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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121433 Felderhof B.U. Dynamical Conductivity of the Dilute Lorentz Gas with Spherically Symmetric Scatterers 1998ХХ
121439 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
121459 Jose J.V. Duality in Two Capacitively Coupled Layered Arrays of Ultrasmall Josephson Junctions 1998ХХ
121467 Biskup M. Reflection Positivity of the Random-Cluster Measure Invalidated for Noninteger q 1998ХХ
121477 Author Index for Journal of Statistical Physics (1998) 1998ХХ
121479 Batchelor M.T. The O(n) Loop Model on the 3-12 Lattice 1998ХХ
121481 Leggett A.J. On the Superfluid Fraction of an Arbitrary Many-Body System at T= 0 1998ХХ
121498 Helsing J. A High-Order Accurate Algorithm for Electrostatics of Overlapping Disks 1998ХХ
121534 Avron J.E. Odd Viscosity 1998ХХ
121578 Levy O., Kohn R. Duality Relations for Non-Ohmic Composites, with Applications to Behavior near Percolation 1998ХХ
121596 Gerisch T. Canonical versus Grand-Canonical Free Energies and Phase Diagrams of a Bipolaronic Superconductor Model 1998ХХ
121614 Rothman D.H., Zaleski S. Lattice-Gas Cellular Automata 1998ХХ
121733 Simpelaere D. Correlation Dimension 1998ХХ
121738 Manning A., Simon K. A Short Existence Proof for Correlation Dimension 1998ХХ
121762 Goodisman J. Statistical Mechanics for Chemists 1998ХХ
121764 Just W. Analytical Approach for Piecewise Linear Coupled Map Lattices 1998ХХ
121779 Rebenko A . L . A New Proof of Ruelle's Superstability Bounds 1998ХХ
121814 Faria da Veiga P.A., O'CarroIl M., Schor R. On the Large-Distance Behavior of Correlations for a Hierarchical N-Component Classical Vector Model in Three Dimensions 1998ХХ
121831 Strick T . R ., Allemand J.-F . Physical Approaches to the Study of DNA 1998ХХ
121833 Naeem Jan, Tane S. Ray "Damage" in the Low-Temperature Phase of the __. J Spin Glass in Two to Six Dimensions 1998ХХ
121841 Daniel Ueltschi Analyticity in Hubbard Models 1998ХХ
121859 E . Caglioti, C . Maffei Time Asymptotics for Solutions of Vlasov-Poisson Equation in a Circle 1998ХХ
121889 Conlon J.G., von Dohlen B. Numerical Simulations of Random Walk in Random Environment 1998ХХ
121906 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
121913 Michael P . Brenner, Thomas P . Witelsk On Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse 1998ХХ
121987 Haggstrom O. Random-Cluster Analysis of a Class of Binary Lattice Gases 1998ХХ
121998 Ching E.S.C., Kraichnan R.H. Exact Results for Conditional Means of a Passive Scalar in Certain Statistically Homogeneous Flows 1998ХХ
122050 Jonsson T., Wheater J.F. Area Distribution for Directed Random Walks 1998ХХ
122060 Domb C. Book Review: The Critical Point. A Historical Introduction to the Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena 1998ХХ
122076 Kirsch W., Pastur L.A., Stork H. Asymptotics of the Interband Light Absorption Coefficient near the Band Edge for an Alloy-Type Model 1998ХХ
122101 Kolomeisky A.B., Widom B. A Simplified "Ratchet" Model of Molecular Motors 1998ХХ
122103 Cluster Structure of Collapsing Polymers 1998ХХ
122135 Ebert U., Schafer L., Baumgartner A. Segment Motion in the Reptation Model of Polymer Dynamics. I. Analytical Investigation 1998ХХ
122141 Zeng C., Farnell D.J.J., Bishop R.F. An Efficient Implementation of High-Order Coupled-Cluster Techniques Applied to Quantum Magnets 1998ХХ
122158 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
122176 Rodriguez-Romo S., Tchijov V. On Continuous-Time Self-Avoiding Random Walk in Dimension Four 1998ХХ
122202 Carroll M.S., Janke W., Kappler S. Dynamical Behavior of the Multibondic and Multicanonic Algorithm in the 3D q-State Potts Model 1998ХХ
122204 Bernard D., Gawedzki K., Kupiainen A. Slow Modes in Passive Advection 1998ХХ
122214 Wilde R.E., Singh S. Book Review: Statistical Mechanics: Fundamentals and Modem Applications 1998ХХ
122308 van der Sman R. G. M., Ernst M. H. Diffusion Lattice Boltzmann Scheme on a Orthorhombic Lattice 1998ХХ
122314 Andrea Gamba, Igor V. Kolokolov Dissipation Statistics of a Passive Scalar in a Multidimensional Smooth Flow 1998ХХ
122318 Nigel Goldenfeld, Alan McKane, Qing Hou Block Spins for Partial Differential Equations 1998ХХ
122360 Newman C. M., Stein D. L. Equilibrium Pure States and Nonequilibrium Chaos 1998ХХ
122361 Marder M . Energies of a Kinked Crack Line 1998ХХ
122366 Franc ois Germinet Dynamical Localization II with an Application to the Almost Mathieu Operator 1998ХХ
122368 Carlen E. A., Carvalho M. C., Orlandi E. Algebraic Rate of Decay for the Excess Free Energy and Stability of Fronts for a Nonlocal Phase Kinetics Equation with a Conservation Law. I 1998ХХ
122383 Patrick A.E. The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Solid-on-Solid Models 1998ХХ
122390 Heintz A. On the Initial Boundary Value Problems for the Enskog Equation in Irregular Domains 1998ХХ
122419 Bizon C., Shattuck M.D., de Bruyn J.R. Convection and Diffusion in Patterns in Oscillated Granular Media 1998ХХ
122431 Book Review: Scaling and Renormalization in Statistical Physics 1998ХХ

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