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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41936 Luyten W.J. On the Absolute Magnitudes of the Class M Stars 1928ХХ
41935 Rainich G.Y. On a Type of Lorentz Transformations 1926ХХ
41934 Clark G.L. On X-Ray Diffraction Patterns from Liquids and Colloidal Gels 1927ХХ
41933 Kellogg O.D. On the Classical Dirichlet Problem for General Domains 1926ХХ
41932 Massel S.R. Ocean Waves Breaking and Marine Aerosol Fluxes 2007ХХ
41931 Marion G.M. Cold Aqueous Planetary Geochemistry with FREZCHEM: From Modeling to the Search for Life at the Limits 2008ХХ
41930 Woodson R.D. International Fuel Gas Code Companion 2007ХХ
41929 √ихман ».»., —короход ј.¬. “еори€ случайных процессов (том 1) 1971ХХ
41928 Hopf H. On Some Properties of One-Valued Transformations of Manifolds 1928ХХ
41927 Manning W.A. On Simply Transitive Primitive Groups 1926ХХ
41926 Payne C.H., Hogg F.S. On Methods and Applications in Spectrophotometry 1927ХХ
41925 Hille E. On Laguerres Series Third Note 1926ХХ
41924 Hille E. On Laguerres Series Second Note 1926ХХ
41923 Hille E. On Laguerres Series First Note 1926ХХ
41922 Podolsky B. On Kings Classical Theory of Radiation 1927ХХ
41921 Hedrick E.R. On Derivatives of Non-Analytic Functions 1928ХХ
41920 Thomas T.Y. On Conformal Geometry 1926ХХ
41919 Rietz H.L. On Certain Properties of Frequency Distributions of the Powers and Roots of the Variates of a Given Distribution 1927ХХ
41918 Miller G.A. Note on the Temperature Relations of Photo-Electric Emission and Thermionic Emission of Electrons 1927ХХ
41917 Hall E.H. Note on the Temperature Relations of Photo-Electric Emission and Thermionic Emission of Electrons 1926ХХ
41916 Van Vleck J.H. Note on the Postulates of the Matrix Quantum Dynamics 1926ХХ
41915 Eckart C. Note on the Correspondence Principle in the New Quantum Theory 1926ХХ
41914 Hille E. Note on the Behavior of Certain Power Series on the Circle of Convergence with Application to a Problem of Carleman 1928ХХ
41913 Widder D.W. Note on a Generalization of Taylors Series 1927ХХ
41912 Ellis J.W. New Infra-Red Absorption Bands of Methane 1927ХХ
41911 Hall E.H. New Evidence in Favor of a Dual Theory of Metallic Conduction 1926ХХ
41910 Taylor B.A. Necessary conditions for interpolation by entire functions n/aХХ
41909 Barus C. Multiplicative Representations of Resolvents 1926ХХ
41908 Gill M.I. Multiplicative Representations of Resolvents 2003ХХ
41907 Barus C. Mucronate Electrode with Micrometer 1927ХХ
41906 Knebelman M.S. Motion and Collineations in General Space 1927ХХ
41905 Morse theory of completely integrable Hamiltonian systems n/aХХ
41904 Stewart G.W., Morrow R.M. Molecular Space Array in Liquid Primary Normal Alcohols The Cybotactic State 1927ХХ
41903 Loeb L.B., Du Sault L. Mobilities of Ions in Acetylene Hydrogen Mixtures 1927ХХ
41902 DeSault L., Loeb L.B. Mobilities of Gaseous Ions in SO2 and SO2-H2 Mixtures 1928ХХ
41901 Leavitt H.W., Gowen J.W. Mineralogical Content of Maine Sands in Relation to Mortar Strength 1927ХХ
41900 Davis B., Purks H. Measurement of the Mo.K Doublet Distances by Means of the Double X-Ray Spectrometer 1927ХХ
41899 Bramley A. Maxwells Equations and Atomic Dynamics 1926ХХ
41898 Hellfer B., Nier F. Maximal Microhypoellipticity for Systems and Applications to Witten Laplacians 2005ХХ
41897 ћикалко ћ. “ренинг интеллекта n/aХХ
41896 Baryshev Y. Discovery of Cosmic Fractals 2003ХХ
41895 Crocker D. Dictionary of Aviation 2005 ХХХ
41894 Desaintfuscien M. Data Processing in Precise Time and Frequency Applications 2007ХХ
41893 French S. Celestial Sampler: 60 Small-Scope Tours for Starlit Nights 2007ХХ
41892 MacKenzie F.T. Carbon in the Geobiosphere: Earth's Outer Shell 2006ХХ
41891 Holberg J., Barstow M.A. Extreme Ultraviolet Astronomy 2002ХХ
41890 Issar A.S. Climate Changes During the Holocene and their Impact on Hydrological Systems 2003ХХ
41889 Burchard H. Applied Turbulence Modelling in Marine Waters 2003ХХ
41888 “утубалин ¬.Ќ.  урс лекций по теории веро€тностей 2008ХХ
41887 Noyes W.A. Magnetic Hydrogen Atoms and Non-Magnetic Molecules 1927ХХ

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