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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41294 Kantha L.H., Clayson C.A. Small Scale Processes in Geophysical Fluid Flows 2000ХХ
41293 Girifalco L. The Universal Force 2007ХХ
41292 Neugebauer H.J., Simmer C. Dynamics of Multiscale Earth Systems 2003ХХ
41291 Reckham R.J., Jordan G. Digital Terrain Modelling: Development and Applications in a Policy Support Environment 2007ХХ
41290 Eddington A.S. Stellar Movements and Structure of Universe 1914ХХ
41289 Eddington A.S. Stars and Atoms 1927ХХ
41288 Eddington A.S. Space Time and Gravitation 1953ХХ
41287 Eddington A.S. Science and the Unseen World 1929ХХ
41286 Eddington A.S. Rotation of the Galaxy 1930ХХ
41285 Eddington A.S. Philosophy of Physical Science 1939ХХ
41284 Eddington A.S. New Pathways in Science 1935ХХ
41283 Eddington A.S. Nature of the Physical World 1929ХХ
41282 Eddington A.S. Mathematical Theory of Relativity 1930ХХ
41281 Certini G., Scalenghe R. Soils: Basic Concepts and Future Challenges 2006 ХХХ
41280 Hiemer M. Model based detection and reconstruction of road traffic accidents 2005ХХ
41279 Tolera H. Suitability of Local Materials to Purify Akaki Sub-Basin Water 2007ХХ
41278 Heveling M. Bijective point maps, point-stationarity and characterization of Palm measures 2006ХХ
41277 Roof C.F. Dynamical Economics 1927ХХ
41276 Gertan J. (*,s)-Dualities 2003ХХ
41275 Ainouche A., Schiermeyer I. 0-Dual Closures for Several Classes of Graphs 2003ХХ
41274 Gibbs R.C., White H.E. Doublets of Stripped Atoms of the Potassium Type 1926ХХ
41273 Seares F.H., van Rhijn P.J. Distribution of the Stars with Respect to Brightness and Distance from the Milky Way 1925ХХ
41272 Groh H. Dimensional orbits in flat projective planes 1971ХХ
41271 1+1 Dimensional Integrable Systems n/aХХ
41270 Glocker G. Diffusion of Electrons 1926ХХ
41269 Oliva W.M. Differentiable manifolds 2002ХХ
41268 Hovgaard V. Determination of the Stresses in a Beam by Means of the Principle of Least Work 1925ХХ
41267 Barus C. Density and Diffusion Measurement by Displacement Interferometry in Extreme Cases 1924ХХ
41266 Stevens J. Deformations of singularities 2003ХХ
41265 Definition of a PD operator with variable symbol n/aХХ
41264 Alonso Blanco R.J. D-modules, contact valued calculus and Poincare-Cartan form 1996ХХ
41263 Laumon G., Rapoport M., Stuhler U. D-elliptic sheaves and the langlands correspondence 1993ХХ
41262 Scheffler H.-P. g-Domains of Attraction of Stable Measures on Stratified Lie Groups 1993ХХ
41261 Goos P., Donev A.N. D-optimal minimum support mixture designs in blocks 2005ХХ
41260 Cao F. Curve evolution and image processing 2003ХХ
41259 Abel J.J. Crystalline Insulin 1926ХХ
41258 Creation of the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
41257 Wilson E.B. Coulombs Law and the Hydrogen Spectrum 1924ХХ
41256 St.John C.E., Adams W.L. Convection Currents in Stellar Atmospheres 1924ХХ
41255 Lefschetz S. Continuous Transformations of Manifolds 1925ХХ
41254 Feferman S., Kreisel G., Orey S. 1-Consistency and faithful interpretations 1960ХХ
41253 Thomas J.M. Conformal Correspondence of Riemann Spaces 1925ХХ
41252 Hall E.H. Conditions of Electric Equilibrium at Boundary Surfaces; Volta Effect 1924ХХ
41251 Moore R.L. Concerning the Separation of Point Sets by Curves 1925ХХ
41250 Moore R.L. Concerning Upper Semi-Continuous Collections of Continua which do not Separate a Given Continuum 1924ХХ
41249 Moore R.L. Concerning Sets of Segments Which Cover a Point Set in the Vitali Sense 1924ХХ
41248 Machal A.D. Concerning Certain Solvable Equations with Functional Derivatives 1925ХХ
41247 Ross P.A., Webster D.L. Compton Effect Evidence on Its Relation to Duanes Box Effect 1924ХХ
41246 Jiang D.-Q., Qian M. Circulation Distribution, Entropy Production and Irreversibility of Denumerable Markov Chains 2004ХХ
41245 Complexes n/aХХ

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