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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
119749 Bobylev A.V., Victory H.D. Additive Invariant Functionals for Dynamical Systems 1998ХХ
119779 Mandell A.J., Selz K.A., Shlesinger M.F. Transformational Homologies in Amino Acid Sequences Suggest Memberships in Protein Families 1998ХХ
119785 Bao J., Abe Y., Zhuo Y. An Integral Algorithm for Numerical Integration of One-Dimensional Additive Colored Noise Problems 1998ХХ
119816 Holovatch Y., Yavors'kii T. Critical Exponents of the Diluted Ising Model between Dimensions 2 and 4 1998ХХ
119868 Baxter R.J. Functional Relations for the Order Parameters of the Chiral Potts Model 1998ХХ
119871 Ridgway D., Levine H., Kessler D.A. Evolution on a Smooth Landscape: The Role of Bias 1998ХХ
119900 Klopp F. Band Edge Behavior of the Integrated Density of States of Random Jacobi Matrices in Dimension 1 1998ХХ
120038 –ахмангулов ј.Ќ. ћатематические методы в организации и управлении перевозками. 1998ХХ
120057 Bonvin J.C., Martin Ph.A., Piasecki J. Statistics of Mass Aggregation in a Self-Gravitating One-Dimensional Gas 1998ХХ
120150 Constantin P. Absence of Proper Nondegenerate Generalized Self-Similar Singularities 1998ХХ
120193 Zhdanov V.P., Kasemo B. Surface Restructuring, Thermal Desorption, Kinetic Bistability, and Chemical Waves 1998ХХ
120204 Bobylev A.V., Cercignani C. Discrete Velocity Models for Mixtures 1998ХХ
120267 Benfatto G., Gentile G., Mastropietro V. Peierls Instability for the Holstein Model with Rational Density 1998ХХ
120312 Constantin P. Scaling Exponents for Active Scalars 1998ХХ
120354 Wreszinski W.F., Casmeridis S. Models of Two-Level Atoms in Quasiperiodic External Fields 1998ХХ
120396 Arndt P.F., Heinzel T., Rittenberg V. First-Order Phase Transitions in One-Dimensional Steady States 1998ХХ
120412 Grossmann S., Lohse D., Reeh A. Scaling of the Irreducible SO(3)-Invariants of Velocity Correlations in Turbulence 1998ХХ
120430 Bouchut F. Construction of BGK Models with a Family of Kinetic Entropies for a Given System of Conservation Laws 1998ХХ
120466 Schulz-BaIdes H., Bellissard J. A Kinetic Theory for Quantum Transport in Aperiodic Media 1998ХХ
120522 Peter F. Arndt, Thomas Heinzel Metastability and Spinodal Points for a Random Walker on a Triangle 1998ХХ
120550 Kyungsun Na Electron Conductance and Lifetimes in a Ballistic Electron Waveguide 1998ХХ
120551 Hari M. Koduvel A Model of Subdiffusive Interface Dynamics with a Local Conservation of Minimum Height 1998ХХ
120556 Simple Random Walks on Tori 1998ХХ
120568 Kay Jorg Wiese On the Perturbation Expansion of the KPZ Equation 1998ХХ
120591 Janssen H. K., Schmittmann B. Biased Diffusion with Correlated Noise 1998ХХ
120745 √рэхем –.,  нут ƒ., ѕаташник ќ.  онкретна€ математика. ќснование информатики 1998ХХ
120910 ≈горова ≈.Ќ. English for Students of Mathematics and Mechanics (Part one). ”чебное пособие 1998ХХ
120924 Sokal A.D., Thomas L.E. Absence of Mass Gap for a Class of Stochastic Contour Models 1998ХХ
120969 Baker T., Chayes L. On the Unicity of Discontinuous Transitions in the Two-Dimensional Potts and Ashkin-Teller Models 1998ХХ
121021 Asselah A., Giacomin G. Metastability for the Exclusion Process with Mean-Field Interaction 1998ХХ
121037 Rotstein H., Novick-Cohen A. Gelation and Cluster Growth with Cluster-Wall Interactions 1998ХХ
121043 Nawa H. Two Points Blow-up in Solutions of the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with Quartic Potential on R 1998ХХ
121054 Karttunen M., Provatas N., Ala-Nissila T. Nucleation, Growth, and Scaling in Slow Combustion 1998ХХ
121068 Bovier A. The Kac Version of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model at High Temperatures 1998ХХ
121084 Podgornik R. Book Review: The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation 1998ХХ
121106 Stavans J. Axial Segregation of Powders in a Horizontal Rotating Tube 1998ХХ
121109 Izus G.G., Rueda J.R., Borz C.H. Boundary Effects on the Structural Stability of Stationary Patterns in a Bistable Reaction-Diffusion System 1998ХХ
121144 Dash J. G., Hodgkin V. A. Dynamics of Faceted Grain Boundary Grooves 1998ХХ
121152 David Ruelle Smooth Dynamics and New Theoretical Ideas in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 1998ХХ
121183 Benisti D., Escande D. F. Finite Range of Large Perturbations in Hamiltonian Dynamics 1998ХХ
121185 Paul H. E. Meijer Influence of the Chain Length of Long Molecules on the Equation of State in Binary Gas-Liquid Mixtures 1998ХХ
121200 Choi H.S., Talbot J. Coverage and Structure of Films of Spherical Particles Deposited after Diffusing in a Gravitational Field 1998ХХ
121208 Wheeler A. A. Cahn-Hoffman xsi-Vector and Its Relation to Diffuse Interface Models of Phase Transitions 1998ХХ
121213 Butta P., Picco P. Large-Deviation Principle for One-Dimensional Vector Spin Models with Kac Potentials 1998ХХ
121295 Abdallah N. A Hybrid Kinetic-Quantum Model for Stationary Electron Transport 1998ХХ
121297 De Bievre S., Forni G. Transport Properties of Kicked and Quasiperiodic Hamiltonians 1998ХХ
121300 Kawasak K. Microscopic Analyses of the Dynamical Density Functional Equation of Dense Fluids 1998ХХ
121356 Aizenman M., Contucci P. On the Stability of the Quenched State in Mean-Field Spin-Glass Models 1998ХХ
121371 Dettmann C.P. Trace Formulas for Stochastic Evolution Operators: Weak Noise Perturbation Theory 1998ХХ
121380 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ

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