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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
38108 Zelati V.C., Macri M. Existence of homoclinic solutions to periodic orbits in a center manifold n/aХХ
38109 Gazzola F. Existence of minima for nonconvex functionals in spaces of functions depending on the distance from the boundary n/aХХ
38111 Grossi M., Pistoia A., Wei J. Existence of multipeak solutions for a semilinear Neumann problem via nonsmooth critical point theory n/aХХ
38113 Montefusco E., Pucci P. Existence of radial ground states for quasilinear elliptic equations n/aХХ
38121 Procesi M. Exponentially small splitting and Arnold diffusion for multiple time scale systems n/aХХ
38124 Berti M., Bolle P. Fast Arnold diffusion in systems with three time scales n/aХХ
38125 Valdinoci E., Sciunzi B., Savin V.O. Flat level set regularity of p-Laplace phase transition n/aХХ
38127 De Coster C., Tarallo M. Foliations, associated reductions and lower and upper solutions n/aХХ
38129 Berti M., Biasco L. Forced vibrations of wave equations with non-monotone nonlinearities n/aХХ
38130 Felli V., Terracini S. Fountain-like solutions for nonlinear elliptic equations with critical growth and hardy potential n/aХХ
38132 Gomez D.A., Valdinoci E. Generalized Mather problem and homogenization of HamiltonЧJacobi equations n/aХХ
38135 Farina A., Valdinoci E. Geometry of quasiminimal phase transitions n/aХХ
38136 Vitillaro E. Global existence for the heat equation with nonlinear dynamical boundary conditions n/aХХ
38137 Vitillaro E. Global nonexistence theorems for a class of evolution equations with dissipation and applications n/aХХ
38141 Ambrosetti A., Felli V., Malchiodi A. Ground states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity n/aХХ
38143 Bosetto E., Serra E., Terracini S. Generic-type results for chaotic dynamics in equations with periodic forcing terms n/aХХ
38145 Castorina D., Fabbri I., Mancini G. HardyЧSobolev inequalities, hyperbolic symmetry and the Webster scalar curvature problem n/aХХ
38146 Gazzini M., Musina R. HardyЧSobolevЧMazya inequalities symmetry and breaking symmetry of extremal functions n/aХХ
38147 Alessio F., Caldiroli P., Montechiarri P. Genericity of the existence of infinitely many solutions for a class of semilinear elliptic equations in R^N n/aХХ
38149 Cotizelati V., Rabinowitz P.H. Heteroclinic solutions between stationary points at different energy levels n/aХХ
38151 Gomes D.A., Valdinoci E. Entropy penalization methods for HamiltonЧJacobi equations n/aХХ
38152 Zelati V.C., Macri M. Homoclinic solutions to invariant tori in a center manifold n/aХХ
38153 Calanchi M., Serra E. Homoclinic solutions to periodic motions in a class of reversible equations n/aХХ
38154 Berti M., Bolle P. Homoclinics and chaotic behaviour for perturbed second order systems n/aХХ
38158 Maia L.A., Montefusco E., Pellacci B. Infinitely many nodal solutions for a weakly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger system n/aХХ
38160 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. Infinitely many solutions to fourth order superlinear periodic problems n/aХХ
38161 Gazzola F., Secchi P. Inflow-outflow problems for Euler equations in a rectangular cylinder n/aХХ
38162 Kaloshin V., Mather J.N., Valdinoci E. Instability of resonant totally elliptic points of symplectic maps in dimension 4 n/aХХ
38163 Esposito P. Interior estimates for some semilinear elliptic problem with critical nonlinearity n/aХХ
38164 Pomponio A., Secchi S. Interior spikes of a singularly perturbed Neumann problem with potentials n/aХХ
38165 Nolasco M., Tarantello G. Double vortex condensates in the Chern-Simons-Higgs theory n/aХХ
38186 Gomes D.A., Valdinoci E. Lack of integrability via viscosity solution methods n/aХХ
38191 Grossi M., Prashanth S. Local solutions for elliptic problems with exponential nonlinearities via finite dimensional reduction n/aХХ
38192 Grossi M., Pistoia A. Locating the peak of ground states of nonlinear Schrödinger equations n/aХХ
38195 Mancini G. Low dimension anomalies and solvability in higher dimensions for some perturbed Pohozaev equation n/aХХ
38196 Bessi U., Chierchia L., Valdinoci E. Lower bounds on Arnold diffusion time via Mather theory n/aХХ
38197 Montefusco E. Lower semicontinuity of functionals via the concentration-compactness principle n/aХХ
38204 Sciunzi B., Valdinoci E. Mean curvature properties for p-Laplace phase transitions n/aХХ
38208 Damascelli L., Pacella F. Monotonicity and symmetry of solutions of p-Laplace equations, 1< p <2, via the moving plane method n/aХХ
38211 El Mehdi K., Pacella F. Morse index and blow-up points of solutions of some nonlinear problems n/aХХ
38212 Aftalion A., Pacella F. Morse index and uniqueness for positive radial solutions of p-Laplace equations n/aХХ
38213 Grossi M., Servadei R. Morse index for solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation in a degenerate setting n/aХХ
38214 Barutello V., Secchi S. Morse index properties of colliding solutions to the n-body problem n/aХХ
38215 Malchiodi A. Morse theory and a scalar field equation on compact surfaces n/aХХ
38217 Matzeu M. Mountain pass and linking type solutions for semilinear dirichlet forms n/aХХ
38218 Esposito P., Robert F. Mountain pass critical points for Paneitz-Branson operators n/aХХ
38220 Ambrosetti A., Colorado E., Ruiz D. Multi-bump solitons to linearly coupled systems of nonlinear Schrödinger equations n/aХХ
38221 Cingolani S., Secchi S. Multi-peak solutions for NLS equations with magnetic fields in semiclassical regime n/aХХ
38223 Pistoia A., Serra E. Multi-peak solutions for the Henon equation with slightly subcritical growth n/aХХ
38224 Novaga M., Valdinoci E. Multibump solutions and asymptotic expansions for mesoscopic Allen-Cahn type equations n/aХХ

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