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Поиск книг, содержащих: Domain of dependence

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Fritz J. — Lectures on advanced numerical analysis109, 130
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2325.B
Anderson J.D.Jr. — Computational Fluid Dynamics : The Basics With Applications106, 107
Neta B. — Numerical solution of partial differential equations153
Wesseling P. — Principles of computational fluid dynamics311
Versteeg H.K., Malalasekera W. — An introduction to computational fluid dynamics31
Weinberger H.F. — First course in partial defferential equations with complex variables and transform methods18, 23, 26, 37, 39, 42, 46, 115, 120, 377, 387, 388
Bitsadze A.V. — Equations of mathematical physics181
Torretti R. — Relativity and Geometry124
Debnath L. — Linear Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers123, 125
Strauss W.A. — Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction38, 61, 69, 204, 221, 234
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. — Analysis, manifolds and physics (vol. 1)515
Bamberg P.G. — A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics, Vol. 2691
Zauderer E. — Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics205, 480, 553
Stewart J. — Advanced general relativity175
Stakgold I. — Green's Functions and Boundary Value Problems486—488
Aubert G., Kornprobst P. — Mathematical Problems in Image Processing: Partial Differential Equations And the Calculus of Variations244
Held A. (ed.) — General relativity and gravitation. 100 years after the birth of Albert Einstein (volume 1)230, see also “Cauchy surface”
Held A. (ed.) — General Relativity and Gravitation: One Hundred Years After the Birth of Albert Einstein, Vol. 2230 (see also “Cauchy surface”)
Allaire G. — Numerical Analysis and Optimization: An Introduction to Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation10, 263
Jeffrey A., Taniuti T. — Mathematics in Science and Engineering: volume 9. Non-linear wave propagation9, 15, 99, 142, 144
Courant R., Hilbert D. — Methods of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 2209, 227, 228, 438 — 440. 649 — 650. 690
Bitsadze A.V. — Equations of Mathematical Physics181
Straumann N. — General relativity and relativistic astrophysics160
Wald R.M. — Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics55
Aubert G., Kornprobst P. — Mathematical Problems in Image Processing: Partial Differential Equations And the Calculus of Variations322
Tannehill J.C., Pletcher R.H., Anderson D.A. — Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer27—28, 519—521
Bona C., Palenzuela-Luque C. — Elements of Numerical Relativity: From Einstein's Equations to Black Hole Simulations (Lecture Notes in Physics)49
Stavroulakis I.P., Tersian S.A. — Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica and Maple70
Toro E.F. — Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics: A Practical Introduction59
Coulson C.A. — Waves: a mathematical approach to the common types of wave motion20
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. — Analysis, manifolds and physics. Part I.515
Collatz L. — The numerical treatment of differential equations295
Fluegge S. (ed.) — Encyclopedia of physics. Vol. 9. Fluid dynamics III40
Kashiwara M., Kawai T., Kimura T. — Foundations of Algebraic Analysis158
Carroll R.W. — Mathematical physics13, 47
Stakgold I. — Green's functions and boundary value problems486—488
Choquet-Bruhat Y. — General Relativity and the Einstein Equations394
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. — Fundamentals of mathematics. Volume III. Analysis309—311
Wald R.M. — General Relativity200—201
Zeidler E. — Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics503
Stoker J. J. — Water Waves: The Mathematical Theory with Applications298
John F. — Partial Differential Equations5, 6, 7, 41, 85, 130, 131, 153, 181, 210
Lions J-L., Dautray R. — Mathematical Analysis and Numerical Methods for Science and Technology: Volume 2: Functional and Variational Methods210
Bangerth W., Rannacher R. — Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Differential Equations127
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. — Approaches to Fundamental Physics101
Tannehill J.C., Anderson D.A., Pletcher R.H. — Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer27—28, 519—521
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. — Analysis, manifolds and physics515
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