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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41485 Rainich G.Y. Second Note Electrodynamics in the General Relativity Theory 1924ХХ
41484 Ross P.A. Scattered X-Rays 1924ХХ
41483 S-Raume n/aХХ
41482 Barus C.B. Resonant Acoustic and Electric Oscillations Released by the Relatively Slow Spring Break 1926ХХ
41481 Bogert M.T., Corbitt H.B. Researches on Thiazoles X. The Synthesis of Some 2-Phenyl-benzothiazole Arsonic Acids 1925ХХ
41480 Bogert M.T. Researches on Selenium Organic Compounds V. A Simple Method for the Synthesis of 2-Substituted Benzoselenazoles 1925ХХ
41479 Marshall D.E. Removable sets for bounded analytic functions n/aХХ
41478 Boidol J. *-Regularity of Some Classes of Solvable Groups 1982ХХ
41477 Ramachandra A., Hsu E.-C. Hilbert-Huang Transform Analysis of Hydrological and Environmental Time Series 2008ХХ
41476 Jauncey G.E.M., Hughes A.L. Radiation and the Disintegration and Aggregation of Atoms 1926ХХ
41475 Winans J.G. Radiation Emitted by Optically Excited Zinc Vapor 1925ХХ
41474 Keyes F.G., Sears F.W. Recent Measurements of the Joule Effect for CO_2 1924ХХ
41473 Ross P.A. Ratio of Intensities of Unmodified and Modified Lines in Scattered X-Rays 1925ХХ
41472 Burstall F.E., Pedit F., Ferus D. Quaternions 2002ХХ
41471 Denk R. R-boundedness, pseudodifferential operators, and maximal regularity for some classes of partial differential operators 2007ХХ
41470 Simon A.W. Quantitative Theory of the Influence Electrostatic Generator 1924ХХ
41469 Heymans H. Q-∗-Categories 2009ХХ
41468 Kravchenko A.V. Q -Universal Quasivarieties of Graphs 2002ХХ
41467 Newton J. Profitable Organic Farming 2004 ХХХ
41466 Wall J., Jenkins C. Practical Statistics for Astronomers 2003ХХ
41465 Roy K.K. Potential Theory in Applied Geophysics 2007ХХ
41464 Huntington E.V. Postulates for Reversible Order on a Closed Line (Separation of Point-Pairs) 1925ХХ
41463 Harkins W.D. Polymolecular and Monomolecular Films 1925ХХ
41462 Poincare method of proving nonintegrability n/aХХ
41461 Barus C. Pinhole Probe Measurements of the Phase Change of the Telephonic End Plates, Acting on a Closed Cylindrical Air Column in Longitudinal Acoustic Vibration 1925ХХ
41460 de Bruin M.G., Mache D.H. (0, 2) Pal-type Interpolation: A General Method for Regularity 2005ХХ
41459 Liu X., Yue R. P-optimal robust designs for multiresponse approximately linear regression 2008ХХ
41458 Borisov D. PT -Symmetric Waveguides 2008ХХ
41457 Epstein P.S. On the Simultaneous Jumping of Two Electrons in Bohrs Model 1924ХХ
41456 Duane W. On the Reflection by a Crystal of Its Own Characteristic Radiation 1926ХХ
41455 Van Vleck J.H. On the Quantum Theory of the Polarization of Resonance Radiation in Magnetic Fields 1925ХХ
41454 Thomas T.Y. On the Projective and Equi-Projective Geometries of Paths 1925ХХ
41453 Grozier W.J. On the Possibility of Identifying Chemical Processes in Living Matter 1924ХХ
41452 Grozier W.J., Federighi H. On the Measurement of Critical Thermal Increment for Biological Processes 1924ХХ
41451 Compton A.H. On the Mechanism of X-Ray Scattering 1925ХХ
41450 Alexander J.W. On the Intersection Invariants of a Manifold 1925ХХ
41449 Thomas T.Y. On the Equi-projective Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41448 Wilson E.B. On the Boltzmann Equation 1925ХХ
41447 Merrill G.P. On a Meteoric Iron from Four Corners, San Juan County, New Mexico 1924ХХ
41446 Merril G.P. On a Stony Meteorite from Anthony, Harper County, Kansas, and a Recently Found Meteoric Iron from Mejillones, Chile 1924ХХ
41445 Moore C.N. On the Application of Borels Method to the Summation of Fouriers Series 1925ХХ
41444 Lehmer D.M. On a New Method of Factorization 1924ХХ
41443 Thomas J.M. On Various Geometries Giving a Unified Electric and Gravitational Theory 1926ХХ
41442 Allison S.K., Duane W. On Scattered Radiation Due to X-Rays from Molybdenum and Tungsten Targets 1924ХХ
41441 Hadamard J. On Quasi-Analytic Functions 1925ХХ
41440 Thomas J.L. On Normal Coordinates in the Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
41439 Oldenberg O. On Fluorescence Radiation of Nitrogen 1925ХХ
41438 Merritt E. On Contact Rectification by Metallic Germanium 1925ХХ
41437 Luyten W.J. Notes on Stellar Statistics III. On the Calculation of a Mean Absolute Magnitude from Apparent Magnitudes, Angular Proper Motions and Linear Radial Velocities 1924ХХ
41436 Luyten W.J. Notes on Stellar Statistics II The Mathematical Expression of the Law of Tangential Velocities 1924ХХ

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