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Поиск книг, содержащих: Bloch functions

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Garnett J.B. — Bounded Analytic Functions282, 283, 442
Hayman W.K. — Multivalent Functions143
Garnett J.B. — Bounded Analytic Functions273, 274, 432
Mills D.L. — Nonlinear optics140
Wagner M. — Unitery Transformations in Solid State Physics2, 181, 200, 201
Altmann S.L. — Band Theory of Solids: An Introduction from the Point of View of Symmetry97 (5—6.3)
Guimaraes A.P. — Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids168
Haake F. — Quantum signatures of chaos223
Bube R.H. — Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids: An Introduction to Fundamentals121, 122, 217, 262
Seitz F. — Modern Theory of Solids272ff.
Cracknell A.P., Wong K.C. — The Fermi Surface: Its Concept, Determination and Use in the Physics of Metals9, 10—11, 81, 504
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics249, 251
Slichter Ch.P. — Principles of magnetic resonance. With examples from solid state physics92, 110
Martin R.M. — Electronic Structure: Basic Theory and Practical Methods87—89, 246, 399, 418, 565
Hercules Proceedings (Vol. I) (unknown book)163, 99
Fox M. — Optical properties of solids18, 52, 125, 276
Dekker A.J. — Solid State Physics240 ff.
Ram-Mohan R. — Finite Element and Boundary Element Applications in Quantum Mechanics198
Zallen R. — The Physics of Amorphous Solids223—226, 241, 274
Brewer D.F. — Progress in Low Temperature Physics. Volume X394
Ehrenreich H., Seitz F., Turnbull D. — Solid State Physics.Volume 26.1—101
Ridley B.K. — Quantum Processes in Semiconductors4
Corciovei A., Costache G., Dederichs P.H. — Solid State Physics6, 139ff
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