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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Cardy J. — Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics
Clarke L.J. — Surface crystallography: an introduction to low energy electron diffraction112
Elliott R.J., Gibson A.F. — An Introduction to Solid State Physics and Its Applications448
Getzlaff M. — Fundamentals of Magnetism4, 56, 315
Isihara A. — Statistical physics258, 259
Toda M., Kubo R., Saito N. — Statistical Physics I: Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Vol. 1126, 150
Guimaraes A.P. — Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids14, 60, 259
Rickayzen G. — Green's functions and condensed matter263
Kubo R. — Statistical Mechanics: An Advanced Course with Problems and Solutions309, 325, 344
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics189
Animalu A.O. — Intermediate Quantum Theory of Crystalline Solids360
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics313
Holmes R.A. — Physical Principles of Solid State Devices292
Pathria P.K. — Statistical Mechanics361
Ashcroft N.W., Mermin N.D. — Solid State Physics699
Mourachkine A. — High-Temperature Superconductivity in Cuprates: The Nonlinear Mechanism and Tunneling Measurements43, 85—86, 190, 196, 199, 225, 253
Tauxe L. — Paleomagnetic principles and practice44
Schmittmann B., Zia R.K.P. — Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (vol. 17)139
Azaroff L.V. — Introduction to Solids409—410
Domb C.M., Green M. — Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena: Series Expansion for Lattice Models, Vol. 3251, 307, 453, 455, 458
Goldsmid H.J. (ed.) — Problems in solid state physics9.21, 9.22, 9.25, 9.26, 9.27, 9.29
Greiner W., Neise L., Stöcker H. — Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics429
Richards P.I. — Manual of Mathematical Physics220
Marder M.P. — Condensed matter physics680
Callen H.B. — Thermodynamics252
Grosso G. (Ed), Parravicini G.P. (Ed) — Solid State Physics636
Mott N.F. — Metal-insulator transitions119
Greiner W., Neise L., Stocker H. — Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics429
Authier A., Lagomarsino S., Tanner B. — X-ray and neutron dynamical diffraction183
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics313
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics463, 465, 482
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