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Поиск книг, содержащих: Tetrahedral group

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2151.G
Di Francesco P., Mathieu P., Senechal D. — Conformal field theory778, 779
Yale P.B. — Geometry and Symmetry93
Gilbert W.J., Nicholson W.K. — Modern Algebra with Applications113
Newman M. — Integral Matrices179
Rotman J.J. — An Introduction to the Theory of Groups69
Artin M. — Algebra184
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. — Fundamentals of Mathematics, Volume II: Geometry281, 286
Lam T.Y. — A first course in noncommutative ring theory6, 140
Hunt B. — Geometry of Some Special Arithmetic Quotients153
Blichfeldt H.F. — Finite collineation groups: With an introduction to the theory of groups of operators and substitution groups71
Ratcliffe J.G. — Foundations of Hyperbolic Manifolds277
Schmidt O.Yu. — Abstract theory of groups46
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics151.G
Dickson L.E. — Linear Groups with an Exposition of Galois Field Theory268, 282
Cohen A.M., Cuypers H., Sterk H. — Some tapas of computer algebra223
Simon B. — Representations of Finite and Compact Groups82
Kühnel W., Hunt B. — Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds307
Coxeter H.S.M. — Regular Polytopes47
Martin J.Buerger — Elementary Crystallography6
Miller W. — Symmetry Groups and Their Applications30, 86, 89
Sternberg S. — Group Theory and Physics30
Slodowy P. — Simple Singularities and Simple Algebraic Groups73
Ford L. — Automorphic Functions129
Riley, Hobson — Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering957
W. Burnside — Theory of Groups of Finite Order295
Coxeter H. — Regular polytopes47
Silverman J. — The arithmetic of dynamical systems197
Boerner H. — Representations of Groups80
Laurens Jansen — Theory of Finite Groups. Applications in Physics48, 347
Forsyth A.R. — Theory of functions of a complex variable625
Springer T. — Invariant theory (Lecture notes in mathematics ; 585)91
Joyner D. — Adventures in group theory: Rubik's cube, Merlin's machine, and other mathematical toys156
Neusel M.D. — Invariant Theory of Finite Groups220
Kraus E.H. — Essentials of crystallography26
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