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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42387 Betten D. 4-dimensionale Translationsebenen mit kommutativer Standgruppe 1977ХХ
42386 Betten D. 4-dimensionale Translationsebenen mit irreduzibler Kollineationsgruppe 1973ХХ
42385 Goldberg V.V. 4-Webs in the Plane and Their Linearizability 2004ХХ
42384 Celik B., Akpinar A., Ciftci S. 4-Transitivity and 6-figures in some Moufang-Klingenberg planes 2007ХХ
42383 Xu Z., Yang X. 4-TW/46-fs 10-Hz: Tisapphire laser system 2000ХХ
42382 Friedrichs O.D., Huson D.H. 4-Regular Vertex-Transitive Tilings of E^3 2000ХХ
42381 Rudenskaya O.G. 4-Quasiperiodic Functions on Graphs and Hypergraphs 2001ХХ
42380 Cochran T. 4-Manifolds which embed in R5 R6, and Seifert manifolds for fibered knots 1984ХХ
42379 Freeadman M.H., Teichner P. 4-Manifold topology II: Dwyers filtration and surgery kernels 1995ХХ
42378 Freeadman M.H., Teichner P. 4-Manifold topology I: Subexponential groups 1995ХХ
42377 Kantor W.M. 4-Homogeneous groups 1968ХХ
42376 Thas J.A. 4-Gonal configurations with parameters r=q2+1 and k=q+1 1975ХХ
42375 Borgioli G., Totaro S. 3D-Streaming Operator With Multiplying Boundary Conditions: Semigroup Generation Properties 1997ХХ
42374 Wu J., Dong Q., Liu M. 3D simulation on the unit duct in the shell side of the ROD baffle heat exchanger 2006ХХ
42373 Jain A.K., Dorai C. 3D object recognition: Representation and matching 2000ХХ
42372 Yuejin Z., Guodong X. 3D magnetic field computation of a permanent magnet disc-type generator using scalar potential method 1997ХХ
42371 Cao Z., Tang S., Cheng G. 3D analysis of functionally graded material plates with complex shapes and various holes 2009ХХ
42370 Traina A.J.M. 3D Reconstruction of Tomographic Images Applied to Largely Spaced Slices 1997ХХ
42369 Shin D.-J., Kumar P.V. 3-Designs from the Z_4-Goethals Codes via a New Kloosterman Sum Identity 2003ХХ
42368 Weidong H., Yulong M. 3-D wavelet transform for very low bit-rate video coding 1999ХХ
42367 Chien W., Hung Q. 3-D numerical study on the bending of symmetric composite laminates 1994ХХ
42366 Liu X., Liang N. 3-D Fracture propagation simulation and production prediction in coalbed (2) 2002ХХ
42365 Guo D., Ji L. 3-D Fracture Propagation Simulation and Production Prediction in Coalbed 2001ХХ
42364 Nakamoto A., Sasanuma N. 3-Colorable Even Embeddings on Closed Surfaces 2007ХХ
42363 Indzheyan S.G. 3-Colorability of plane hypergraphs 1985ХХ
42362 Rossini M. 2D-Discontinuity Detection from Scattered Data 1998ХХ
42361 Chen L. 2D semiclassical model for high harmonic generation from gas 1999ХХ
42360 Gonzalez M.P. 2D Autocorrelation Modelling of the Inhibitory Activity of Cytokinin-derived Cyclin-dependent Kinase Inhibitors 2006ХХ
42359 Szabo L. 21-neighbour packing of equal balls in the 4-dimensional Euclidean space 1990ХХ
42358 Fosner A., Fosner M. 2-local superderivations on a superalgebra Mn(C) 2008ХХ
42357 Lack S., Paoli S. 2-nerves for bicategories 2008ХХ
42356 Arutyunov A.V., Jacimovic V. 2-Normal Processes in Controlled Dynamical Systems 2002ХХ
42355 Lovasz L. 2-Matchings and 2-covers of hypergraphs 1975ХХ
42354 Flaass D.G. 2-Local subgroups of Fischer groups 1984ХХ
42353 Alderson T.L. (6,3)-MDS Codes over an Alphabet of Size 4 2006ХХ
42352 Shi M., Yuan X., Cai M. …(3,k)-Factor-Critical Graphs and Toughness 1999ХХ
42351 Tuck A.F. Atmospheric Turbulence: A molecular dynamics Perspective 2008ХХ
42350 Lynch A.H., Cassano J. Applied Atmospheric Dynamics 2006ХХ
42349 Clemens S. The Everything Kids' Math Puzzles Book 2003ХХ
42348 Dormy E. (Ed), Soward A.M. (Ed) Mathematical Aspects of Natural Dynamos 2007ХХ
42347 Helvajian H. (Ed) Microengineering Aerospace Systems 1999ХХ
42346 Pijpers F.P. Methods in Helio- and Asteroseismology 2007ХХ
42345 Zirker J.B. Sunquakes: Probing the Interior of the Sun 2003ХХ
42344 Ciufolini I. From the Hubble Length to the Planck Length 2003ХХ
42343 Kitchin C.R. Optical Astronomical Spectroscopy 1995ХХ
42342 Lin Y. Mesoscale Dynamics 2007ХХ
42341 Nunez M. Advances in Nonlinear Dynamos 2003ХХ
42340 Exploration of the Outer Heliosphere and the Local Interstellar Medium: A Workshop Report 2004ХХ
42339 National Research Council Staff Gravitation, Cosmology and Cosmic-Ray Physics 1986ХХ
42338 ћиротина Ћ.Ѕ. ќсновы логистики 2000ХХ

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