction of Simple Approximants for the Structure Factor and Magnetization for the Simple Cubic Ising Model 1983ХХ
122366 Franc ois Germinet Dynamical Localization II with an Application to the Almost Mathieu Operator 1998ХХ
122367 Tirapegui E., Van den Broeck C. A Thermochemical Instability. II. Inhomogeneous Fluctuations 1986ХХ
122368 Carlen E. A., Carvalho M. C., Orlandi E. Algebraic Rate of Decay for the Excess Free Energy and Stability of Fronts for a Nonlocal Phase Kinetics Equation with a Conservation Law. I 1998ХХ
122369 Chernov N. I. Ergodic and Statistical Properties of Piecewise Linear Hyperbolic Automorphisms of the 2-Torus 1992ХХ
122370 Book Review: Moment Methods in Many-Fermion Systems 1982ХХ
122371 D. Dolgopyat Entropy of Coupled Map Lattices 1996ХХ
122372 Philip de Smedt The Effect of Repulsive Interactions on Bose-Einstein Condensation 1986ХХ
122373 Sergio Caracciolo, Giorgio Parisi, Andrea Pelissetto Random Walks with Short-Range Interaction and Mean-Field Behavior 1994ХХ
122374 Francois Bavaud Statistical Mechanics of Viscoelasticity 1986ХХ
122375 Marc Aertsens, Jan Naudts Field-Induced Percolation in a Polarized Lattice Gas 1990ХХ
122376 Benassi A., Fouque J. P., Saada E. Asymmetric Attractive Particle Systems on Z: Hydrodynamic Limit for Monotone Initial Profiles 1990ХХ
122377 Olivieri E., Piceo P. Cluster Expansion for d-Dimensional Lattice Systems and Finite-Volume Factorization Properties 1990ХХ
122378 Kalos M.H. Exact Monte Carlo for Few-Fermion Systems 1991ХХ
122379 Fukugita M. Finite-Size Scaling of the Three-State Potts Model on a Simple Cubic Lattice 1990ХХ
122380 Forrest B. Erratum: Hypercube Stacking: A Potts-Spin Model for Surface Growth 1991ХХ
122381 Stovneng J.A., Hauge E.H. The Buttiker-Landauer Model Generalized 1989ХХ
122382 Sasamoto T., Imamura T. Fluctuations of the One-Dimensional Polynuclear Growth Model in Half-Space 2004ХХ
122383 Patrick A.E. The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Solid-on-Solid Models 1998ХХ
122384 Doria M., Shankar R. Solution of a Factorizable S-Matrix and an Asymmetric Eight-Vertex Model 1983ХХ
122385 Sengers J.V. Eighth Symposium on Thermophysicai Properties 1983ХХ
122386 Monroe J.L. Nonconcavity of the Magnetization in Ising Ferromagnets 1980ХХ
122387 Nayak C. A Renormalization Group Analysis of Turbulent Transport 1993ХХ
122388 Meirovitch H. A Monte Carlo Study of the Entropy, the Pressure, and the Critical Behavior of the Hard-Square Lattice Gas 1983ХХ
122389 Baker G. Can an Attractive Potential Increase the Pressure of an Ideal Electron Gas? 2003ХХ
122390 Heintz A. On the Initial Boundary Value Problems for the Enskog Equation in Irregular Domains 1998ХХ
122391 Simon B. Rigorous Entropy-Energy Arguments 1981ХХ
122392 Albeverio S., Zhou X.Y. Free Energy and Some Sample Path Properties of a Random Walk with Random Potential 1996ХХ
122393 Bonetto F., Daems D. Properties of Stationary Nonequilibrium States in the Thermostatted Periodic Lorentz Gas I: The One Particle System 2000ХХ
122394 Schmeling J. Entropy Preservation Under Markov Coding 2001ХХ
122395 Brown G. On the Multifractal Analysis of Measures 1992ХХ
122396 Ziff R.M. Flux to a Trap 1991ХХ
122397 Olivieri E., Scoppola E. Markov Chains with Exponentially Small Transition Probabilities: First Exit Problem from a General Domain. II. The General Case 1996ХХ
122398 Derrida B., Zabolitzky J.G., Vannimenus J. A Transfer Matrix Program to Calculate the Conductivity of Random Resistor Networks 1984ХХ
122399 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1991ХХ
122400 Mei-Qing Z. Explicit Unitary Schemes to Solve Quantum Operator Equations of Motion 1991ХХ
122401 Simon B. Mean Field Upper Bound on the Transition Temperature in Multicomponent Ferromagnets 1980ХХ
122402 Oono Y. Renormalization and Taxonomy 2003ХХ
122403 Bena C., Vishveshwara S. Measuring Fractional Charge in Carbon Nanotubes 2001ХХ
122404 Cladis P.E. A Prepared Pattern with Wavelength Selection in Directional Solidification 1991ХХ
122405 Kusmartsev F.V., Rashba E.I. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking of Optimum Fluctuations in Semiconductors 1985ХХ

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