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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41857 Kiechle H. Derivations n/aХХ
41856 Webster D.L. Direct and Indirect Characteristic X-Rays Their Ratio as a Function of Cathode-Ray Energy 1928ХХ
41855 Ammari H., Kang H. Derivation of Asymptotic Formulae n/aХХ
41854 Witmer E.E. Critical Potentials and the Heat of Dissociation of Hydrogen as Determined from Its Ultra-Violet Band Spectrum 1926ХХ
41853 Burstall F.E. Darboux transforms 2002ХХ
41852 Smyth M.R., West T.T. Decomposition of Riesz operators n/aХХ
41851 Dickinson R.G. Decomposition of Ammonia by Optically Excited Mercury Atoms 1926ХХ
41850 Silsbee F.B. Current Distribution in Supraconductors 1927ХХ
41849 Coolidge J. Criteria for the Simplification of Algebraic Plane Curves 1928ХХ
41848 Moore R.L. Concerning Paths That Do Not Separate a Given Continuous Curve 1926ХХ
41847 Conservation laws in the field theory of gravitation n/aХХ
41846 Whyburn Cyclicly Connected Continuous Curves 1927ХХ
41845 Rainich G.Y. Curved Space-Time and Radiation 1926ХХ
41844 Condon E.U. Coupling of Electronic and Nuclear Motions in Diatomic Molecules 1927ХХ
41843 Continuity of multivalued mappings. Some operations on multivalued mappings n/aХХ
41842 Douglas J. Contact Transformations of Three-Space Which Convert a System of Paths into a System of Paths 1927ХХ
41841 Conservation laws for the gravitational field and matter n/aХХ
41840 Gehman H.M. Concerning Certain Types of Non-Cut Points, with an Application to Continuous Curves 1928ХХ
41839 Moore R.L. Concerning Indecomposable Continua and Continua Which Contain No Subsets That Separate the Plane 1926ХХ
41838 Peller V.V. Bounds for operator polynomials in the schatten-eumann classes n/aХХ
41837 Buildings of type F4 n/aХХ
41836 Connection of Conservation Laws with the Geometry of Space-Time n/aХХ
41835 Eisenhart L.P. Congruences of Parallelism of a Field of Vectors 1926ХХ
41834 Thomas J.M. Conformal Invariants 1926ХХ
41833 Whyburn G.T. Concerning the Open Subsets of a Plane Continuous Curve 1927ХХ
41832 Moors R.L. Concerning Triods in the Plane and the Junction Points of Plane Continua 1927ХХ
41831 Rodebush W.H. Chemical Constants and Absolute Entropy 1927ХХ
41830 Cleveland C.M. Concerning Points of a Continuous Curve That Are Not Accessible from Each Other 1927ХХ
41829 Gehman H.M. Concerning Irreducibly Connected Sets and Irreducible Continua 1926ХХ
41828 Gehman H.M. Concerning Irreducible Continua 1928ХХ
41827 Pease R.N. Characteristic of Homogeneous, Exothermic Gas Reactions 1928ХХ
41826 Gurarii V.P. Completeness of systems of shift functions in weighted spaces n/aХХ
41825 Whyburn G.T. Concerning Certain Types of Continuous Curves 1926ХХ
41824 Wu Y. CO mapping study for massive molecular cloud cores 2001ХХ
41823 Pilgrim K.M. Canonical Decomposition Theorem 2003ХХ
41822 Gibbs R.C. Analysis of Spectra Arising from Quadruply Ionized Tin, Sn V 1928ХХ
41821 Novruzi A. C1 error estimation on the boundary for an exterior Neumann problem in 2000ХХ
41820 Bray W.C., Draper H.D. Capillary Condensation and Adsorption 1926ХХ
41819 Steven Dale Cutkosky 2002ХХ
41818 Allison S.K. An Experimental Determination of the Critical Excitation Frequency for the Production of Fluorescent X-Radiation 1925ХХ
41817 Blackburn Ch.M. An Application of the Quantum Theory of Band Spectra to the First Negative Deslandres Group of Carbon 1924ХХ
41816 Smith K.K. An Improved Method of Measuring the Specific Heats of Metals at High Temperatures 1924ХХ
41815 Miller G.A. Arithmetization in the History of Mathematics 1925ХХ
41814 Gillespie L.J. An Equation for the Haber Equilibrium 1924ХХ
41813 Breit G. An Interpretation of Diracs Theory of the Electron 1928ХХ
41812 Bennett R.D. An Attempt to Test the Quantum Theory of X-Ray Scattering 1925ХХ
41811 Amenable, locally compact groups 2002ХХ
41810 Hernandes M.E. Ae -codimension of germs of analytic curves 2007ХХ
41809 McAlister D.B. Bisimple type a -semigroups-I 1985ХХ
41808 Williams D.L. Blaschke products and ideals in CA n/aХХ

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