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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40886 Adams W.S., Joy A.H. Some Spectral Characteristics of Cepheid Variables 1918ХХ
40885 Russell H.N. Some Problems of Sidereal Astronomy 1917ХХ
40884 Hardy G.H., Littlewood J.E. Some Problems of Diophantine Approximation The Series and the Distribution of the Points 1916ХХ
40883 Hardy G.H., Littlewood J.E. Some Problems of Diophantine Approximation A Remarkable Trigonometrical Series 1916ХХ
40882 Webster A.G. Some New Methods in Interior Ballistics 1920ХХ
40881 MacInnes D.A., Contieri A.W. Some Applications of the Variation of Hydrogen Overvoltage with the Pressure 1919ХХ
40880 Calisesi Y. Solar Variability and Planetary Climates 2007ХХ
40879 Twardowska I. (Ed), Allen H.E. Soil and Water Pollution Monitoring, Protection and Remediation 2006ХХ
40878 Hale G.E. Signals from the Stars 1932ХХ
40877 Planck M. Introduction to Theoretical Physics 1933ХХ
40876 Baker S.G. Simple adjustments for randomized trials with nonrandomly missing or censored outcomes arising from informative covariates 2006ХХ
40875 Signorini C. Heavy Ion Interactions Around the Coulomb Barrier: Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Legnaro 1989ХХ
40874 Hoyng P. Relativistic Astrophysics and Cosmology: A Primer 2006ХХ
40873 Sierra G., Martin-Delgado M.A. Strongly Correlated Magnetic and Superconducting Systems: Proceedings of the El Escorial Summer School 1997ХХ
40872 Shu F.H. The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy 1982 ХХХ
40871 Gelman A. Should we take measurements at an intermediate design point 2000ХХ
40870 Durand W.F. Shock or Water Ram in Pipe Lines with Imperfect Reflection at the Discharge End and Including the Effects of Friction and Non-Uniform Change of Valve Opening 1920ХХ
40869 Shlesinger M.F., Zaslavsky G.M. Levy Flights and Related Topics in Physics: Proceedings of the International Workshop Held at Nice 1995 ХХХ
40868 Shirer H.N., Wells R. Mathematical Structure of the Singularities at the Transitions Between Steady States in Hydrodynamic Systems 1983ХХ
40867 Shirer H.N. Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Modeling: A Mathematical Introduction 1987ХХ
40866 Shaw A.M. Astrochemistry: From Astronomy to Astrobiology 2006ХХ
40865 Shastry B.S. Exactly Solvable Problems in Condensed Matter and Relativistic Field Theory: Proceedings 1986ХХ
40864 White H.S. Seven Points on a Twisted Cubic Curve 1915ХХ
40862 Minini P. Sensitivity analysis of longitudinal binary data with non-monotone missing values 2004ХХ
40861 Yu B. Sensitivity analysis for trend tests application to the risk of radiation exposure 2005ХХ
40860 Siannis F. Sensitivity analysis for informative censoring in parametric survival models 2005ХХ
40859 Stouffe E.B. Semivariants of a General System of Linear Homogeneous Differential Equations 1920ХХ
40858 Chen Y.Q. Semiparametric regression analysis on longitudinal pattern of recurrent gap times 2004ХХ
40857 Lin D.Y. Semiparametric regression analysis of longitudinal data with informative drop-outs 2003ХХ
40856 Lannaccone R. Semiparametric models and inference for biomedical time series with extra-variation 2001ХХ
40855 Zheng Y. Semiparametric estimation of time-dependent ROC curves for longitudinal marker data 2004ХХ
40854 Cai T. Semi-parametric estimation of the binormal ROC curve for a continuous diagnostic test 2004ХХ
40853 Cai T. Semi-parametric ROC regression analysis with placement values 2004ХХ
40852 Jones D.F. Selective Fertilization in Pollen Mixtures 1919ХХ
40851 Seitz F. Modern Theory of Solids 1987ХХ
40850 Schweingruber F.H., Schulze E.D. Atlas of Woody Plant Stems: Evolution, Structure, and Environmental Modifications 2008ХХ
40849 Shapley H. Second Type Stars of Low Mean Density 1915ХХ
40848 Sears F.W. Optics 1949 ХХХ
40847 Carroll S.M. Lecture Notes on General Relativity 1997ХХ
40846 Zhong X., Li H. Score tests of genetic association in the presence of linkage based on the additive genetic gamma frailty model 2004ХХ
40845 Dilworth C. Scientific Progress: A Study Concerning the Nature of the Relation Between Successive Scientific Theories 2007 ХХХ
40844 Beletic J.E. Scientific Detectors for Astronomy 2005: Explorers of the Photon Odyssey 2006ХХ
40843 Shepley L.C., Ryan M. Homogeneous Relativistic Cosmologies 1975ХХ
40842 Honarpour M., Koederitz L. Relative Permeability of Petroleum Reservoirs n/aХХ
40841 Schuster A. An Introduction to the Theory of Optics 2007ХХ
40840 Roy J., Lin X. Scaled marginal models for multiple continuous outcomes 2003ХХ
40839 Meganck R.A., Saunier R.S. Dictionary and Introduction to Global Environmental Governance 2007ХХ
40838 Dobbin K., Simon R. Sample size determination in microarray experiments for class comparison and prognostic classification 2005ХХ
40837 Jung S.H. Sample size calculation for multiple testing in microarray data analysis 2005ХХ
40836 Sharp L.T. Salts, Soil-colloids, and Soils 1915ХХ

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