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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122615 Miekisz J. An Ultimate Frustration in Classical Lattice-Gas Models 1998ХХ
122616 Jancovici B. Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems on a Surface of Constant Negative Curvature 1998ХХ
122622 Chayes L., Machta J. Graphical Representations for Ising Systems in External Fields 1998ХХ
122661 Velazquez J.J.L. The Becker-Doring Equations and the Lifshitz-SIyozov Theory of Coarsening 1998ХХ
122663 Keisling J. Convergence Speed for Simple Symmetric Exclusion: An Explicit Calculation 1998ХХ
122679 Ginoza M., Yasutomi M. An Extension of the Analytical Solution of the Ornstein-Zernike Equation with the Yukawa Closure 1998ХХ
122725 Garcia A., Sonnino G., Mansour M. Long-Ranged Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluids 1998ХХ
122775 Benzi R., Toschi F., Tripiccione R. On the Heat Transfer in Rayleigh-Benard Systems 1998ХХ
122793 Hinrichsen H., Domany E., Stauffer D. Damage Spreading in a 2D Ising Model with Swendsen-Wang Dynamics 1998ХХ
122812 Bleher P.M., Ruiz J., Zagrebnov V.A. On the Phase Diagram of the Random Field Ising Model on the Bethe Lattice 1998ХХ
122827 Wagner H., Baake E., Gerisch T. Ising Quantum Chain and Sequence Evolution 1998ХХ
122881 Michael Widom, Jose A . Miranda Viscous Fingering Patterns in Ferrofluids 1998ХХ
122883 Chandre C., Jauslin H. R. An Approximate KAM-Renormalization-Group Scheme for Hamiltonian Systems 1998ХХ
122923 Wim Schoenmaker, Wim Magnus Non-Abelian Random Polygons: A New Model in Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
122948 Dillmann O., Janke W., Binder K. Finite-Size Scaling in the p-State Mean-Field Potts Glass: A Monte Carlo Investigation 1998ХХ
123045 Futur e Contribution s t o Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
123046 Bicout D . J ., Attil a Szabo On the Wang-Uhlenbeck Problem in Discrete Velocity Space 1998ХХ
123199 Bernoff A.J., Bertozzi A.L., Witelski T.P. Axisymmetric Surface Diffusion: Dynamics and Stability of Self-Similar Pinchoff 1998ХХ
123213 Nagahata Y. The Gradient Condition for One-Dimensional Symmetric Exclusion Processes 1998ХХ
123311 Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Youngki Lee, Sergey V. Buldyrev Scaling of the Distribution of Shortest Paths in Percolation 1998ХХ
123320 Micro , Macro , Meta 1998ХХ
123340 Prange R.E. Quasiclassical Wavefunctions 1998ХХ
123415 Janosi I.M., Vattay G., Harnos A. Turbulent Helium Gas Cell as a New Paradigm of Daily Meteorological Fluctuations? 1998ХХ
123432 Kulske C. Metastates in Disordered Mean-Field Models II: The Superstates 1998ХХ
123445 Magnasco M.O., Stolovitzky G. Feynman's Ratchet and Pawl 1998ХХ
123479 Aernout C. D. van Enter, Seny a B . Shlosman (Almost ) Gibbsian Description of the Sign Fields of SOS Fields 1998ХХ
123491 Priscilla E. Greenwood, Jiaming Sun On Criticality for Competing Influences of Boundary and External Field in the Ising Model 1998ХХ
123529 D . Benedetto, E . Caglioti, M . Pulvirenti A Non-Maxwellian Steady Distribution for One-Dimensional Granular Media 1998ХХ
123591 Derrida B., Goldstein S., Lebowitz J.L. Shift Equivalence of Measures and the Intrinsic Structure of Shocks in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process 1998ХХ
123622 Barbaroux J.M., Joye A. Expectation Values of Observables in Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics 1998ХХ
123627 Vugmeister B.E., Huber D.L. Freezing Temperature in Dilute Ising Spin Glasses with Long-Range Interactions 1998ХХ
123697 Gerisch T., Rieckers A. Limiting Gibbs States and Phase Transitions of a Bipartite Mean-Field Hubbard Model 1998ХХ
123737 Brassesco S. Interface Fluctuations for the D = 1 Stochastic GinzburgЦLandau Equation with Nonsymmetric Reaction Term 1998ХХ
123753 Coppersmith S.N. Chaos, Complexity, and Computers: Object-Oriented Programming and Physics Concepts for Undergraduates 1998ХХ
123760 Alexander K.S., Cesi F. Convergence to Equilibrium of Random Ising Models in the Griffiths Phase 1998ХХ
123818 Tracy C., Widom H. Correlation Functions, Cluster Functions, and Spacing Distributions for Random Matrices 1998ХХ
123843 Soffer A ., Weinstein M . I . Nonautonomou s Hamiltonians 1998ХХ
123854 Timo Seppalainen, Joachim Krug Hydrodynamics and Platoon Formation for a Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Particlewise Disorder 1998ХХ
123877 Banerjee S ., Griffiths R. B. Thermodynamic Limit for Dipolar Media 1998ХХ
123923 Appignanesi G., Montani R. Glassy Relaxation Dynamics and Ruggedness beyond the Ultrametric Limit 1998ХХ
123954 Belinicher V. Computing the Scaling Exponents in Fluid Turbulence from First Principles: Demonstration of Multiscaling 1998ХХ
123967 Liu P.-D. Random Perturbations of Axiom A Basic Sets 1998ХХ
123968 Tang C. Fractal Dimension of Julia Set for Nonanalytic Maps 1998ХХ
123989 Schulman L.S. Time's Arrows and Quantum Measurement 1998ХХ
124015 Roy R., Sarkar A., White D. Backbends in Directed Percolation 1998ХХ
124055 D'hulst R ., Caille A . One-Dimensional Hamiltonian for Columnar Liquid Crystals 1998ХХ
124114 Bonetto F., Cohen E.G.D., Pugh C. On the Validity of the Conjugate Pairing Rule for Lyapunov Exponents 1998ХХ
124150 Doi S., Inoue J. Spectral Analysis of Stochastic Phase Lockings and Stochastic Bifurcations in the Sinusoidally Forced van der Pol Oscillator with Additive Noise 1998ХХ
124179 Grinstein G., Dickman R. Phase Structure of Systems with Infinite Numbers of Absorbing States 1998ХХ
124181 Mazza C. On the Mean Pair Correlation Function of ±J Ising Spin Glasses 1998ХХ

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