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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42036 Allington-Smith J. 3D Instrumentation n/aХХ
42035 Morse M. Singular Points of Vector Fields under General Boundary Conditions 1928ХХ
42034 Levin B.Y. Shifts of functions of two variables n/aХХ
42033 Laporte O. Series and Ionization Potentials in the Iron Spectrum 1926ХХ
42032 Lang R.J. Series Spectra of Silver-Lake Atoms 1927ХХ
42031 Davis M.N. Secondary Electrons from Cobalt 1928ХХ
42030 Wu J. Scaling and Uncertainty Analysis in Ecology: Methods and Applications 2007ХХ
42029 Gibbs R.C., White H.E. Rubidium and Caesium-like Doublets of Stripped Atoms 1926ХХ
42028 Rogers G. My Heavens!: The Adventures of a Lonely Stargazer Building an Over-the-Top Observatory 2008ХХ
42027 John Ch.E. Revision of Rowlands Preliminary Tables of Solar Spectrum Wave-Lengths n/aХХ
42026 Ammari H., Kang H. Representation of Solutions 2004ХХ
42025 Ehrenfest P. Remarks on the Quantum Theory of Diffraction 1927ХХ
42024 Tolman R.C. Remarks on Professor Lewiss Note on the Path of Light Quanta in an Interference Field 1926ХХ
42023 Condon E. Remarks on Penetrating Radiation 1926ХХ
42022 Bell E.T. Remark on the Number of Classes of Binary Quadratic Forms of a Given Negative Determinant 1928ХХ
42021 Knaster B. Remark on a Theorem of R. L. Moore 1927ХХ
42020 Kiechle H. Relativistic Velocity Addition 2002ХХ
42019 Millikan R.A. Relations of Field-Currents to Thermionic-Currents 1927ХХ
42018 Mazya V.G. Regularity of a boundary point for elliptic equations 1928ХХ
42017 Gibbs R.C. Regularities Exhibited between Certain Multiplets for Elements in the Second Long Period 1928ХХ
42016 Davisson C.J. Reflection of Electrons by a Crystal of Nickel 1928ХХ
42015 Davisson C.J. Reflection and Refraction of Electrons by a Crystal of Nickel 1928ХХ
42014 Barus C. Reciprocating Acoustic Vibration on Opposite Sides of the Pinhole, in Long Quill Tubes 1927ХХ
42013 Glenn O.E. Recent Progress of Investigations by Symbolical Methods of the Invariants of Bi-Ternary Quantics 1927ХХ
42012 Gorbachuk E.L., Komarnitskii N.Y. Radicals and their properties n/aХХ
42011 Rainich G.Y. Radiation and Relativity II 1928ХХ
42010 Rainich G.Y. Radiation and Relativity I 1928ХХ
42009 Hibben J.H. Radiation and Collision in Gaseous Chemical Reactions 1927ХХ
42008 –екач ¬.√. –уководство к решению задач по теории упругости 1966ХХ
42007 Raine D.J. The Isotropic Universe: An Introduction to Cosmology 1981ХХ
42006 Padmanabhan T. Cosmology and Astrophysics through Problems 1996ХХ
42005 ћоргун Ќ.ѕ. Ћинейна€ алгебра. ¬опросы и ответы 2007ХХ
42004 Dartnell L. Life in the Universe: A Beginner's Guide 2007ХХ
42003 Frost E.B. Radial Velocities of 368 Helium Stars 1925ХХ
42002 Stevens J. Quotient singularities 2003ХХ
42001 Dickson L.E. Quadractic Forms Which Represent All Integers 1926ХХ
42000 Lorenz F. Quadratische Formen Ober Korpern 1970ХХ
41999 Proceedings of the Summer School in Logic Leeds 1968ХХ
41998 Proprietes Generales des Schemas en Groupes 1970ХХ
41997 Ivanescu P.L., Rudeanu S. Pseudo-Boolean Methods for Bivalent Programming 1966ХХ
41996 Proceedings of the 15th Scandinavian Congress Osio 1968 1970ХХ
41995 Cartier P. Problemes combinatoires de commutation et rearrangements 1969ХХ
41994 Bobenko A., Eitner U. Painleve Equations in the Differential Geometry of Surfaces 2001ХХ
41993 Pudritz R.E. Planetary Systems and the Origins of Life 2007ХХ
41992 Brewer A.K. Some Factors Influencing The Ignition Of Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen 1927ХХ
41991 Barus C. Pressure Phenomena of the Mucronate Anode 1927ХХ
41990 Lane E.P. Power Series Expansions in the Neighborhood of a Point on a Surface 1927ХХ
41989 Miller G.A. Postulates in the History of Science 1926ХХ
41988 Post-Newtonian integrals of the motion in the field theory of Gravitation n/aХХ
41987 Post-Newtonian approximation of the field theory of gravitation n/aХХ

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