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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122884 Jan A. Leegwater, Henk van Beijeren The Orientational Pair Correlation Functions in a Dense Hard Sphere Fluid at Long Times 1989ХХ
122885 Jean Briemont, Koji Kuroda, Joel L. Lebowitz Surface Tension and Phase Coexistence for General Lattice Systems 1983ХХ
122886 Leone Fronzoni, Paolo Grigolini, Riccardo Mannella The Duffing Oscillator in the Low-Friction Limit: Theory and Analog Simulation 1985ХХ
122887 Luciani J. F., Mora P. Resummation Methods of the Chapman-Enskog Expansion for a Strongly Inhomogeneous Plasma 1985ХХ
122888 Jan Wehr, Jack Xin Scaling Limits of Waves in Convex Scalar Conservation Laws Under Random Initial Perturbations 2005ХХ
122889 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1988ХХ
122890 Norbert Kalus Symmetries and Correlation Inequalities for Classical n-Vector Models 1980ХХ
122891 Reatto L., Stell G., Tau M. On the Isothermal Density Derivative of g(r) and a New Theory of the Pair Correlation Function of Hard Spheres 1991ХХ
122892 Michael Blank Ergodic Properties of a Simple Deterministic Traffic Flow Model 2002ХХ
122893 Giancarlo Benettin, Poul Hjorth, Paolo Sempio Exponentially Long Equilibrium Times in a One-Dimensional Collisional Model of Classical Gas 1999ХХ
122894 Jaksic V., Pillet C.-A. Mathematical Theory of Non-Equilibrium Quantum Statistical Mechanics 2002ХХ
122895 Cicuta G. M., Contedini M. Non-Hermitian Tridiagonal Random Matrices and Returns to the Origin of a Random Walk 1999ХХ
122896 Francis Comets, Francesco Guerra, Fabio Lucio Toninelli The IsingЦSherrington-Kirpatrick Model in a Magnetic Field at High Temperature 2005ХХ
122897 Hioe F. T. Restricted Walks, Stability-Instability Transitions, and Dynamic Symmetries 1989ХХ
122898 Ilya Zaliapin, Vladimir Keilis-Borok, Michael Ghil A Boolean Delay Equation Model of Colliding Cascades. Part II: Prediction of Critical Transitions 2002ХХ
122899 Roy A. K., Chakrabarti B. K. Theta-Point Exponent for Polymer Chains on Percolation Fractals 1990ХХ
122900 Bokhove O., Bruin C., Compagner A. Ensemble Properties and Molecular Dynamics of Unstable Systems 1993ХХ
122901 Enzo Marinari, Giorgio Parisi, Federico Ricci-Tersenghi Replica Symmetry Breaking in Short-Range Spin Glasses: Theoretical Foundations and Numerical Evidences 1999ХХ
122902 Joel De Coninck, Franc ̧ois Dunlop A Necklace of Wulff Shapes 2005ХХ
122903 Book Review: Statistical Mechanics 1989ХХ
122904 Cristián Huepe, Maximino Aldana-González Dynamical Phase Transition in a Neural Network Model with Noise: An Exact Solution 2002ХХ
122905 Kostin M. D. Velocity of Propagation in Diffusional Quantum Theory 1986ХХ
122906 Book Review: From Microphysics to Macrophysics. Methods and Applications of Statistical Physics 1992ХХ
122907 Jamie R. Powell, David A. Pink, Bonnie Quinn Critical Exponents for Two-Dimensional Tracer Diffusion through a Changing Background at Concentration c = cp 1990ХХ
122908 Thorsten Poschel, Werner Ebeling, Heige Rose Guessing Probability Distributions from Small Samples 1995ХХ
122909 Bru J.-B., Dorlas T. C. Exact Solution of the Infinite-Range-Hopping BoseЦHubbard Model 2003ХХ
122910 J. Piasecki Approach to Field-Induced Stationary State in a Gas of Hard Rods 1992ХХ
122911 Edoh Y. Amiran Noncoincidence of Geodesic Lengths and Hearing Elliptic Quantum Billiards 1996ХХ
122912 Illner R., Struckmeier J. Boundary Value Problems for the Steady Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
122913 Paladin G., Vaienti S. Hausdorff Dimensions in Two-Dimensional Maps and Thermodynamic Formalism 1989ХХ
122914 Haim Taitelbaum, Shlomo Havlin, James E. Kiefer Some Properties of the A + B C Reaction-Diffusion System with Initially Separated Components 1991ХХ
122915 Raine D. J., Sciama D. W. The Membrane Picture of Hawking Radiation 1993ХХ
122916 Australian Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1992ХХ
122917 Franco Bagnoli On Damage-Spreading Transitions 1996ХХ
122918 Program of the 65th Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1991ХХ
122919 Kotecky R., Olivieri E. Shapes of Growing Droplets A Model of Escape from a Metastable Phase 1994ХХ
122920 Book Review: Statistical Mechanics: Methods and Applications 1984ХХ
122921 Program of the 63rd Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1990ХХ
122922 Heath D. L., Percus J. K. How Thick Is a Liquid-Vapor Interface? 1987ХХ
122923 Wim Schoenmaker, Wim Magnus Non-Abelian Random Polygons: A New Model in Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
122924 Hirayama M. Second Variational Formulae for Dimension Spectra 2005ХХ
122925 Hughes B. D., Montroll E. W., Michael F. Shlesinger Fractal Random Walks 1981ХХ
122926 Regis J. Serinko Ergodic Theorems Arising in Correlation Dimension Estimation 1995ХХ
122927 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1996ХХ
122928 Kirkpatrick T. R. Does the Velocity Autocorrelation Function Oscillate in a Hard-Sphere Crystal? 1989ХХ
122929 Eyink G. L., Spohn H. Negative-Temperature States and Large-Scale, Long-Lived Vortices in Two-Dimensional Turbulence 1992ХХ
122930 Daniel R. Ohlsen, Yamamoto S. Y., Surko C. M. Pinning and Long-Time-Scale Behavior in Traveling-Wave Convection 1991ХХ
122931 Bonilla L. L., Casado J. M., Morillo M. Corrigendum to Self-Synchronization of Populations of Nonlinear Oscillators in the Thermodynamic Limit 1987ХХ
122932 Elisabetta Marcelli, Fabio Martinelli Some New Results on the Two-Dimensional Kinetic lsing Model in the Phase Coexistence Region 1995ХХ
122933 Joel L. Lebowitz, Mazel A . E . Improved Peierls Argument for High-Dimensional Ising Models 1997ХХ

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