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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the theory of operator algebras (vol. 1) Elementary Theory36
Rudin W. — Fourier Analysis on Groups257
Hunter J.K., Nachtergaele B. — Applied Analysis4
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 1)925
Roberts A.W., Varberg D.E. — Convex Functions45
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 1)453
Rudin W. — Real and Complex Analysis96
Graham R.L., Grotschel M., Lovasz L. — Handbook of combinatorics (vol. 2)925
Hewitt E., Ross K.A. — Abstract Harmonic Analysis (Vol. 2)453 I
Schneider R. — Convex Bodies: The Brunn-Minkowski Theoryxii
Grotschel M., Lovasz L., Schrijver A. — Geometric Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization6
Halmos P.R. — Hilbert Space Problem Book4
Mill J.V. — The Infinite-Dimensional Topology of Function Spaces3
Aliprantis Ch.D. — Positive Operators150
Szkelyhidi L. — Discrete Spectral Synthesis and Its Applications4
Morris S.A. — Topology without tears141
Rudin W. — Functional analysis4
Nesterov Y. — Introductory Lectures on Convex Optimization: A Basic Course116
Eidelman Y., Milman V., Tsolomitis A. — Functional Analysis. An Introduction14
Du D. (ed.), Pardalos P. (ed.) — Handbook of combinatorial optimization: supplement volume A585
Nagel R., Derdinger R., Günther P. — Ergodic theory in the perspective of functional analysisB/1
Rudin W. — Real and complex analysis96
Kythe P.K. — Fundamental Solutions for Differential Operators and Applications11
Gong S., Gong Y. — Concise Complex Analysis169
Bachman G., Beckenstein E. — Fourier And Wavelet Analysis35
Helemskii A.Ya. — Lectures and Exercises on Functional Analysis, Vol. 23364
Kadison R.V., Ringrose J.R. — Fundamentals of the Theory of Operator Algebras (vol. 2) Advanced Theory36
Radjavi H., Rosenthal P. — Simultaneous Triangularization133
Munkres J. — Topology135, 331 (see also “$B^{2}$”, “$B^{n}$”)
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. — Applied linear. algebra87, 148
Bridges D.S. — Foundations Of Real And Abstract Analysis174
Thompson A.C. — Minkowski Geometry13, 15
Rice J.R. — The approximation of functions. Nonlinear and multivariate theory173
Kreyszig E. — Introductory functional analysis with applications80
Ortega J.M. — Numerical analysis: a second course17
Semadini Z. — Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions. Vol. 147
Gelbaum B.R. — Problems in Real and Complex Analysis6.1. 77
Hirsch M.W., Smale S. — Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, and Linear Algebra83
Aubin J., Frankowska H. — Set-Valued Analysis17, 158
Miller S.S., Mocanu P.T. — Differential subordinations: theory and applications342, 347, 365, 368
Horn R.A. — Matrix Analysis273, 281
Ivanov O.A. — Easy as Pi?: An Introduction to Higher Mathematics56, 111, 115
Cheney W. — Analysis for Applied Mathematics7
Odyniec W. — Minimal Projections In Banach Spaces15
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