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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
40981 Diaconu A., Garrett P Integral Moments of Automorphic L-Functions n/aХХ
40982 Diaconu A., Garrett P Integral Moments of Automorphic L-Functions n/aХХ
40988 Garett P. Archimedean Zeta Integrals n/aХХ
40990 Lower S.K. Liquids and their vapors n/aХХ
40995 Lower Ch.I. Matter and measure n/aХХ
41078 Lower S.K. Properties of Gases n/aХХ
41079 Garrett P. Spectral Decompositions, Eisenstein series, L-function n/aХХ
41081 Lower S.K. Primer on the Quantum Theory of the Atom n/aХХ
41118 Pearl R., Reed.L.J. A Further Note on the Mathematical Theory of Population Growth n/aХХ
41178 Satake I. Cohomology spaces associated with a certain group extension n/aХХ
41187 Kaniuth E. *- Regularity of locally compact groups n/aХХ
41192 Takahashi M. D1-definability in set theory n/aХХ
41198 Introduction. Description of contents n/aХХ
41199 Paradoxical decompositions n/aХХ
41201 ()-Admissibility and Exponential Dichotomy of Evolutionary Processes on the Half-line n/aХХ
41202 Eschenburg J.H., Tribuzy R. (1,1)-geodesic maps into grassmann manifolds n/aХХ
41203 Saxena R.B. (0, 2, 3) and (0, 1, 3) interpolation through splines n/aХХ
41204 (0, 1) ideal matrices n/aХХ
41232 l-adic cohomology n/aХХ
41235 Ivrissimtzis I.P. (Square root of 5)-subdivision n/aХХ
41236 Damon J. A - equivalence and the equivalence of sections of images and discriminants n/aХХ
41244 Kleshchev A.S. 1-Cohomologies of a special linear group with coefficients in a module of truncated polynomials n/aХХ
41245 Complexes n/aХХ
41258 Creation of the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
41265 Definition of a PD operator with variable symbol n/aХХ
41271 1+1 Dimensional Integrable Systems n/aХХ
41308 Einsteins theory of gravitation n/aХХ
41311 Kueker D.W. Elementarily equivalent models of power w1 n/aХХ
41315 Euler equations on semisimple Lie algebras n/aХХ
41324 Equations of minimal coupling n/aХХ
41325 Injectors of finite groups n/aХХ
41329 Leiterer J. Factorization of operator functions (classification of holomorphic Hilbert space bundles over the Riemannian sphere) n/aХХ
41332 Formulation of the problem of constructing a complete involutive collection of functions n/aХХ
41334 Fourier transform of analytic functions n/aХХ
41338 Fourier transform of exponential functions n/aХХ
41346 Gravitational Experiments in the Solar System n/aХХ
41356 Groups, graphs, and bases n/aХХ
41362 Dynkin E.M. Harmonic synthesis and superposition n/aХХ
41366 Waelbroeck L. Holomorphic functions with limited growth n/aХХ
41367 Lin V.Y. Holomorphic mappings of certain spaces, connected with algebraic functions n/aХХ
41369 Homotopy properties of the space of closed subsets n/aХХ
41387 Vershik A.M. Is the uniform algebraic approximation of the multiplication and convolution operators possible n/aХХ
41462 Poincare method of proving nonintegrability n/aХХ
41479 Marshall D.E. Removable sets for bounded analytic functions n/aХХ
41483 S-Raume n/aХХ
41492 Dzhrbashyan M.M. Some open questions in the theory of representations of analytic functions n/aХХ
41493 McKean H.P. Some questions about Hardy functions n/aХХ
41496 Hedberg L.I. Spectral synthesis in sobolev spaces n/aХХ
41580 Sarason D. Sets of uniqueness for QC n/aХХ
41597 Rudin W. The inner function problem in balls n/aХХ

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