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Поиск книг, содержащих: Infinite product

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Bartle R.G. — The Elements of Real Analysis403—405.
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2379.G, App. A, Table 10.VI
Bruce C.Berndt — Ramanujan's Notebooks (part 1)38—41
Apostol T.M. — Mathematical Analysis206
MacLane S. — Categories for the working mathematician69
Rudin W. — Real and Complex Analysis290
Conway J.B. — Functions of One Complex Variable164
Lee J.M. — Introduction to Topological Manifolds49
Ahlfors L.V. — Complex analysis189—192
Bellman R. — A brief introduction to theta functions43, 51, 62
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists346, 348
Jones G.A., Singerman D. — Complex Functions: An Algebraic and Geometric Viewpoint83, 85
Young R.M. — An Introduction to Non-Harmonic Fourier Series, Revised Edition54, 211
Hahn L.- Sh., Epstein B. — Classical Complex Analysis223
Chui C.K., Chan A.K., Liu C.S. — Wavelet Toolware: Software for Wavelet Training34, 36
Hijab O. — Introduction to Calculus and Classical Analysis (Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics)203
Pugh C.C. — Real Mathematical Analysis198
Sandor J., Mitrinovic D.S., Crstici B. — Handbook of Number Theory II182, 424
Rainville E.D. — Special Functions1—7, 9, 11, 13—15, 332—336
Jones J.A., Jones J.M. — Elementary Number Theory247
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics379.G, App. A, Table 10.VI
Singer I.M., Thorpe J.A. — Lecture Notes on Elementary Topology and Geometry4
Rudin W. — Real and complex analysis298
Kammler D.W. — First Course in Fourier Analysis615
Wang Z.X., Guo D.R., Xia X.J. — Special Functions21
Young R.M. — An Introduction to Nonharmonic Fourier Series54, 211
Bak J., Newman D.J. — Complex Analysis215
Herman J., Simsa J., Kucera R. — Equations and Inequalities: Elementary Problems and Theorems in Algebra and Number Theory140
Young R.M. — Excursions in Calculus: An Interplay of the Continuous and the Discrete29, 169, 259, 364
Bóna M. — Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics153
Bonar D.D., Khoury M.J. — Real Infinite Series83, 84, 132
Noble B. — Methods based on the Wiener-Hopf technique for the solution of PDEs15, 40, 103, 129, 130
Hayes D.F. (ed.), Shubin T. (ed.) — Mathematical Adventures for Students and Amateurs78
Dienes P. — The Taylor series: An introduction to the theory of functions of a complex variable91
Knopp K., Bagemihl F. — Infinite Sequences and Series4, 48, 92
Monk J.D. (ed.) — Handbook of Boolean Algebras, Vol. 120
Wrede R.C., Spiegel M. — Theory and problems of advanced calculus277
Derbyshire J. — Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics373
Zeidler E. — Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics132, 390
Hubbard B. — The World According to Wavelets: The Story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making149
Honsberger R. — Mathematical diamonds17
Jorgensen P.E.T. — Analysis and Probability: Wavelets, Signals, Fractalsxxviii—xxx, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10—12, 17—19, 21, 27, 33—35, 60, 67, 83—85, 96, 97, 116, 138, 154, see also "Kolmogorov measure, infinite-product"; "Tychonoff infinite-product topology"
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