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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40683 Yen K.-L. Mobilities of Ions in Vapors 1918ХХ
40682 Yen K.-L. Mobilities of Ions in Air, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen 1918ХХ
40681 Franklin E.C. Metallic Salts of Pyrrol, Indol and Carbazol 1919ХХ
40680 Abbot C.G. Means of Measuring the Speed of Projectiles in Flight 1919ХХ
40679 Trip V. The Mathematics of Three-Dimensional Manipulations and Transformations 1992ХХ
40678 Pielke R. Mesoscale Meteorological Modeling, Vol. 78 2001 ХХХ
40677  овалев я.Ќ. јктивационные технологии дорожных композиционных материалов 2002ХХ
40676 Mohapatra R.N. Massive Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics 2004 ХХХ
40675 McDonald R. Introduction to Natural and Man-made Disasters and Their Effects on Buildings 2003ХХ
40674 Young A.H. Lunar and Planetary Rovers: The Wheels of Apollo and the Quest for Mars 2006ХХ
40673 Matloff G.L., Johnson L., Bangs C. Living off the Land in Space: Green Roads to the Cosmos 2007ХХ
40672 Gutman G. (Ed), Janetos A.C. Land Change Science: Observing, Monitoring and Understanding Trajectories of Change on the Earth's Surface 2005 ХХХ
40671 Wilson R., Merry S.E. Politics of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa: Legitimizing the Post-Apartheid State 2001ХХ
40670 Nichols E.L., Wilbur D.T. Luminescence at High Temperatures 1920ХХ
40669 Page L. Is a Moving Star Retarded by the Reaction of Its Own Radiation 1918ХХ
40668 Liebman M. Ecological Management of Agricultural Weeds 2001ХХ
40667 Adams W.S. Investigations in Stellar Spectroscopy IV. Spectroscopic Evidence for the Existence of Two Classes of M Type Stars 1916ХХ
40666 Adams W.S. Investigations in Stellar Spectroscopy III. Application of a Spectroscopic Method of Determining Stellar Distances to Stars of Measured Parallax 1916ХХ
40665 Adams W.S. Investigations in Stellar Spectroscopy II. A Spectroscopic Method of Determining Stellar Parallaxes 1916ХХ
40664 Kiehl J.T. (Ed), Ramanathan V. (Ed) Frontiers of Climate Modeling 2006ХХ
40663 Adams W.S. Investigations in Stellar Spectroscopy I. A Quantitative Method of Classifying Stellar Spectra 1916ХХ
40662 Parkhurst D.E. Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Environmental Science 2006 ХХХ
40661 Wilczynski E.J. Invariants and Canonical Forms 1918ХХ
40660 Glenn O.E. Invariants Which are Functions of Parameters of the Transformation 1917ХХ
40659 Garrett P. Intro Abstract Algebra 1997ХХ
40658 Wilczynski E.J. Interpretation of the Simplest Integral Invariant of Projective Geometry 1916ХХ
40657 Barus C. Interferometer Methods Based on the Cleavage of a Diffracted Ray 1916ХХ
40656 Hall E.H. Inferences from the Hypothesis of Dual Electric Conduction; the Thomson Effect 1920ХХ
40655 Barus C. Interferential Contact Lever Experiments Relating to the Elastics of Small Bodies 1918ХХ
40654 Barus C. Interference of Pencils Which Constitute the Remote Divergences from a Slit 1918ХХ
40653 Loeb J. Influence of Ions on the Electrification and Rate of Diffusion of Water Through Membranes 1919ХХ
40652 Thomson E. Inferences Concerning Auroras 1916ХХ
40651 Richards Th.W. Improvements in Calorimetric Combustion, and the Heat of Combustion of Toluene 1916ХХ
40650 Modelling faecal coliform concentrations in streams 1995ХХ
40649 Dean T.J. The IH capacitance probe for measurement of soil water content 1994ХХ
40648 Johnson R.C. Effects of Upland Afforestation on Water Resources: The Balquhidder Experiment, 1981-1991 1993 ХХХ
40647 Gustard A., Bullock A. Low Flow Estimation in the United Kingdom 1992ХХ
40646 Perrine C.D. Hypothesis to Account for the Spectral Conditions of the Stars 1918ХХ
40645 McClendon J.F. Hydrogen Ion Concentration of the Contents of the Small Intestine 1920ХХ
40644 MacInnes A., Adler L. Hydrogen Overvoltage 1919ХХ
40643 Dodds F., Gorbachev M., Pippard T. Human and Environmental Security: An Agenda for Change 2005ХХ
40642 Christensen L., Fosbury B., Kornmesser M. Hubble: 15 Years of Discovery 2006 ХХХ
40641 Knight P., Parsons A.J. How to Do Your Essays Exams and Coursework in Geography and Relat DIS 2003ХХ
40640 Orsi J. Hazardous Metropolis: Flooding and Urban Ecology in Los Angeles 2003 ХХХ
40639 Miller G.A. Groups Generated by Two Operators, s1, s2, Which Satisfy the Conditions s1m = s2n, (s1s2)k = I, s1s2 = s2s1 1919ХХ
40638 Bridgman P.W. Further Measurements of the Effects of Pressure on Resistance 1920ХХ
40637 Barnett I.A. Functionals Invariant under One-Parameter Continuous Groups of Transformations in the Space of Continuous Functions 1920ХХ
40636 Floudas C.A. (Ed), Pardalos P.M. Encyclopedia of Optimization 2008ХХ
40635 Buildings, BN-pairs, Hecke algebras, classical groups n/aХХ
40634 Basics of Control Components n/aХХ

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