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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Hutchins M., Schlager N. — Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia (Vol. 17. Cumulative index)See Oriental region
Khosrowpour M. — Encyclopedia Of Information Science And Technology1482
Smil V. — The Earth's biosphere: evolution, dynamics, and change26, 64, 178, 180, 240—241, 250, 261—262
Morris B., Davies Ch., Day W. — The Symbian OS Architecture Sourcebook: Design and Evolution of a Mobile Phone OS16, 285, 375, 401, 458
Albanese J.S. (ed.) — Combating Piracyviii, 23, 50, 77—78, 85
Cliff N., Keats J.A. — Ordinal Measurement in the Behavioral Sciences187—88
Kuhns P., Crew A. — Blogosphere: Best of Blogs
Gleick J. — Chaos. Making a new science306
Berlekamp E.R., Conway J.H., Guy R.K. — Winning Ways for Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 116
Bardi J.S. — Calculus Wars: Newton, Leibniz, and the Greatest Mathematical Clash of All Time146, 241
Turnbull H.W. — The Great Mathematicians2
Nasar S. — A Beautiful Mind153
Hunter M.G., Tan F.B. (eds.) — Advanced Topics in Global Information Management (Vol. 3)20, 295
Fiedler B. — Global Bifurcation of Periodic Solutions with Symmetry17
Jacob N. — Intercultural Management12, 84, 219
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. — The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)1:316
McCoy J.F. — Geo-Data. The world Geographical Encyclopedia115, 121, 116, 1201, 12
Weeks J.R. — The shape of space279
Rogers L. — Its ONLY Rocket Science. An Introduction in Plain English (Astronomers Universe)17, 19, 20, 58, 66, 203, 269
Katz V.J. — A History of Mathematics: An Introduction3—4, 192—193
Rosenhouse J. — The Monty Hall Problem: The Remarkable Story of Math's Most Contentious Brain Teaser146
Hlavac J. — The Technology of Glass and Ceramics302, 311
Dershowitz N. — Calendrical Calculations247, 268, see also "Beijing", "Nanjing", "Shanxi" and "Xian"
Ifrah G., Bellos D. — The Universal History of Numbers: From Prehistory to the Invention of the Computer51, 263—273, 276—296, 381
Kline M. — Mathematics for the Nonmathematician12
Berlekamp E., Conway J., Guy R. — Winning Ways for your mathematical plays.Volume 2.16
Berlekamp E.R., Conway J.H., Guy R.K. — Winning Ways for your mathematical plays16
Askeland D.R. — The Science and Engineering of Materials474
Tipler F.J. — The Physics of Immortality76—77, 270—272
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