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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
42666 Ben-Zvi D. Geometric function teory n/aХХ
42782 Krasichkov - Ternovskii I.F. The local description of closed submodules and the problem of supersaturation n/aХХ
42784 Matsaev V.I. The quasianalyticity of functions relative to a differential operator n/aХХ
42787 Topological degree and fixed points of multivalued mappings in infinite-dimensional spaces n/aХХ
42789 Baernstein A. Two Conjectures by Albert Baernstein II n/aХХ
42794 Topological obstructions to analytic integrability of geodesic flows on manifolds which are not simply connected n/aХХ
42818 —олонар ƒ.ѕ.   опыту ћайкельсонаЧћорли n/aХХ
42821 ’имизм и механизмы основных процессов технологии природных энергоносителей и углеродных материалов n/aХХ
42955 Algebra of PD operators with constant analytic symbols n/aХХ
42956 Anderson J.M. Algebras contained within H n/aХХ
42957 Analysis of the Stability of Astrophysical Objects and a New Mechanism for Freeing Their Energy n/aХХ
42958 Analysis of the conservation law for matter and gravitational field introduced by Einstein n/aХХ
42959 Vitushkin A.G. Analytic capacity and rational approximations n/aХХ
42983 Brown G., Moram W. Analyticity in the Gelfand space of the algebra of L(R) multipliers n/aХХ
42987 Sarason D. Blaschke products in B n/aХХ
42994 Energy-momentum pseudotensors of the gravitational field in the general theory of relativity n/aХХ
42996 Levin B.Y. Entire functions of the LaguerreЧPolya class n/aХХ
42997 Equations of Motion of a Point Body n/aХХ
42999 Kral J. Estimates of analytic capacity n/aХХ
43000 Euler equations on Lie algebras n/aХХ
43002 Euler equations on nonsolvable Lie Algebras with nontrivial radical n/aХХ
43003 Euler equations on solvable Lie algebras n/aХХ
43005 Exponential functionals n/aХХ
43006 Extension of a geodesic flow n/aХХ
43010 Wojtaszyk P. Finite-dimensional operators on spaces of analytic functions n/aХХ
43017 Sapogov N.A. Fourier transform of the characteristic function of a set of finite Lebesgue measure in n n/aХХ
43034 Gravitational Field of a Nonstatic, Spherically Symmetric Source n/aХХ
43035 Gravitational Field of a Static, Spherically Symmetric Source n/aХХ
43051 Hasumi M. Hardy classes and Riemann surfaces of Parreau-Widom type n/aХХ
43058 ”зорова ќ.¬. 4000 примеров по математике (часть 1) 6 класс n/aХХ
43059 ”зорова ќ.¬. 4000 примеров по математике (часть 4) 5 класс n/aХХ
43060 ”зорова ќ.¬. 4000 примеров по математике (часть 3) 5 класс n/aХХ
43061 ”зорова ќ.¬. 4000 примеров по математике (часть 1) 5 класс n/aХХ
43062 4000 примеров по математике (часть 2) 5 класс n/aХХ
43071 Adam A. 70 Jahre industrialisierte Datenverarbeitung n/aХХ
43083 Miller D.D. A. H. Clifford: The first sixty-five years n/aХХ
43085 Sheynin O.B. A. A. Markovs work on probability n/aХХ
43088 Kaufman R.M. A. F. Lavriks truncated equations n/aХХ
43091 Ol'shanskii A. Y. A. I. Maltsevs problem on operations on groups n/aХХ
43095 Sand J. A0-contractivity of the variable-step BDFs of order less than four n/aХХ
43096 Morel F. A1-homotopy theory of schemes n/aХХ
43141 Coloquio brasileiro de matematica n/aХХ
43159 Shields A.L. Cyclic vectors in spaces of analytic functions n/aХХ
43192 Khenkin G.M. Exotic jordan arcs in Cn n/aХХ
43201 Khavin V.P. Golubev series and analyticity in the neighborhood of a continuum n/aХХ
43222 Trutnev V.M. Invariant subspaces and the surjectivity of differential operators n/aХХ
43226 Schweiger P. Jahreshauptversammlung der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft n/aХХ
43278 Methods of constructing functions in involution n/aХХ
43285 Monotone and accretive multivalued mappings n/aХХ
43286 Motion of the sun-earth System n/aХХ

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