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Glassner A.S. Ч Graphics gems (Vol. 1)
Glassner A.S. Ч Graphics gems (Vol. 1)

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Ќазвание: Graphics gems (Vol. 1)

јвтор: Glassner A.S.


"The GRAPHICS GEMS Series" was started in 1990 by Andrew Glassner. The vision and purpose of the Series was - and still is - to provide tips, techniques, and algorithms for graphics programmers. All of the gems are written by programmers who work in the field and are motivated by a common desire to share interesting ideas and tools with their colleagues. Each volume provides a new set of innovative solutions to a variety of programming problems.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/¬ычислительна€ геометри€/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 652

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
1-to-1 pixel transforms      196Ч209
1-to-1 pixel transforms, color-map manipulation      270Ч274
1-to-1 pixel transforms, contrast enhancement transform      197Ч198 201Ч202 270Ч271 274
1-to-1 pixel transforms, gamma correction function      199 203Ч206 270 273
1-to-1 pixel transforms, null transform      196Ч197
1-to-1 pixel transforms, photo-inversion transform      196 198 270Ч271
1-to-1 pixel transforms, quantization transform      196Ч197 199 270 272
1-to-1 pixel transforms, sawtooth transform function      203 207Ч209
A-buffer      76
Active edge list      92Ч93
Addresses, precalculating      285Ч286
Adjoint matrices      538
Affine modeling transformations, normal vectors      539Ч542
Albers equal-area conic map projection      321Ч325
Alpha blending      210Ч211
Alpha buffer      218
Alpha compositing operators      211
Altitudes, triangles, intersection      22
Angles, encoding, bit patterns      442
Angles, sum and difference relations      16
Animation, double-framed order      265Ч266
Animation, recording      265Ч269
Anti-aliased lines, rendering      105Ч106
Anti-aliasing      37 see
Anti-aliasing filters      143
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks      147Ч165
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, box filter      149
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, choices of filters      148
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, comparative frequency responses      161
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, comparison of filters      151Ч152
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, continuous, sampled, and discrete signals      147
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, decimation with Lanczos2 sine function      160Ч161
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, Gaussian $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ filter frequency response      164
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, Gaussian 1/2 filter frequency response      163
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, Gaussian filter      150Ч153
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, half-phase filter frequency response      162Ч163
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, interpolation and decimation      147Ч148
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, interpolation by factor of two with Lanczos2 sinc function      158Ч159
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, interpolation with Gaussian $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ filter      154Ч156
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, interpolation with Gaussian 1/2 filter      152Ч154 156
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, Lanczos-windowed sinc functions      156Ч158
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, Lanczos2 sinc functions frequency response      164Ч165
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, sinc function      156Ч157
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, tent filter      149Ч150
Anti-aliasing filters, common resampling tasks, zero-phase filter frequency response      162
Anti-aliasing filters, cone plus cosine      145Ч146
Anti-aliasing filters, Gaussian filter      144Ч145
Anti-aliasing filters, minimizing bumpy sampling      144Ч146
Anti-aliasing, advanced, algorithm      194Ч195
Anti-aliasing, pixel      73
Anti-aliasing, polygon scan conversion      76Ч83
Area of intersection, circle and half-plane      38Ч39
Area of intersection, circle and thick line      40Ч42
Area of intersection, two circles      43Ч46
Area, triangles      20
Axes, transforming      456Ч459
Axis-aligned bounding boxes, transformation      548Ч550
Axis-amount representation, conversion with matrix      466Ч467
Azimuthal equal-area projection      317
Azimuthal equidistant projection      316Ч317
Azimuthal projections      314Ч317
Backface culling      346Ч347 544Ч545
Banding      263
Bernstein basis functions, integration      604Ч606
Bernstein polynomials      613Ч614
Bernstein Ч Bezier, equation conversion to      409Ч411
Beveling      107Ч113
Bezier curve-based root-finder      408Ч415
Bezier curve-based root-finder, bounding box      413Ч414
Bezier curve-based root-finder, conversion to Bernstein Ч Bezier form      409Ч411
Bezier curve-based root-finder, finding roots      411Ч415
Bezier curve-based root-finder, root-finding algorithm      412Ч413
Bezier curves      613Ч616 see
Bezier curves in terms of Bernstein polynomials      613Ч614
Bezier curves, de Casteljau Evaluation Algorithm      587Ч589
Bezier curves, differentiation      589Ч590
Bezier curves, fitting to digitized curve      616Ч624
Bezier curves, monomial evaluation algorithm      590Ч591
Bezier curves, notation      587
Bezier curves, properties      587Ч593
Bezier form from monomial form      591Ч592
Bezier form to monomial form      592Ч593
Bezier form, conversion      609Ч611
Binary order, animation recording      266Ч269
Bisection, Sturm sequences      420Ч421
BitBlt, generalized, algorithm      193Ч194
Bits, conversion with digits      435
Bits, interleaving, quad-and octrees      443Ч447
Bits, patterns, encoding angles      442
Bounding box, axis-aligned, transformation      548Ч550
Bounding box, fifth-degree polynomial      413Ч414
Bounding sphere      301Ч303
box      326
Box filter      149 180
Box, intersection with ray, fast      395Ч396
Box-sphere intersection testing      335Ч339
Branching      558Ч561
BresenhamТs algorithm      101
BresenhamТs algorithm, spheres-to-voxels conversion      327Ч329
BresenhamТs Line Algorithm      105Ч106
Bumpy sampling, anti-aliasing filters that minimize      144Ч146
Canonical fill algorithm      279
CardanoТs Formula      405
Cartesian color cubes      254Ч255
Cartesian products, color pixels      254Ч256
Cartesian products, color pixels, extensions      256
Cartesian triple, factoring into      255Ч256
Cartography      see Digital cartography
Cell occupancy, for different grid sizes      262
Center of gravity, triangles      20Ч21
Central projection      315
Change matrix, interation      468Ч469
Channel, frame buffer      217Ч218
Chord-length parameterization      617 621
Circle, 2D      4Ч5
Circle, area of intersection, two circles      43Ч46
Circle, area of intersection, with half-plane      38Ч39
Circle, area of intersection, with thick line      40Ч42
Circle, BresenhamТs algorithm      327Ч329
Circle, drawing, shear algorithm      192Ч193
Circle, integral radius, on integral lattices      57Ч60
Circle, intersection, with line, 2D      5Ч6
Circle, intersection, with rectangle, fast checking      51Ч53
Circle, tangent line, 2D      5
Circle, tangent line, perpendicular to line      8Ч9
Circle, tangent line, to two circles, 2D      7Ч8
Circumcenter, triangles      20Ч23
Circumradius, triangles      20Ч23
Class numbers      115Ч116
Clipping, 2D      see Two-dimensional clipping
Clipping, generic convex polygons      84Ч86
Closed loops, cubic spline interpolation formulas      580Ч582
Color cube      233Ч234 254Ч255
Color map      216Ч218
Color map, manipulation, 1-to-l pixel transforms      270Ч274
Color pixels, Cartesian products      254Ч256
Color quantization      see Octree quantization
Color solid, four-bit      235Ч236
Color table, filling      290Ч291
Complexity analysis, RGB triples      244
Computational cost, jitter generation      67Ч68
Concave polygon scan conversion      87Ч91
Cone plus cosine      145Ч146
Cone-ellipsoid intersection      321Ч322
Constants, full precision      434
Continuity conditions, cubic Bezier curves      615Ч616
Continuous image      246
Continuous signals      147
Contour data, defining surfaces from      558Ч561
Contours, defining      554
Contours, swept      562Ч564
Contrast enhancement transform      197Ч198 201Ч202 270Ч271 274
Convex decompositions, polygons      97
Coordinate frames      522Ч532
Coordinate frames, matrix representation      524
Coordinate frames, problem solving examples      527Ч532
Coordinate frames, vectors and points      522Ч523 526
Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer      see CORDIC
Coordinates, homogeneous and nonhomogeneous      523
CORDIC, vector rotation      494Ч497
Corner value      553Ч554
Cosine in exponentials      15
Cosine, angles between lines      2D 11
CramerТs Rule      538
Cross product, matrix      473
Cross-section, positioning and orienting      570
Cubic Bezier curves      579 614
Cubic Bezier curves, continuity conditions      615Ч616
Cubic Bezier curves, forward differencing      600Ч601 603
Cubic curves, planar      575Ч578
Cubic roots      404Ч407
Cubic spline interpolation formulas      579Ч584
Cubic spline interpolation formulas, closed loops      580Ч582
Cubic spline interpolation formulas, open curves      582Ч583
Cuboctahedron      237
Culling, backface      346Ч347 544Ч545
Curvature vector      568
Curves, fitting      see Digitized curve fitting
Curves, open, cubic spline interpolation formulas      582Ч583
Cylinder with changing cross-sections      570Ч571
Cylinder, generalized, reference frames      567
Cylindrical equal area      318Ч319
Cylindrical equirectangluar map      310
Cylindrical maps      310Ч311
Data value      30
Databases, direct charting      309Ч310
DDA algorithm      595
de Casteljau Evaluation Algorithm      587Ч589 604Ч605
Decimation      148
Decimation, by two, frequency response, half-phase filters      162Ч163
Decimation, by two, frequency response, Lanczos2 sine functions      164Ч165
Decimation, by two, frequency response, zero-phase filters      162
Decimation, Gaussian $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ filter, frequency response      164
Decimation, Gaussian 1/2 filter, frequency response      163
Decimation, Lanczos2 sine functions, frequency response      164Ч165
Decimation, Lanczos2 sine functions, frequency response by factor of four      161
Decimation, Lanczos2 sine functions, frequency response by factor of three      160
Decimation, Lanczos2 sine functions, frequency response by factor of two      158Ч159
Del operator      594Ч595 598
DeMoivreТs Theorem      15
Depth buffer      218
Depth cuing      365
Differentiation algorithm, Bezier curves      589Ч590
Digital cartography      307Ч320
Digital cartography, azimuthal projections      314Ч317
Digital cartography, cylindrical equal area      318Ч319
Digital cartography, cylindrical equirectangluar map      310
Digital cartography, cylindrical maps      310Ч311
Digital cartography, direct charting of databases      309Ч310
Digital cartography, first principles      308Ч309
Digital cartography, general projections      318
Digital cartography, Mercator projection      311Ч313
Digital cartography, orthographic projection      309 316
Digital cartography, practical application      319Ч320
Digital cartography, projection properties      307Ч308
Digital cartography, Sanson Ч Flamsteed sinusoidal projection      312Ч314
Digital cartography, spherical coordinate transformation      317Ч318
Digital dissolve effect      221Ч232
Digital dissolve effect, case study      229Ч231
Digital dissolve effect, faster mapping      227Ч228
Digital dissolve effect, first attempt      223Ч224
Digital dissolve effect, further research      231Ч232
Digital dissolve effect, optimizations      230Ч231
Digital dissolve effect, randomly traversing 2D array      221Ч222
Digital dissolve effect, scrambling integers      222Ч223
Digital line drawing      99Ч100
Digitized curve fitting, automatic, algorithm      612Ч626
Digitized curve fitting, automatic, algorithm, chord-length parameterization      617 621
Digitized curve fitting, automatic, algorithm, implementation notes      624Ч625
Digitized curve fitting, automatic, algorithm, Newton Ч Raphson iteration      621Ч623
Digitized curve fitting, automatic, algorithm, scalar curves      616
Digits, conversion with bits      435
Direction ratios      456Ч457
Discrete image      246
Discrete signals      147
Discriminator      101
Dissolve algorithm      225Ч227
Distance measures, approximate vector length      429
Distance measures, equations of unit distance      428
Distance measures, fast approximation to 3D Euclidian distance      432Ч433
Distance measures, fast approximation to hypotenuse      427
Distance measures, full-precision constants      434
Distance measures, high speed, low precision square root      424Ч426
Distance variable      105
Distance, approximate      423
Dithering matrix      177
Dithering, ordered      176Ч178
Dot products, direct algorithm      351Ч352 359
Dot products, directing vectors      348
Dot products, for shading      348Ч360
Dot products, new algorithm      351Ч352 359Ч360
Dot products, reflection of light      349Ч352
Dot products, refraction      353Ч354
Dot products, SnellТs law      353Ч354
Double speed BresenhamТs      101Ч102
Double-angle relations      17
Double-framed order      265Ч266
Dual solids      236Ч237
Dymaxion gnomonic projection      316
Ellipsoid, box-sphere intersection testing, generalizing      338Ч339
Ellipsoid, intersection with cone      321Ч322
Embedding plane, intersection with ray      390Ч391
Enlargement, monochrome images, smoothing      166Ч170
Euclidian distance, 3D, fast approximation      432Ч433
Factorial polynomials      595Ч596
Fast fill algorithm, precalculating addresses      285Ч286
Fast lines, HobbyТs polygonal pens      114Ч117
Fast lines, rendering on raster grid      114Ч120
Fast lines, software implementation      117Ч120
Fat lines, rendering on raster grid      114Ч120
Fermat primes      18
Fill algorithms      278Ч284
Fill algorithms, canonical      279
Fill algorithms, optimal      281Ч282
Fill algorithms, processing shadows      280Ч281
Filter windows      194Ч195
First fundamental matrix      543Ч544
FixedЧpoint trigonometry, CORDIC      494Ч497
Fog, simulating      364Ч365
Font rendering, three-pass algorithm      193
Forms, differences with vectors      533Ч535
Forms, triangular interpolants      535Ч538
Forward differencing      594Ч603
Forward differencing, Bezier cubics implementation      603
Forward differencing, DDA algorithm      595
Forward differencing, Del operator      594Ч595 598
Forward differencing, factorial polynomials      595Ч596
Forward differencing, locally circular assumption      599Ч600
Forward differencing, NewtonТs formula      596Ч598
Forward differencing, step size determination      599Ч601
Forward differencing, subdividing      601Ч603
Frame buffer      215Ч216
Frame buffer, associated color map      217
Frame buffer, fill algorithms      278Ч284
Frame buffer, plane      217Ч218
Frenet frame      567Ч568
Full-precision constants      434
Gamma correction function      199 203Ч206 270 273
Gaussian $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ filter, frequency response      164
Gaussian $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}$ filter, interpolation      154Ч156
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