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Horine G.M. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management
Horine G.M. — Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management

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Название: Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management

Автор: Horine G.M.


You've just been handed your department's biggest project and you probably aren't sure where to even begin. Whether you have 6 months or 6 weeks to complete it, being an effective project manager can make all the difference to the end result. Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management can help you quickly become an effective and efficient project manager when time matters most. Through topics such as "building a project budget and schedule" to "managing vendors," this book will guide you through what works and what doesn't based on tried and true practices. Your learning will be focused on the skills and qualities of effective project managers, leadership styles and project trends, including information technology, outsourcing and virtual teams. Let Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management help you take your project from start to finish.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Экономика и финансы/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 336

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
15% Completion Rule      
15% Completion Rule, project control      
absorption method      
absorption method, project closure      
AC (Actual Costs)      
AC, EVM (Earned Value Management)      
accents, listening skills      
accents, listening skills, cross-cultural projects      
accents, listening skills, cross-cultural projects, difference management      
acceptance criteria      
acceptance criteria, buyer tips and techniques      
acceptance criteria, buyer tips and techniques, vendor management      
acceptance criteria, contract components      
acceptance criteria, critical success factors      
acceptance criteria, project planning      
acceptance criteria, quality management practices      
acceptance criteria, shifts in unplanned scope change causes      
acceptance criteria, vendor management      
acceptance risk response, risk management      
acceptance signoffs, change prevention actions      
acceptance, project definition checklist      
acceptance, project management process groups      
acceptance, project schedule goals      2nd
acceptance, project success tips      2nd
access control, managing deliverables      
accomplishments, acknowledging, project closure      
accomplishments, performance reporting      
accountability, increased, recovery activities      
accountability, lack of project closure challenges      
accounts, closing, project closure      
accuracy, work estimation      2nd
action, project control principles      2nd
active listening, skill sets      
active listenting, skill sets      
Actual Costs (AC), EVM (Earned Value Management)      
administrative process principles, issue management systems      2nd
agendas, meeting practices      
agile development, quality managment      
agreeance, change control challenges      
agreement, lack of understanding, project manager misktakes      
agreement, project success tips      
agreements, critical success factors      
alertness, change control      
aligment, project success tips      
alignment, issue management systems      
alignment, lack of, troubled projects, troubled projects;learning from;learning;from troubled projects      
alignment, leadership roles      
alternative approaches, project definition      
analogous estimating, work estimation      
analysis, project manager roles      
appreciation and graditude, communications management      2nd
appreciation and graditude, interpersonal skills, communications management      
approach, project definition checklist      
approval page (document sections), managing deliverages      
approval processes, managing deliverables      
approvals, change control challenges      
approvals, change control principles      
approvals, change request forms      
approvals, managing deliverable      
approvals, protection management      
approvals, work estimation practices      
archived files, leveraging, managing deliverables      2nd
assessment, risk management      
assigned to data points, logging systems, issue management      
assignment, communication, difference management      
assignments, expectation management      
assumptions, budget development      
assumptions, difference management, cross-functional projects      
assumptions, execution management      
assumptions, expectation management      2nd
assumptions, project definition elements      
assumptions, risk related terms      
assumptions, risk sources, risk management      
assumptions, risk sources, self-inflicted risks      
assumptions, tracking, change prevention actions      
attention, communications management      
audio conferencing, communications management      
auditors, project control      
audits, configuration management plans, managing deliverables      
audits, project control      
audits, quality management principles      2nd
audits, risk control strategies      
authority, project and operation comparisons      
authorization identification, contract components      
averages, work estimation      
avoidance risk response, risk management      
awareness campaigns, communications management      
BAC (Budget at Completion), EVM (Earned Value Management)      
backup plans, team performance principles      
backup procedures, project deliverables      
balance, expectation management      
bar charts, performance reporting      
bar charts, project schedule presnetations      
baseline management, scheduling software benefits      
baselines, change control benefits      
baselines, kickoff meetings      
baselines, managing deliverables      2nd
baselines, performance reporting      
baselines, project control      2nd
baselines, project control challenges      
baselines, resetting, change control      
baselines, resetting, recovery activities      
baselines, resetting, variance responses, project control      
baselines, reviews      
beliefs and values, communication challenges      
best practices, work estimation      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Bill of materials (BOM)      
bottom-up estimating, work estimation      
breach of contract, contract termination      
Budget at Completion (BAC), EVM (Earned Value Management)      
budget development, assumptions, documenting      
budget development, buffers      
budget development, cash flow management tool      
budget development, challenges of      2nd 3rd
budget development, comprehension principle      
budget development, cost estimate models      
budget development, costs of change      
budget development, disposal costs      
budget development, earned value management      
budget development, equipment sources      
budget development, expectation measurements      
budget development, expenses versus capital      
budget development, finalization      2nd 3rd
budget development, initial development      2nd 3rd
budget development, investment justification      
budget development, iterative process principle      
budget development, labor costs sources      
budget development, licensing and fees      
budget development, lifecycle principle      
budget development, materials      
budget development, operational costs      
budget development, overhead costs      
budget development, performance measurement importance      
budget development, reasons for      2nd 3rd
budget development, spreadsheet approach      2nd 3rd
budget development, time-phased principle      
budget development, training sources      
budget development, traval sources      
budget development, validation importance      
budget estimation, work estimation accuracy      
budgets      [See also costs]
budgets, change control principles      
budgets, execution management      
budgets, lack of, troubled projects      
budgets, project planning      
budgets, project success tips, completed within      
budgets, risk sources, self-inflicted risks      
budgets, schedules      2nd 3rd 4th
buffers, budget development importance      
build/release process, managing deliverables      
bullet points, status reporting      
business drivers, unplanned scope change causes      
business management skills, skill sets      
business risk sources, risk management      
buy-in, change control challenges      
buy-in, lack of understanding, project manager misktakes      
buy-in, lack of, troubled projecrs      
buy-ins, change control      
buy-ins, difference management principles      
buy-ins, expectation management      
buy-ins, issue management systems      
buy-ins, risk management      
buy-ins, vendor management      
buyer tips and techniques      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, acceptance criteria      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, certifications      2nd
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, cost and time estimates, validating      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, incentives      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, new vendors, trying out      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, partnerships      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, quality assurance      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, quality enhancements      2nd
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, resource and process dependencies      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, risk reduction      2nd 3rd
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, vendor teams, integrating      
buyer tips and techniques, vendor management, WBS (work breakdown structure)      2nd
calculatios, scheduling software benefits      
calendar alignment      
calendar alignment, realistic project schedules      2nd
calm natured approach      
calm natured approach, leadership styles      
calm natured techniques      
calm natured techniques, success tips      
cancelation, variance responses, project control      
cancellations, project closure      
capital, expenses versus, budget development      
career goals, marketability experiences, team performance principles      
career paths, project management as personal value points      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
cash flow, budget development importance      
category data points, logging systems, issue management      
CCB (Change Control Board)      
celebrations, project closure      
central contact, leadership roles      
central contacts, communications management      
central control contacts, logging systems, issue management      
central repository, configuration management plans, managing deliverables      
central repository, managing deliverables      
certifications, vendor management      2nd
chain of command, communication, difference management      
challenges, budget development      2nd 3rd
change control      
Change Control Board (CCB)      
change control, alertness      
change control, baselines, resetting      
change control, buy-ins      
change control, challenges      2nd 3rd 4th
change control, Change Control Board      2nd
change control, change control systems, benefits      2nd
change control, change prevention actions, acceptance signoffs      
change control, change prevention actions, assumptions and constraints, tracking      
change control, change prevention actions, clear project objectives      
change control, change prevention actions, post-implementation      
change control, change prevention actions, right project approach      2nd
change control, change prevention actions, solid requirements definition      
change control, change prevention actions, traceability      
change control, change prevention actions, WBS (work breakdown structure)      
change control, change request forms      2nd 3rd
change control, change types      2nd 3rd
change control, changes, planning for      
change control, configuration and organizational management comparisons      2nd 3rd
change control, contract components      
change control, contraqct alignment      
change control, defined      2nd 3rd
change control, expectation management      2nd
change control, identification numbers      
change control, lack of understanding, project manager misktaks      
change control, lack of, troubled projects      2nd
change control, leadership needs      
change control, managing deliverables      2nd
change control, multiple process paths      
change control, over-communication      
change control, overview      2nd 3rd
change control, principles      
change control, proactive project management      
change control, project control      2nd
change control, project control challenges      
change control, project definition      
change control, project planning      2nd
change control, project planning consideratins      
change control, project success tools      
change control, scope changes, minimizing      2nd
change control, scope creep      
change control, spreadsheets      
change control, stakeholders, educating      
change control, tracking logs      
change control, unplanned scope change causes      2nd 3rd 4th
change control, vendor management      
change impact risk sources, risk management      
change impact, communications planning      
change information, change request forms      
change management, project management trends      
change request forms, change control      2nd 3rd
change requests logs, communications management      
change requests, performance reporting      
charters, project success tools      
charts, bar, performance reporting      
charts, Gantt, project schedule presentations      
charts, milestones, project success tools      
charts, organization, project success tools      
charts, PERT, work estimation      
charts, project schedule presentations      
checklists, project definition, acceptance checklist      
checklists, project definition, approarch checklist      
checklists, project definition, documentation checklist      
checklists, project definition, general checklist      2nd
checklists, project definition, risk checklist      
checklists, project definition, scope checklist      2nd
checklists, project definition, stakeholder checklist      2nd
checklists, project defintion      
checklists, project planning      2nd 3rd
checklists, quality management principles      
checklists, quality management tools      
checkpoints, expectation management      
checkpoints, project control      
clarification (WBS)      2nd
clarification, communications management      
clarity traits, team performance      
clarity, communication, recovery activities      
clarity, kickoff meetings      
clear (five Cs of communication)      
clear and concise project process, issue management systems      
clear project objectives, change prevention actions      
client acceptance, project closure      
client interaction prepration, team performance principles      
client organization, vendor management      2nd
closing projects      [See ending projects]
closing, project management process groups      
closure, meeting practices      
CM indicator, deliverable tracker recommendations      
coaching techniques, project manager roles      2nd 3rd
coaching, leadership roles      
coding schemes, WBS guidelines      
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