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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Grinstead C.M., Snell J.L. — Introduction to Probability416
Fishman G.S. — Monte Carlo: concepts, algorithms, and applications467
Ben-Israel A., Greville T. — Generalized inverses: Theory and applications272
Loeve M. — Probability Theory (part 2)314
Hamilton J.D. — Time Series Analysis680
Fogiel M. — The Operations Research Problem Solver13—45, 13—46
Kohonen T. — Self-organizing maps129, 354
Jacobsen M. — Point Process Theory and Applications: Marked Point and Piecewise Deterministic Processes28
Cappe O., Ryden T., Moulines E. — Inference in Hidden Markov Models12
Chung K.L., Walsh J.B. — Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, and Time Symmetry9
Karlin S., Taylor H.E. — A Second Course in Stochastic Processes24, 29, 155
White D.J. — Markov Decision Processes15, 31, 53, 89, 110, 124, 138
Barlow R.E., Proschan F. — Mathematical Theory of Reliability123
Billingsley P. — Probability and Measure109
Grimmett G., Stirzaker D. — Probability and Random Processes224, 266
Lipschutz S. — Schaum's Outline of Probability134
Emanuel Parzen — Stochastic processes (Classics in Applied Mathematics)231, 235, 236, 239, 243, 244, 246
Cantu-Paz E. — Efficient and accurate parallel genetic algorithms71, 73
Kao E. — Introduction to Stochastic Processes174, 241
Ashby W.R. — An introduction to cybernetics229
DeGroot M.H. — Optimal statistical decisions379
Mitchell T.M. — Machine Learning371
Grimmett G., Welsh D. — Probability: An Introduction183
Misra J.C. — Biomathematics: Modelling and Simulation67-69
Luenberger D.G. — Introduction to dynamic systems237
Chung K.L., Walsh J.B — Markov Processes, Brownian Motion, and Time Symmetry9
Hamilton J.D. — Time Series Analysis680
Bäck T. — Evolutionary Algorithms in Theory and Practice105, 200
Plischke M., Bergersen B. — Equilibrium statistical physics129, 309
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