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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kharazishvili A.B. — Strange functions in real analysis
Keisler H.J. — Elementary calculus156
Bulirsch R., Stoer J. — Introduction to numerical analysis265, 320
Abell M.L., Braselton J.P. — Mathematica by Example209
Coley D.A. — An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms for Scientists and Engineers8
Jensen F. — Introduction to Computational Chemistry339
Fletcher R. — Practical methods of optimization. Volume 1: unconstrained optimization10, 30, 89
Meisel W.S. — Computer-oriented approach to pattern recognition60
Gupta M.M., Jin L., Homma N. — Static and dynamic neural networks162, 365
Braselton J.P. — Maple by Example202
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists257
Coffin D. — Calculus on the HP-48G/GX248
Bhatti M. — Practical Optimization Methods133
Sinha S.M. — Mathematical Programming: Theory and Methods99, 324
Elberly D.H., Shoemake K. — Game Physics421
Kannan D. (ed.), Lakshmikantham V. (ed.) — Handbook of stochastic analysis and applications640
Giorgi G., Thierfelder J. — Mathematics of Optimization: Smooth and Nonsmooth Case4
Greenberg M.D. — Advanced engineering mathematics659
Bonnans F.J., Gilbert C.J., Lemarechal C. — Numerical Optimizationsee "Solution"
Naniewicz Z., Panagiotopoulos P.D. — Mathematical Theory of Hemivariational Inequalities and Applications15
Unertl W.N. — Physical Structure113
Allaire G. — Numerical Analysis and Optimization: An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation285
Kuttler K. — Calculus, Applications and Theory127
Antia H.M. — Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers346, 359, 360
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. — Applied linear. algebra185, 187
Krantz S.G. — Handbook of Real Variables74
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics937
Marques de Sa J.P. — Pattern recognition: concepts, methods, and applications157, 177
Bertsekas D.P. — Constrained Optimization and Lagrange Multiplier Methods19, 66
Ash R.B. — Real Variables with Basic Metric Space Topology83
Arwini K. — Information Geometry: Near Randomness and Near Independence207
Denn M. — Optimization by variational methods6, 197 (see also Necessary conditions; Sufficient conditions)
Novikov S.P., Fomenko A.T. — Basic elements of differential geometry and topology11
Craven B.D. — Mathematical Programming and Control Theory27, 28, 119
Antes H., Panagiotopoulos P.D. — The boundary integral approach to static and dynamic contact problem226, 232
Hartmann A.K., Rieger H. — Optimization Algorithms in Physics256
Gullberg J. — Mathematics: from the birth of numbers341
Bäck T. — Evolutionary Algorithms in Theory and Practice37, 39, 56, 140
Zorich V.A., Cooke R. — Mathematical analysis II87
Zorich V. — Mathematical Analysis87
BertsekasD., Tsitsiklis J. — Neuro-Dynamic Programming (Optimization and Neural Computation Series, 3)78
Daniels R.W. — Introduction to numerical methods and optimization techniques179, 221
Pallaschke D., Rolewicz S. — Foundations of Mathematical Optimization. Convex Analysis without Linearity97
Voit E. — Computational Analysis of Biochemical Systems: A Practical Guide for Biochemists and Molecular Biologists174, 179
Giorgi G., Guerraggio A., Thierfelder J. — Mathematics of optimization4
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