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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41636 Hanskat C.S., Tabat L.M. Code requirements for environmental engineering concrete structures ACI 350-01 and commentary n/aХХ
41635 Leader S. 1-differentials on 1-cells: a further study n/aХХ
41634 Kanz K.T. die Biologie als die Krone oder der höchste Strebepunct aller Wissenschaften 2006ХХ
41633 јйгнер ћ., ÷иглер √. ƒоказательства из  ниги 2006ХХ
41632 Alberich-Carraminana M. Preliminaries 2002ХХ
41631 Millikan R.A. New Light on Two-Electron Jumps 1925ХХ
41630 Damon J. A - equivalence and the Equivalence of Sections of Images and Discriminants n/aХХ
41629 Kokhanovsky A.A. Cloud Optics 2005ХХ
41628 Hager A.W. Alpha-cut-complete Boolean algebras 1998ХХ
41627 Miatello R.J. Zk2-Manifolds are isospectral on forms 2008ХХ
41626 Alessandrini L. 1-Convex Manifolds are p-Kahler 2002ХХ
41625 Seidel P. Pi-1 of Symplectyc Autimorphism Groups and Invertibles in Quantum Homology Rings 1997ХХ
41624 Tolsa X. BMO, H1, and Calderon-Zygmund operators for non doubling measures 2001ХХ
41623 Li X., Li Y. X-permutable subgroups and p -nilpotency of finite groups II 2005ХХ
41622 Ross P.A. X-Rays Scattered by Molybdenum 1925ХХ
41621 Compton A.H., Doan R.L. X-Ray Spectra from a Ruled Reflection Grating 1925ХХ
41620 Björkenson A. X-Ray Radiation from Hot Sparks 1925ХХ
41619 Birchby W.N. White Light Interference Fringes with a Thick Glass Plate in One Path 1924ХХ
41618 Waksman S.A. What Is Humus? 1925ХХ
41617 Pearl R. Vital Statistics of the National Academy of Sciences IV. The Present Limitation to Total Membership and Other Matters 1925ХХ
41616 Pearl R. Vital Statistics of the National Academy of Sciences III. Mortality 1925ХХ
41615 Pearl R. Vital Statistics of the National Academy of Sciences II. Elections of Young Men 1925ХХ
41614 Pearl R. Vital Statistics of the National Academy of Sciences I. Age at Election 1925ХХ
41613 Bobkov S. Vertex Isoperimetry and Concentration 1998ХХ
41612 Bruinier J.H. Vector valued modular forms for the metaplectic group 2002ХХ
41611 DuBridge L.A. Variations in the Photo-Electric Sensitivity of Platinum 1926ХХ
41610 Gallego G., Sethi S.P. K-Convexity in R^n 2005ХХ
41609 Ballester-Bolinches A. F-critical groups, F-subnormal subgroups, and the generalised Wielandt property for residuals 2006ХХ
41607 Castaing C., de Fitte P.R. Uniform Scalar Integrability and Strong Laws of Large Numbers for Pettis Integrable Functions with Values in a Separable Locally Convex Space 2000ХХ
41606 Miller G.A. Transitive Groups Involving Direct Products of Lower Degree 1924ХХ
41605 Robertson H.P. Transformations of Einstein Spaces 1925ХХ
41604 Alexander J.W. Topological Invariants of Manifolds 1924ХХ
41603 Kennelly A.E. Time Constants for Engineering Purposes in Simple Exponential Transient Phenomena 1924ХХ
41602 Bridgman P.W. Thermal Conductivity and Thermo-Electromotive Force of Single Metal Crystals 1925ХХ
41601 Zwicky F. Theory of the Specific Heat of Electrolytes 1926ХХ
41600 Murphy G.J., West T.T. The vanishing interior of the spectrum n/aХХ
41599 Leontev A.F. The representation of functions by exponential series n/aХХ
41598 Kadets M.I. The inverse problem of the best approximation of bounded, uniformly continuous functions by entire functions of exponential type and related problems n/aХХ
41597 Rudin W. The inner function problem in balls n/aХХ
41596 Bridgman P.W. The Viscosity of Liquids under Pressure 1925ХХ
41595 Heymans P., Heymans W.J. The Torsion Problem of Curved Beams 1924ХХ
41594 Bogert M.T., Nisson P.S. The Synthesis of Terephthal Green and Terephthal Brilliant Green from Cymene 1924ХХ
41593 Urey H.C. The Structure of the Hydrogen Molecule Ion 1925ХХ
41592 Lyman T., Saunders F.A. The Spectrum of Neon in the Extreme Ultra-Violet 1926ХХ
41591 Hale G.E. The Spectrohelioscope 1924ХХ
41590 Ganesh A., O'Connel N. The Single Server Queue 2004ХХ
41589 Millikan R.K., Bowen I.S. The Significance of the Discovery of X-Ray Laws in the Field of Optics 1924ХХ
41588 Kendall J., Clarke B.L. The Separation of Rare Earths by the Ionic Migration Method 1925ХХ
41587 Kendall J. The Separation of Isotopes by the Ionic Migration Method 1924ХХ
41586 Harkins W.D. The Separation of Chlorine into Isotopes (Isotopic Elements) and the Whole Number Rule for Atomic Weights 1925ХХ

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