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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Greiner W., Muller B., Rafelski J. — Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields6
Zinn-Justin J. — Quantum field theory and critical phenomena438
Parisi G. — Statistical field theory253
Aitchison I.J.R., Hey A.J.G. — Gauge theories in particle physics. Volume 1: from relativistic quantum mechanics to QED135
Wapner L. — The Pea and the Sun: A Mathematical Paradox177
Lerner K.L., Lerner B.W. — The gale encyclopedia of science (Vol. 6)6:4224
Brown L.S. — Quantum Field Theory186, see Vacuum stress between plates
Elizalde E., Odintsov A.D., Romeo A. — Zeta Regularization Techiques with Applications79
Frolov V.P., Novikov I.D. — Black Hole Physics: Basic Concepts and New Developments480
Poisson E. — A relativists toolkit32
Held A. (ed.) — General relativity and gravitation. 100 years after the birth of Albert Einstein (volume 1)259—261, 265
Yulsman T. — Origins. The quest for our cosmic roots52
Fulling S. — Aspects of Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime96—115, 122, 184—185, 199, 208
Held A. (ed.) — General Relativity and Gravitation: One Hundred Years After the Birth of Albert Einstein, Vol. 2259—261, 265
Dutra S.M. — Cavity quantum electrodynamics47—63, 65, 99
Visser M. — Lorentzian wormholes. From Einstein to Hawking83, 121—125, 180, 281, 294, 336
Birrell N.D., Davies P.C.W. — Quantum Fields in Curved Space89, 100—102, 229—230, 321
Weinberg S. — The Quantum Theory of Fields. Vol. 1 Foundations297
Perkins D.H. — Particle Astrophysics116
Carrol B.W., Ostlie D.A. — An introduction to modern astrophysics1239
Greiner W. — Quantum mechanics: special chapters11, 133
Volovik G. — Artificial black holes130, 131, 136, 154, 158, 163-165, 167-173, 328
Scully M.O., Zubairy M.S. — Quantum optics2
Christensen S.M. — Quantum theory of gravity106
Bayin S.S. — Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering466
Thomas A.W., Weise W. — The structure of the nucleon229
Itzykson C., Drouffe J-M. — Statistical field theory. Vol. 1519, 504
Amoroso R.L. (ed.), Hunter G. (ed.), Vigier J.-P. (ed.) — Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale115, 459
Christe P., Henkel M. — Introduction to conformal invariance and its applications to critical phenomena37, 50
Milonni P.W. — The quantum vacuum: introduction to quantum electrodynamics54, 57
Henkel M. — Conformal Invariance and Critical Phenomena61, 77
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. — Approaches to Fundamental Physics336
Aharonov Y., Rohrlich D. — Quantum Paradoxes: Quantum Theory for the Perplexed119
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