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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42960 Gurney R.W. Angular Distribution of Intensity of Resonance Radiation 1928ХХ
42959 Vitushkin A.G. Analytic capacity and rational approximations n/aХХ
42958 Analysis of the conservation law for matter and gravitational field introduced by Einstein n/aХХ
42957 Analysis of the Stability of Astrophysical Objects and a New Mechanism for Freeing Their Energy n/aХХ
42956 Anderson J.M. Algebras contained within H n/aХХ
42955 Algebra of PD operators with constant analytic symbols n/aХХ
42954 —илбигер —. MBA за 10 дней 2002 ХХХ
42953 Betten D. 4-dimensionale Translationsebenen 1972ХХ
42952 Einleitung O. 4-dimensionale Translationsebenen mit 8-dimensionaler Kollineationsgruppe 1973ХХ
42951 Stampell-Rollier Ch. 4-dimensionale Quasikompositionsalgebren 1983ХХ
42950 Salzamann H.R. 4-dimensional compact projective planes with a 7-dimensional collineation group 1990ХХ
42949 Kim H. 4-dimensional anti-Kahler manifolds 2004ХХ
42948 Kim J. 4-dimensional anti-Kahler manifolds and Weyl curvature 2003ХХ
42947 Knarr N. 4-Dimensionale projektive Ebenen mit grosser abelscher Kollineationsgruppe 1988ХХ
42946 Einleitung O. 4-Dimensionale projektive Ebenen mit 3-dimensionaler translationsgruppe 1984ХХ
42945 Betten D. 4-Dimensionale Translationsebenen mit genau einer fixrichtung 1975ХХ
42944 Salzmann H. 4-Dimensional projective planes of Lenz type III 1961ХХ
42943 Klein H. 4-Dimensional compact projective planes with small nilradical 1995ХХ
42942 Betten D. 4-Dimensional compact projective planes with a 5-dimensional nilradical 1995ХХ
42941 Steinke G.F. 4-Dimensional Elation Laguerre Planes Admitting Non-Solvable Automorphism Groups 2001ХХ
42940 Bialostocki A. 3K2-decomposition of a graph 1982ХХ
42939 Alzati A. 3-scroll immersi in G (1,4) 1986ХХ
42938 Guo L.-T. 3-restricted connectivity of graphs with given girth 2008ХХ
42937 Thas J.A. 3-regularity in generalized quadrangles of order (s, s2) 1984ХХ
42936 Nagy P.T. 3-nets with maximal family of two-dimensional subnets 1991ХХ
42935 Leeb B. 3-manifolds with(out) metrics of nonpositive curvature 1995ХХ
42934 Kapovich M. 3-manifold Groups and Nonpositive Curvature 1998ХХ
42933 Borovik A.V. 3-local characterization of Held groups 1981ХХ
42932 Podufalov N.D. 3-characterizations of finite groups 1980ХХ
42931 Bandini A. 3-Selmer groups for curves y^2 = x^3 + a 2008ХХ
42930 Boyer Ch.P. 3-Sasakian Geometry, Nilpotent Orbits, and Exceptional Quotients 2002ХХ
42929 Rudenskaya O.G. 3-Quasiperiodic functions on graphs and hypergraphs 2000ХХ
42928 Montano B.C. 3-Partitioning Problems for Maximizing the Minimum Load 2008ХХ
42927 Chen Sh. 3-Partitioning Problems for Maximizing the Minimum Load 2002ХХ
42926 Okonek Ch. 3-Mannigfaltigkeiten im P5 und ihre zugehorigen Stabilen Garben 1962ХХ
42925 Felsner S. 3-Interval irreducible partially ordered sets 1994ХХ
42924 Gruson L., Skiti M. 3-Instantons et reseaux de quadriques 1994ХХ
42923 Edelmann G. 3-Folds in P5 of degree 12of degree 12 1994ХХ
42922 Shokurov V.V. 3-Fold log models 1996ХХ
42921 Makhnev A.A. 3-Characterizations of finite groups 1986ХХ
42920 Chi H., Di X. 3,4-dichlorotoluene ammoxidation to 3,4-dichlorobenzonitrile over VPO/SiO2 catalyst 2002ХХ
42919 Lanteri A. 2-very ampleness for adjoint bundles of ample and spanned vector bundles on surfaces 1997ХХ
42918 Sasaki H. 2-universal O-lattices over real quadratic fields 2006ХХ
42917 Czedli G. 2-uniform congruences in majority algebras and a closure operator 2007ХХ
42916 Korchmaros G. 2-transitive abstract ovals of odd order 1987ХХ
42915 Baur F. 2-summing operators and L (2)(2)-systems 1998ХХ
42914 Samiou E. 2-step nilpotent Lie groups of higher rank 2001ХХ
42913 Okamura H. 2-reducible cycles containing three consecutive edges in (2k + 1)-edge-connected graphs 1995ХХ
42912 Bryant D.E., Lindner C.C. 2-perfectm-cycle systems can be equationally defined form=3, 5, and 7 only 1996ХХ
42911 Kim B.M. 2-Universal Positive Definite Integral Quinary Diagonal Quadratic Forms 1997ХХ

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