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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42740 Albert A.A. The Group of the Rank Equation of Any Normal Division Algebra 1928ХХ
42739 Michal A.D. The Group Manifold of Finite Continuous Point and Functional Transformation Groups 1928ХХ
42738 Woolfson M. The Formation of the Solar System: Theories Old and New 2007ХХ
42737 Hovgaard W. The Distribution of Stresses in Welded and Riveted Connections 1931ХХ
42736 Leman Th. The Distribution of Light Intensity in a Fresnel Diffraction Pattern from a Straight Edge 1929ХХ
42735 Michal A.D. The Differential Geometry of a Continuous Infinitude of Contravariant functional Vectors 1929ХХ
42734 Stromberg G. The Determination of Absolute-Magnitude Dispersion with Application to Giant M Stars 1928ХХ
42733 Schumacher H.-J. The Decomposition of Nitrogen Pentoxide at Low Pressures 1929ХХ
42732 Rice O.K. Types of Unimolecular Reactions 1929ХХ
42731 Hecht S. The Visual Acuity of the Bee and Its Relation to Illumination 1929ХХ
42730 Schilt J. The Velocities of B-Type Stars 1930ХХ
42729 Winger R.E. The Valence of Sulfur in Dithionates 1929ХХ
42728 Loeb L.B. The Effects of an Homologous Series of Amines on the Mobilities of Ions in Hydrogen Gas 1928ХХ
42727 Lewis G.N. The Thermodynamics of Gases which Show Degeneracy (Entartung) 1929ХХ
42726 Rice F.O. The Thermal Decomposition of Acetone in the Gaseous State 1929ХХ
42725 Kistiakowsky G.B. The Temperature Coefficients of some Photochemical Reactions 1929ХХ
42724 Rice O.K. The Temperature Coefficient of Radioactive Disintegration 1929ХХ
42723 Bancroft W.D. The Tautomeric Form of Malic Acid 1930ХХ
42722 Conant J.B. The Study of Absorption Spectra of Organic Compounds at Liquid Air Temperatures. 1930ХХ
42721 Pauling L. The structure of the chlorites 1930ХХ
42720 Pauling L. The Structure of Some Sodium and Calcium Aluminosilicates 1930ХХ
42719 Hovgaard W. The Stress Distribution in Welded Overlapped Joints 1930ХХ
42718 Millikan R.A., Bowen I.S. The significance of recent cosmic-ray experiments 1930ХХ
42717 Hovgaard W. The stress distribution in welds 1930ХХ
42716 Badger R.M., Urmston J.W. The separation of the two types of iodine molecule and the photochemical reaction of gaseous iodine with hexene 1930ХХ
42715 Isbell H.S. The ring structure of mannose 1930ХХ
42714 Frumkin A., Williams J.W. The relation between the electric moment and the potential difference at an interface 1929ХХ
42713 Gleason P.R. The reflecting power of some substances in the extreme ultra-violet 1929ХХ
42712 Kassel L.S. The rates of second-order gas reactions 1930ХХ
42711 Ramsperger H.C., Nordberg M.E., Tolman R.C. The rate of decomposition of nitrogen pentoxide at moderately low pressure 1929ХХ
42710 Albert A.A. The rank function of any simple algebra 1929ХХ
42709 Simon F., Vohsen E. The Raman spectrum of gypsum 1929ХХ
42708 Lewis G.N., Mayer J.E. The quantum laws and the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg 1929ХХ
42707 Chao C.Y. The problem of the ionized hydrogen molecule 1929ХХ
42706 Dryden H.L., Hill G.C. the pressure of the wind on large chimneys 1930ХХ
42705 Dawsey L.H. The photochemical dissociation og nitrogen peroxide 1930ХХ
42704 Ellis J.W. The near infra-red absorption spectrum of calcite 1930ХХ
42703 Conant J.B., Humphrey W.G. The nature of prosthetic group in limulus hemocyanin 1930ХХ
42702 Evans G.C., Haskell R.N. The mixed problem for laplaces equation in the plane discontinuous boundary values 1930ХХ
42701 Oppenheim A. The minima of indefinite quaternary quadratic forms 1929ХХ
42700 Neuman L.J. The magnetism of spark discharge 1929ХХ
42699 Van Vleck J.H., Frank A. The mean square angular momentum and diamagnetism of the normal hydrogen molecule 1929ХХ
42698 Struve O. The longitude of the galactic center as derived from the intensities of detached calcium lines 1929ХХ
42697 Scarborough J.B. The invalidity of a common used method for computing a certain probable error 1929ХХ
42696 Humanson M.L. The large radial velocity of N.G.C. 7619 1929ХХ
42695 Hildebrand J.H., Carter J.M. The influence of the ideal solution laws of the distribution of polarity within the molecule 1930ХХ
42694 Rossini F.D. The heat of formation of water 1930ХХ
42693 Kaplan J. The heat of dissociation of nitrogen 1928ХХ
42692 Loeb L.L., Loeb L.B. The existance of radioactive recoil ions of high mobility 1929ХХ
42691 Villars D.S. the equilibrium constatns of reactions involving hydroxyl 1929ХХ

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