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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Heinbockel J.H. — Introduction to tensor calculus and continuum mechanics133, 143
Berger M. — A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry117, 232
Guillemin V., Sternberg S. — Geometric Asymptotics10
Olver P.J. — Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry378
Bergman S. — The Kernel Function and Conformal Mapping31
Lee J.M. — Riemannian Manifolds: an Introduction to Curvature134
Millman R.S., Parker G.D. — Elements of Differential Geometry94
Schneider R. — Convex Bodies: The Brunn-Minkowski Theory105
Behnke H., Bachmann F., Fladt K. — Fundamentals of Mathematics, Volume II: Geometry546
Sagan H. — Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable(502)
Terng Ch. — Critical Point Theory and Submanifold Geometry25
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. — Analysis, manifolds and physics (vol. 1)291
Montiel S., Ros A. — Curves and Surfaces68, 207
Carmo M.P. — Differential geometry of curves and surfaces92
Lebedev L.P., Cloud M.J. — Tensor Analysis111
Gallier J. — Geometric Methods and Applications: For Computer Science and Engineering474, 481, 486, 503
Aubin T. — Nonlinear Analysis on Manifolds: Monge-Ampere Equations139
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. — Analysis, Manifolds and Physics (vol. 2)238
George P.-L., Borouchaki H. — Delauney Triangulation and Meshing: Application to Finite Elements164
do Carmo M.P. — Riemannian geometry35
Morgan F. — Riemannian geometry, a beginners guide18
Kühnel W., Hunt B. — Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds59
Guillemin V. — Geometric Asymptotics (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs Number 14)10
Dongming Wang — Elimination Practice: Software Tools and Applications196
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics457
Farin G. — Curves and surfaces for computer aided geometric design349
Hermann R. — Differential geometry and the calculus of variations319
Choquet-Bruhat Y., DeWitt-Morette C., Dillard-Bleick M. — Analysis, manifolds and physics. Part I.291
Spivak M. — A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry. Volume 345
Audin M. — Geometry287
Audin M. — Geometry287
Schulz F., Dold A. (Ed), Eckmann B. (Ed) — Regularity Theory for Quasilinear Elliptic Systems and Monge-Ampere Equations in Two Dimensions106
Thomas T.Y. — Concepts from Tensor Analysis and Differential Geometry77
Hsiung C.-C. — A first course in differential geometry175, 176
Lane S.M. — Mathematics, form and function227
Anderson J.L. — Principles of Relativity Physics68
Zeidler E. — Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics780
Kanwal R.P. — Generalized functions: Theory and technique112
Klingenberg W. — A Course in Differential Geometry (Graduate Texts in Mathematics)35—38, 43, 46, 73
Choquet-Bruhat Y., Dewitt-Morette C. — Analysis, manifolds and physics291
Mac Lane S. — Mathematics: Form and Function227
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