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Kirk D. Ч Graphics gems (Vol. 3)
Kirk D. Ч Graphics gems (Vol. 3)

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Ќазвание: Graphics gems (Vol. 3)

јвтор: Kirk D.


This sequel to Graphics Gems (Academic Press, 1990), and Graphics Gems II (Academic Press, 1991) is a practical collection of computer graphics programming tools and techniques. Graphics Gems III contains a larger percentage of gems related to modeling and rendering, particularly lighting and shading. This new edition also covers image processing, numerical and programming techniques, modeling and transformations, 2D and 3D geometry and algorithms,ray tracing and radiosity, rendering, and more clever new tools and tricks for graphics programming. Volume III also includes a disk containing source codes for either the IBM or Mac versions featuring all code from Volumes I, II, and III.
Author David Kirk lends his expertise to the Graphics Gems series in Volume III with his far-reaching knowledge of modeling and rendering, specifically focusing on the areas of lighting and shading. Volume III includes a disk containing source codes for both the IBM and Mac versions featuring all code from volumes I, II, and III. Graphics Gems I, II, and III are sourcebooks of ideas for graphics programmers. They also serve as toolboxes full of useful tricks and techniques for novice programmers and graphics experts alike. Each volume reflects the personality and particular interests of its respective editor.

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–убрика: Computer science/¬ычислительна€ геометри€/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 410

ƒобавлена в каталог: 18.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
2, 1/2-D Depth-of-field simulation, computer animation      36Ч38
2, 1/2-D depthЧofЧfield simulation for computer animation      36Ч38
Affme transformation, decomposing      116
Affme transformation, unit circle inscribed in square      170
Alternating Bresenham edge-calculator      350Ч351
Angles, not uniform      128Ч129
Animation 2, 1/2-D depth-of-field simulation      36Ч38
Anti-aliasing, combining spatial and temporal      376Ч378
Anti-aliasing, edge and bitЧmask calculations      345Ч354
Anti-aliasing, triangular pixels      369Ч373
Apollonius problem solution      203Ч209
Apollonius problem, solution      203Ч209
Bartlett filter      13 15
Beta function, integral form      150Ч151
Bezier curves, interpolation using      133Ч136
Bezier curves,implementation      136
Bezier curves,numeric solution      134
Bezier curves,symbolic solution      134Ч135
Bezier triangles, conversion to rectangular patches      256Ч261
Binary space partitioning tree      226
Binary space partitioning tree, ray tracing with      271Ч274
Bit-mask calculations      352Ч354
Bitmap, blackЧandЧwhite, compositing      34Ч35
Bitmap, scaling operations, optimization      17Ч19
Bitmap, stretching      4Ч7
Black-and-white bitmaps, compositing      34Ч35
Boundary generator, composited regions      39Ч43
Bounding volume algorithm, linear-time      301Ч306
Bounding volume algorithm, worst case      302
Bounding volumes, cone      297
Bounding volumes, cube      295Ч296
Bounding volumes, cylinder      296Ч297
Bounding volumes, linear-time simple      301Ч306
Bounding volumes, polygon      296
Bounding volumes, rectangular, primitives      295Ч300
Bounding volumes, sphere      298Ч299
Bounding volumes, torus      299
Box filter      13 15
Box, Euhn's triangulation      246Ч247 252Ч253
Bresenham line drawing algorithm      4Ч5
C Header file      393Ч395
Center of mass, superquadrics      139
Change-of-focus simulation      38
Circle clipping algorithm      182Ч187
Circular arc fillet, joining two lines      193Ч198
Color reduction filter      20Ч22
Color rendering, linear      343Ч348
Compact cubes      24Ч28
Compact isocontours      23Ч28
Compact isocontours, compact cubes      24Ч28
Compact isocontours, cube-based contouring      23Ч24
Composited regions, boundary generator      39Ч43
Compositing stage      37
Cone, bounding volume      297
Conjugate diameters      169Ч171
Connection algorithm 2-D drawing      173Ч181
Connection algorithm 2-D drawing, definitions      173Ч174
Connection algorithm 2-D drawing, overcrossing correction      179Ч180
Connection algorithm 2-D drawing, translate and rotate algorithm      174Ч179
Coplanar sets, of nearly coplanar polygons      225Ч230
Cross product, in four dimensions and beyond      84Ч88
Cube, bounding volume      295Ч296
Cube, intersection with triangle      236Ч239
Cube-based contouring      23Ч24
Cubic B-spline      14Ч15
Cubic tetrahedral algorithm, delta form-factor calculation      324Ч328
Cubic triangles, conversion to rectangular patches      260Ч261
Cumulative transformation matrix      295
Curve tessellation criteria      262Ч265
Cyclic sequences, fast generation      67Ч76
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=1      74Ч75
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=2      67Ч68
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=24      75Ч76
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=3      68Ч70
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=6 derivation      71Ч73
Cyclic sequences, fast generation, N=6 triggering      73Ч74
Cylinder, bounding volume      296Ч297
Cylindrical equirectangular projection      289
Darklights      366Ч368
Decision tree      176Ч177
Delta form factor, calculation, cubic tetrahedral algorithm      324Ч328
Density, superquadrics      139Ч140
Depth of field      36
Destination pixel, contributors to      12
Diameters, conjugate      169Ч171
Digital generation, sinusoids      167Ч169
Dimensional extent, overlap testing      240Ч243
Direct lighting, distribution ray tracing      307Ч313
Distribution check      131Ч132
Distribution ray tracing, direct lighting      307Ч313
Edge calculations, anti-aliasing      345Ч354
Ellipsoids, "insideЧoutside" function      148
Ellipsoids, equation      276
Ellipsoids, normal vectors      148
Ellipsoids, parametric surface functions      147
Ellipsoids, shells      154Ч157
Ellipsoids, superquadric inertia tensor      140Ч144
Ellipsoids, volume      140
Elliptical arc, parametric      see УParametric elliptical arcФ
Elliptical cone, equation      277
Elliptical cylinder, equation      276
Elliptical hyperboloid, equation      277
Elliptical paraboloid, equation      277
Energy balance criterion      320
Euclidean dimensions, four      58Ч59
Exact computation of 2ЧD intersections      188Ч192
Face-connected line segment generation, n-dimensional space      89Ч91
Fast memory allocator      49Ч50
Feuerbach circle      215Ч218
Filter post-processing stage      37
Filtered image rescaling      8Ч16
Filtered image rescaling, magnification      9
Filtered image rescaling, minification      9Ч11
First decomposition algorithm      99Ч100
Form factor, accurate computation      329Ч333
Form factor, vertex-to-vertex      318Ч323
Gamma function, computation      151Ч152
Gaussians, uniform rotations from      129
Gouraud renderer      345Ч347
Gram Ч Schmidt orthogonalization procedure      108Ч109
Gram Ч Schmidt orthogonalization procedure, modified      112Ч113 116
Graphics workstations, motion blur      374Ч382
Gridded sampling, progressive image refinement      358Ч361
Group theory of infinitesimal rotations      56Ч57
Haar test      125
Half-open intervals, polygon scan conversion      362Ч365
Hash tag      386Ч387
Hemicube algorithm      324
Hemispherical projection, triangle      314Ч317
Hidden-surface removal stage      37
Householder matrix      118
Hyperface      89Ч91
Hyperlattice      89Ч90
Hypervoxel      89
IEEE fast square root      48
Image processing      3
Image processing, bitmap scaling operation optimization      17Ч19
Image processing, color reduction filter      20Ч22
Image processing, compact isocontours      23Ч28
Image processing, compositing black-and-white bitmaps      34Ч35
Image processing, fast bitmap stretching      4Ч7 411
Image processing, fast boundary generator, composited regions      39Ч43
Image processing, filtered image rescaling      8Ч16
Image processing, isovalue contours from pixmap      29Ч33
Image refinement, progressive, gridded sampling      358Ч361
Image rescaling, filtered      8Ч16
Importance sampling      309
Inclusion isotony      64
Inertia tensor, superquadric      140Ч115 153
Inertia tensor, world coordinates      145
Infinitesimal rotations, group theory      56Ч57
Interlace artifacts, reduction      378Ч379
Interlacing      376
Interpolation, linear vs. splined      122
Interpolation, logarithmic space      121
Interpolation, quaternion, with extra spins      96Ч97 461
Interpolation, using Bezier curves      133Ч136 468
Intersection, line segment      199Ч202
Intersection, plane-to-plane      233Ч236
Intersection, ray with quadric surface      275Ч283
Intersection, triangle-cube      236Ч239
Intersection, two-dimensional, exact computation      188Ч192
Interval arithmetic      61Ч66
Irradiance      319Ч320
Isovalue contours, from pixmap      29Ч33
Jacobian matrix      155 158
Kuhn's triangulation, box      246Ч247 252Ч253
Lanczos filter      14 16
Lighting computations      226
Line equation      190
Line segment, face connected, generation in n-dimensional space      89Ч91
Line segment, intersection      199Ч202
Line subsegment      189
Linear color rendering      343Ч348
Linear interpolation      122
Linear transformations, nonsingular, decomposing      108Ч112
Linear transformations, singular, decomposing      112Ч116
Lines, joining two with circular arc fillet      193Ч198
Lissajous figure      166
Logarithmic space, interpolation      121
Lorentz transformations      59Ч60
Mailbox technique      285Ч286
Martian panoramas      291Ч293
Mass, superquadric      139Ч140 152
Memory Allocator      49Ч50
Mitchell filter      15Ч16
Moire pattern problem      339Ч340
Moire pattern problem, optimization      341
Monte Carlo integration      80
Monte Carlo integration, spectral radiance      308
Motion blur, graphics workstation      374Ч382
Motion blur, graphics workstation, combining spatial and temporal antiЧaliasing      376Ч378
Motion blur, graphics workstation, computing on fields      375Ч376
Motion blur, graphics workstation, implementation tricks      380Ч382
Motion blur, graphics workstation, interlace artifact reduction      378Ч379
Motion blur, graphics workstation, pixel shifts      380Ч381
Motion blur, graphics workstation, supersampling in time      374Ч375
Negative light      367
Newell's method, plane equation of polygon      231Ч232
Nonuniform random point sets, via warping      80Ч83
Normal vectors, superquadrics      148
Numerical and programming techniques      47
Numerical and programming techniques, cross product, in four dimensions and beyond      84Ч88
Numerical and programming techniques, face-connected line segment generation, n-dimensional space      89Ч91
Numerical and programming techniques, fast generation of cyclic sequences      67Ч76
Numerical and programming techniques, fast memory allocator      49Ч50
Numerical and programming techniques, generic pixel selection mechanism      77Ч79
Numerical and programming techniques, IEEE fast square root      48
Numerical and programming techniques, interval arithmetic      61Ч66
Numerical and programming techniques, nonuniform random point sets, via warping      80Ч83
Numerical and programming techniques, rolling ball      51Ч60
Object space partitioning      284Ч287
Orientation control, mouse-driven, rolling ball      51Ч60
Overcrossing correction      179Ч180
Overlapping testing, n-dimensional extent      240Ч243
Panoramic virtual screen, ray tracing      288Ч294
Parametric elliptical arc algorithm, conjugate diameters      169Ч171
Parametric elliptical arc algorithm, digital generation of sinusoids      167Ч169
Parametric elliptical arc algorithm, quarter ellipse      164Ч165
Parametric elliptical arc algorithm, simplifying computation      171Ч172
Parametric surface functions, superquadrics      146Ч147
Partitioning 3-D polygons      219Ч222
Partitioning, object space      284Ч287
Pipeline accelerator      383Ч389
Pixel, angular width      289
Pixel, destination, contributors to      12
Pixel, selection mechanism      77Ч79
Pixel, triangular, anti-aliasing      369Ч373
Pixmap, generating isovalue contours from      29Ч33
Planar rotations      124Ч126
Plane equation of polygon, Newell's method      231Ч232
Plane, arbitrary, partitioning 3D convex polygon with      219Ч222
Plane, comparing two      229Ч230
Plane, signed distance to point      223Ч224
Plane-to-plane intersection      233Ч236
Point, signed distance to plane      223Ч224
Polygon, 3-D, partitioning      219Ч222
Polygon, bounding volume      296
Polygon, nearly coplanar, grouping into coplanar sets      225Ч230
Polygon, plane equation, Newell's method      231Ч232
Polygon, scan conversion, half-open intervals      362Ч365
Polygon, Sutherland Ч Hodgman clipper      219Ч222
pool      49
Primitives, rectangular bounding volumes      295Ч300
Progressive image refinement, gridded sampling      358Ч361
Projection, hemispherical, triangle      314Ч317
Projective transformations, decomposing      98Ч107
Projective transformations, decomposing, first decomposition algorithm      99Ч100
Projective transformations, decomposing, fourth decomposition algorithm      104Ч106
Projective transformations, decomposing, second decomposition algorithm      100Ч102
Projective transformations, decomposing, third decomposition algorithm      102Ч104
Quadratic surface, equation      275Ч279
Quadratic triangles, conversion to rectangular patches      256Ч259
Quadric surface, intersection with ray      275Ч283
Quadric surface, surface normal      282Ч283
Quarter ellipse algorithm      164Ч165
Quaternions, interpolation with extra spins      96Ч97
Quaternions, rotations      57
Radiosity      227 269Ч270
Radiosity, accurate form-factor computation      329Ч333
Radiosity, linear approximation, vertex-to-vertex form factors      318Ч323
Random rotation matrices      117Ч120
Random rotations, uniform      124Ч132
Random rotations, uniform, from Gaussians      129
Ray rejection test      281Ч282
Ray tracing      269
Ray tracing, distribution, direct lighting      307Ч313
Ray tracing, eliminating ray-object intersection calculations      284Ч287
Ray tracing, hemispherical projection of triangle      314Ч317
Ray tracing, intersecting ray with quadric surface      275Ч283
Ray tracing, linear-time simple bounding volume      301Ч306
Ray tracing, panoramic virtual screen      288Ч294
Ray tracing, with BSP tree      271Ч274
Ray, intersection with, object, eliminating calculations      284Ч287
Ray, intersection with, quadric surface      275Ч283
Rectangular Bezier patches, conversion of Bezier triangles      256Ч261
Rectangular bounding volumes, primitives      295Ч300
Relative motion, transformations      122
Rendering      337
Rendering, anti-aliasing, triangular pixels      369Ч373
Rendering, darklights      366Ч368
Rendering, edge and bit-mask calculations for anti-aliasing      349Ч354
Rendering, fast linear color      343Ч348
Rendering, motion blur on graphics workstations      374Ч382
Rendering, pipeline accelerator      383Ч389
Rendering, polygon scan conversion, using half-open intervals      362Ч365
Rendering, shader cache      383Ч389
Rendering, shadow depth map      338Ч342
Rending equation      307
Representative tree      228
Rescaling, filtered image      8Ч16
Residency masks      284Ч287
Rigid-body motion, equations, superquadric      149Ч150
Ritter's simple bounding sphere technique      305Ч306
Rolling ball      51Ч60
Rolling-ball algorithm (Cont'd)Square root, quaternion rotations      57
Rolling-ball algorithm (Cont'd)Square root, using      53Ч54
Rolling-ball algorithm, extensions      56Ч60
Rolling-ball algorithm, four Euclidean dimensions      58Ч59
Rolling-ball algorithm, group theory of infinitesimal rotations      56Ч57
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