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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
37932 Gazzola F., Radulescu V. A nonsmooth critical point theory approach to some nonlinear elliptic equations in R^n n/aХХ
37935 Secchi S. A note on closed geodesics for a class of non-compact Riemannian manifolds n/aХХ
37936 Badiale M., Rolando S. A note on nonlinear elliptic problems with singular potentials n/aХХ
37938 Felli V. A note on the existence of H-bubbles via perturbation methods n/aХХ
37939 Alessio F., Montecchiari P. A note on the multiplicity of entire solutions in R2 for a class of almost periodic Allen-Cahn type equations n/aХХ
37940 Vitillaro E. A potential well theory for the wave equation with nonlinear source and boundary damping terms n/aХХ
37942 Arioli G., Szulkin A. A semilinear Schrödinger equation in the presence of a magnetic field n/aХХ
37944 Macri M., Nolasco M., Ricciardi T. A shadowing lemma for abelian Higgs vortices n/aХХ
37946 Ricciardi T. A sharp Hölder estimate for elliptic equations in two variables n/aХХ
37947 Ricciardi T. A sharp weighted Wirtinger inequality n/aХХ
37948 Magrone P., Servadei R. A stability result for mountain pass type solutions of semilinear elliptic variational inequalities n/aХХ
37952 Grossi M., Lin C.-S., Prashanth S. A uniqueness result for a Neumann problem involving the critical Sobolev exponent n/aХХ
37953 Bosetto E., Serra E. A variational approach to chaotic dynamics in periodically forced nonlinear oscillators n/aХХ
37955 Braides A., Fonseca I., Leoni G. A-quasiconvexity relaxation and homogenization n/aХХ
37957 Malchiodi A. Adiabatic limits of closed orbits for some Newtonian systems in R^n n/aХХ
37958 Ortega R., Tarallo M. Almost periodic equations and conditions of Ambrosetti-Prodi type n/aХХ
37963 Bessi U. An analytic counterexample to the KAM theorem n/aХХ
37964 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. An optimal partition problem related to nonlinear eigenvalues n/aХХ
37966 Ambrosetti A Applications of critical point theory to variational problems on R^n n/aХХ
37968 Gazzola F., Peletier B., Pucci P. Asymptotic behavior of ground states of quasilinear elliptic problems with two vanishing parameters, Part II n/aХХ
37969 Gazzola F., Serrin J. Asymptotic behavior of ground states of quasilinear elliptic problems with two vanishing parameters n/aХХ
37970 Ben Ayed M., El Mehdi K., Grossi M. Asymptotic behavior of least energy solutions of a biharmonic equation in dimension four n/aХХ
37971 Esposito P., Mancini G., Santra S. Asymptotic behavior of radial solutions for a semilinear elliptic problem on an annulus through Morse index n/aХХ
37973 Grossi M. Asymptotic behaviour of the Kazdan-Warner solution in the annulus n/aХХ
37974 Mugnai D. Asymptotic behaviour, nodal lines and symmetry properties for solutions of superlinear elliptic equations near an eigenvalue n/aХХ
37975 El Mehdi K., Grossi M. Asymptotic estimates and qualitative properties of an elliptic problem in dimension two n/aХХ
37976 Adimurthi, Grossi M. Asymptotic estimates for a two dimensional problem with polynomial nonlinearity n/aХХ
37980 Ricciardi T. Asymptotics for Maxwell-Chern-Simons multivortices n/aХХ
37982 Bessi U. AubryЧMather theory and HamiltonЧJacobi equations n/aХХ
37983 Montefusco E. Axial symmetry of solutions to semilinear elliptic equations in unbounded domains n/aХХ
37985 Farina A., Sciunzi B., Valdinoci E. Bernstein and de giorgi type problems new results via a geometric approach n/aХХ
37986 Berti M., Bolle P. Bifurcation of free vibrations for completely resonant wave equations n/aХХ
37987 Badiale M., Pomponio A. Bifurcation results for semilinear elliptic problems in RN n/aХХ
37988 Bartolucci D., Montefusco E. Blow up analysis, existence and qualitative properties of solutions for the two dimensional emden-fowler equation with singular potential n/aХХ
37990 Ben Ayed M., El Mehdi K., Pacella F. Blow-up and nonexistence of sign changing solutions to the BrezisЧNirenberg problem in dimension three n/aХХ
37991 Ben Ayed M., El Mehdi K., Pacella F. Blow-up and symmetry of sign changing solutions to some critical elliptic equations n/aХХ
37992 Todorova G., Vitillaro E. Blow-up for nonlinear dissipative wave equations in R^n n/aХХ
37994 Ambrosetti A., Malchiodi A., Ruiz D. Bound states of nonlinear Schrodinger equations with potentials vanishing at infinity n/aХХ
37997 Alessio F., Montecchiari P. Brake orbits type solutions to some class of semilinear elliptic equations n/aХХ
37998 Arioli G. Branches of periodic orbits for the planar restricted 3-body problem n/aХХ
38001 Berti M., Bolle P. Cantor families of periodic solutions for completely resonant nonlinear wave equations n/aХХ
38002 Berti M., Bolle P. Cantor families of periodic solutions for wave equations via a variational principle n/aХХ
38003 Alessio F., Zelati V.C., Montechiarri P. Chaotic behavior of rapidly oscillating Lagrangian systems n/aХХ
38005 Ranicki A.A. Lower K and L-Theory [Errata] n/aХХ
38008 Mancini G., Fabbri I., Sandeep K. Classification of solutions of a critical Hardy Sobolev operator n/aХХ
38009 Caldiroli P., Guida M. Closed curves in R^3 with prescribed curvature and torsion in perturbative cases n/aХХ
38013 Malchiodi A. Compactness of solutions to some geometric fourth-order equations n/aХХ
38014 Felli V., Ahmedou M.O. Compactness results in conformal deformations of Riemannian metrics on manifolds with boundaries n/aХХ
38018 Berti M., Bolle P. A functional analysis approach to Arnold diffusion n/aХХ
38019 Bessi U. A lambda-lemma for transition tori n/aХХ

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