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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Кормен Т., Лейзерсон Ч., Ривест Р. — Алгоритмы: построение и анализ320
Devroye L. — Generation of non-uniform random variates662
Cameron P.J. — Polynomial aspects of codes, matroids, and permutation groups2, 3
Zimand M. — Computational Complexity: A Quantitative Perspective164
Humphreys J.E. — A Course in Group Theory50
Brouwer A.E., Cohen A.M., Neumaier A. — Distance-Regular Graphs440
Ellis G. — Rings and Fields50
Ericson T. — Codes on Euclidean Spheres1
Anderson I. — A first course in discrete mathematics168
Wicker S.B., Kim S. — Fundamentals of Codes, Graphs, and Iterative Decoding2
Humphreys J.F., Prest M.Y. — Numbers, Groups and Codes232, 245, 284ff
Rissanen J. — Stochastic complexity in statistical inquiry22
Ionin Y.J., Shrikhande M.S. — Combinatorics of Symmetric Designs98
Furui S. — Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition279
Crochemore M., Rytter W. — Jewels of stringology143, 145, 147, 149—152, 154, 158, 276—278
Csiszar I., Körner J. — Information Theory: Coding Theorems for Discrete Memoryless Systems4, 61, 99
Aczel J., Dhombres J. — Functional equations in several variables with applications to mathematics, information theory and to the natural and social sciences268, 269, 270
Zong Ch. — Sphere packings79, 150
Pavičić M. — Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication: Theory and Experiments73
Beth T., Jungnickel D., Lenz H. — Design Theory (vol. 2)893, 918
Cox D.A., Little J., O'Shea D. — Using Algebraic Geometry415-417, 419-421, 423, 424, 426-432, 4344436, 445, 447, 449, 450, 452, 458, 459, 461, 463, 464, 466
Roberts F. S. — Graph theory and its applications to problems of society4
Stinson D.R. — Cryptography: Theory and practice542
Devroye L. — Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation662
Joyner D. — Adventures in group theory: Rubik's cube, Merlin's machine, and other mathematical toys274
Beth T., Jungnickel D., Lenz H. — Design Theory (Vol. 1)893, 918
Chui C.K. — Wavelets: a mathematical tool for signal processing174
Rissanen J. — Information and complexity in statistical modeling9
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