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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kedlaya K.S., Poonen B., Vakil R. — The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 1985–2000: Problems, Solutions, and Commentary102, 231
Henrici P. — Applied and Computational Complex Analysis (Vol. 3)588, 589, 597
Mitrinovic D.S., Keckic J.D. — The Cauchy Method of Residues : Theory and Applications70—71
Reade J.B. — Calculus with Complex Numbers78
Rudin W. — Real and Complex Analysis218, 266, 275
Borwein P. — Computational Excursions in Analysis and Number Theory4
Conway J.B. — Functions of One Complex Variable125
Weinberger H.F. — First course in partial defferential equations with complex variables and transform methods278
Hayman W.K. — Multivalent Functions147
Baker G.A., Graves-Morris P. — Pade approximants (vol. 2)I: 279
Dwork B., Gerotto G., Sullivan F.J. — An Introduction to G-Functions131
Borwein P, Erdelyi T — Polynomials and polynomial inequalities14, 16
Borwein P., Choi S., Rooney B. — The Riemann Hypothesis371
Sahoo P.K., Riedel T. — Mean Value Theorems and Functional Equations177
Rickart C.E. — General Theory of Banach Algebras(3.3.22) 145
Apostol T.M. — Modular Functions and Dirichlet Series in Number Theory180
Milovanovic G.V., Mitrinovic D.S., Rassias T.M. — Topics in Polynomials: Extremal Problems, Inequalities, Zeros177
Dieudonne J. — Foundation of Modern Analysis9.17
Feller W. — Introduction to probability theory and its applications (Volume II)408
Marden M. — The geometry of the zeros of a polynomial in a complex variablevi, 2—5, 99, 130, 149, 160
Fine B., Rosenberger G. — Fundamental Theorem of Algebra197
Knopp K. — Theory of Functions. Part Two111
Titchmarsh E.C. — The Theory of Functions3.42, 3.44, 3.45, 6.4, 6.43, 6.44
C. Caratheodory, F. Steinhardt — Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable. 2 Volumes228
Hildebrand F.B. — Advanced Calculus for Applications593 (55)
Apostol T. — Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition475
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