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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42136 Lewis B. The Photochemical Decomposition of Hydrogen-Iodide; the Mode of Optical Dissociation 1927ХХ
42135 Cardwell A.B. The Photo-Electric and Thermionic Properties of Iron 1928ХХ
42134 Welch G.B. The Periodicity of Photoelectric Thresholds 1927ХХ
42133 Lewis G.N. The Path of Light Quanta in an Interference Field 1926ХХ
42132 Epstein P.S. The Molecular Weights of Proteins in Phenol 1926ХХ
42131 The Molecular Weights of Proteins in Phenol 1926ХХ
42130 Morse J.K. The Molecular Structures of Methane 1928ХХ
42129 Loeb L.B. The Mobilities of Gaseous Ions in H2S-H2 Mixtures 1927ХХ
42128 Maxwell L.R. The Mean Free Path of Electrons in Mercury Vapor 1926ХХ
42127 Kronig R.L. The Magnetic Moment of the Electron 1926ХХ
42126 Epstein P.S. The Magnetic Dipole in Undulatory Mechanics 1927ХХ
42125 Wulf O.R. The Magnetic Behavior of Ozone 1927ХХ
42124 Murdock C.C. The Location of the Electromotive Force in a Photo-Active Cell Containing a Fluorescent Electrolyte 1926ХХ
42123 Ruark A.E. The Limits of Accuracy in Physical Measurements 1928ХХ
42122 Bowen I.S. The Life of Atomic States and the Intensity of Spectral Lines 1927ХХ
42121 Pisier G. The Kadison Similarity Problem n/aХХ
42120 Lenher S. The Intensive Drying of Liquids 1928ХХ
42119 Havighurst R.J. The Intensity of Reflection of X-Rays by Lithium, Sodium and Calcium Fluorides 1926ХХ
42118 Meyer Ch.F. The Infra-Red Absorption Spectra of Acetylene (C2H4), Ethylene (C2H4) and Ethane (C2H6) 1927ХХ
42117 Ruark A.E. The Impulse Moment of the Light Quantum 1927ХХ
42116 Richter C.F. The Hydrogen Atom with a Spinning Electron in Wave Mechanics 1927ХХ
42115 Berkhoff G.D. The Hydrogen Atom and the Balmer Formula 1927ХХ
42114 Cook N. Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology 2002ХХ
42113 Burk R.E. The Heterogeneous Thermal Decomposition of Ammonia in Strong Electric Fields 1927ХХ
42112 Wulf O.R. The Heat of Dissociation of Oxygen as Estimated from Photochemical Ozonization 1928ХХ
42111 Salant E.O. The Heat Capacity of Solid Aliphatic Crystals II 1926ХХ
42110 Duane W. The General X-Radiation from Mercury Vapor 1928ХХ
42109 Houston W.V. The Fine Structure of the Helium Arc Spectrum 1927ХХ
42108 MacNair W.A. The Fine Structure of Certain Lines and Energy Levels of Cadmium 1926ХХ
42107 Wiener N. The Fifth Dimension in Relativistic Quantum Theory 1928ХХ
42106 Hall E.H. The Fermi Statistical Postulate; Examination of the Evidence in Its Favor 1928ХХ
42105 Brown E.W. The Evidence for Changes in the Rate of Rotation of the Earth and Their Geophysical Consequences 1926ХХ
42104 Lewis G.N. The Entropy of Radiation 1927ХХ
42103 Breit G. The Electromagnetic Mass and Momentum of a Spinning Electron 1926ХХ
42102 Clockler G. The Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Cyanogen Bromide 1926ХХ
42101 Schilt J. The Effect of a Rotation of the Galaxy on Proper Motions in Right Ascension and Declination 1927ХХ
42100 Rodebush W.H. The Effect of Velocity Distribution on the Deflection of Atoms in an Inhomogenous Magnetic Field 1927ХХ
42099 Rodebush W.H. The Effect of Intensive Drying on the Vapor Pressure and Vapor Density of Ammonium Chloride 1928ХХ
42098 Havighurst R.J. The Effect of Crystal Size upon the Intensity of X-Ray Reflection 1926ХХ
42097 Kassel L.S. The Distribution of Energy in Molecules 1927ХХ
42096 Barus C. The Displacement Interferometry of Barometric Pressure 1928ХХ
42095 Podolsky B. The Dispersion by Hydrogen-Like Atoms in Undulatory Mechanics 1928ХХ
42094 Watson E.C. The Direction of Ejection of X-Ray Electrons 1927ХХ
42093 Kroing R.L. The Dielectric Constant of Symmetrical Polyatomic Dipole-Gases on the New Quantum Mechanics 1926ХХ
42092 Kronig R.L. The Dielectric Constant of Diatomic Dipole-Gases on the New Quantum Mechanics 1926ХХ
42091 Epstein P.S. The Dielectric Constant of Atomic Hydrogen in Undulatory Mechanics 1927ХХ
42090 Aylesworth E.F. The Dielectric Constant of Atomic Hydrogen from the Point of View of Bohrs Quantum Theory 1927ХХ
42089 Van Vleck J.H. The Dielectric Constant and Diamagnetism of Hydrogen and Helium in the New Quantum Mechanics 1926ХХ
42088 Wang S.C. The Diamagnetic Susceptibility of Hydrogen Molecule and of Helium in the New Quantum Mechanics 1927ХХ
42087 Papish J. The Detection of Uranium by a Photoluminescence Test 1927ХХ

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