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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39252 Lander E.S. Symmetric design: an algebraic approach n/aХХ
39298 ’мельник —.». ”равнени€ ћаксвелла как следствие вариационного принципа. ¬ычислительный аспект n/aХХ
39311 Nolasco M., Tarantello G. Vortex condensates for the SU(3) Chern-Simons theory n/aХХ
39341 Caldiroli P., Musina R. Weak limit and blowup of approximate solutions to H-systems n/aХХ
39344 Crasta G., Gazzola F. Web functions survey of results and perspectives n/aХХ
39435 Velikovsky I. Worlds in Collision n/aХХ
39439 Pinch Technology: Basics for the Beginners n/aХХ
39447 Gardner M. Sixth Book of SCI American n/aХХ
39453 Sternberg Sh. Lectures on Differential Geometry n/aХХ
39475 Landau L., Rumer Y. What Is the Theory of Relativity n/aХХ
39484 Shorter L.R. Problems And Worked Solutions In Vector Analysis n/aХХ
39491 ƒерев€го C. C++ 3rd: комментарии n/aХХ
39493 Old and New Inequality n/aХХ
39959 ћатематика в ———– за 30 лет (1917-1947) n/aХХ
39960  равцов ё.ј. ѕриближение геометрической оптики и примыкающие к нему асимптотические методы n/aХХ
39989 јкадеми€ Ќаук ———– ћетод согласовани€ асимптотических разложений в задачах с сингул€рными возмущени€ми n/aХХ
39996  очетков ¬.Ќ.  омментарии по вопросу применимости специальной теории относительности дл€ инерциальных систем отсчета при условии симметрии пространства и времени n/aХХ
40007 Dubuc E.J. Kan Extensions in Enriched Category Theory n/aХХ
40198 Hithcock F.L. A Classification of Quadratic Vector Functions n/aХХ
40201 Parson A.L. A Highly Sensitive Electrometer n/aХХ
40204 Noyes W.A. A Kinetic Hypothesis to Explain the Function of Electrons in the Chemical Combination of Atoms n/aХХ
40207 Davis B.M. A Method of Obtaining Complete Germination of Seeds in Oenothera and of Recording the Residue of Sterile Seed-Like Structures n/aХХ
40209 Miller B.I. A New Canonical Form of the Elliptic Integral n/aХХ
40211 A New Instrument for Measuring Pressures in a Gun n/aХХ
40213 Seares F.H. A Notation for use in the Discussion of Star Colors n/aХХ
40215 Miner J.R. A Note on the Fitting of Parabolas n/aХХ
40217 Hall E.H. A Possible Function of the Ions in the Electric Conductivity of Metals n/aХХ
40250 Webster A.G. A Complete Apparatus for Absolute Acoustical Measurements n/aХХ
40253 Prund A.H. A Vapore-Free Vacuum Seal n/aХХ
40254 White H.S. A Variable System of Sevens on Two Twisted Cubic Curves n/aХХ
40285 Seares F.H. Absolute Scales of Photographic and Photovisual Magnitude n/aХХ
40304 Buckley O.E. An Ionization Manometer n/aХХ
40307 Harkins W.D. An Electromagnetic Hypothesis of the Kinetics of Heterogeneous Equilibrium, and of the Structure of Liquids n/aХХ
40309 Lehmer D.N. Arithmetical Theory of Certain Hurwitzian Continued Fractions n/aХХ
40325 Richard Attempt to Separate the Isotopic Forms of Lead by Fractional Crystallization n/aХХ
40327 Barus C. An Adjustment in Relation to the Fresnel Coefficient n/aХХ
40330 Curtis H.D. Absorption Effects in the Spiral Nebulae n/aХХ
40334 King A.S. An Attempt to Detect the Mutual Influence of Neighboring Lines in Electric Furnace Spectra Showing Anomalous Dispersion n/aХХ
40336 Blumberg H. Certain General Properties of Functions n/aХХ
40339 Barus C. Channeled Grating Spectra, Obtained in Successive Diffractions n/aХХ
40341 Harkins W.D. Cohesion, Internal Pressure, Adhesion, Tensile Strength, Tensile Energy, Negative Surface Energy, and Molecular Attraction n/aХХ
40343 Bauer L.A. Concomitant Changes in Terrestrial Magnetism and Solar Radiation n/aХХ
40351 Webster D.L. An Approximate Law of Energy Distribution in the General X-Ray Spectrum n/aХХ
40352 Eisenhart L.P. Deformations of Transformations of Ribaucour n/aХХ
40353 Perrine C.D. Dependence of the Spectral Relation of Double Stars Upon Distance n/aХХ
40355 Seares F.H. Deviations of the Suns General Magnetic Field from That of a Uniformly Magnetized Sphere n/aХХ
40365 Bates S.J. The Osmotic Pressure of the Ions and of the Undissociated Molecules of Salts in Aqueous Solution n/aХХ
40366 Nichols, Howes The Polarized Fluorescence of Ammonium Uranyl Chloride n/aХХ
40367 Basics of PLCs n/aХХ
40369 Lower S.K. Acid-base equilibria of the aquatic environment n/aХХ

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